Great Writing, Great Reading!

Julie at Happy Catholic gives us a happy plug-a-roo as tin-cup rattling week continues, and makes it clear that 50% off for a journal of First Things’ caliber is nothing to sneeze at.

First Things is great at writing but not so canny that they point out you are getting a half-price subscription, so as the advertising person I will do so. Dispensing with the niceties of never using whole numbers as a retailer, essentially you are spending $20 for a $40 subscription.

Well, we’re a little shy about the asking, I think.

I know you hate to feel imposed upon. You know I hate to impose. But $20 for First Things really is a bargain (I paid twice that!) and you can scoop up the deal by going here and using the promo-code theanchoress. If you already subscribe, you can extend your subscription at that great rate!

Or, you can think of it this way: make a donation (larger ones get you gifts!) and you guarantee yourself an unusual and varied selection of blogs to access, exposing you to many perspectives, from the Staunchly Political to the ADHD-Afflicted-&-Catholic-til-you-wanna-puke, to the Evangelical, to the Intellectually Expansive to the Pop-Culture Analysts to the Headline Peering. That’s a big bang-for-buck quotient!

Oh, please, I am such a bad saleswoman, and so uncomfortable doing this. Put me out of my misery! Please give us money so I don’t have to do it anymore!

C’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon…

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