Shahzad's grudge is recent? – UPDATED

The mainstream media has presented us with a plethora of possible motives behind Faisal Shahzad’s attempted bombing in Times Square. We have read that he was a victim of the (Bush) economy, whose house was foreclosed on! In 2004, he is said to have remarked that he hated Bush (hardly a remarkable opinion) and the Iraqi war! He didn’t like the drone attacks!

But now it seems that Shahzad’s has been a recent turning of a worm.

If you stay with this story, you find, 13 paragraphs into it:

Any grudge Shahzad may have held against the United States appears to have developed recently, according to a senior U.S. official who is familiar with the investigation but not authorized to speak publicly.

The investigation has found nothing to indicate that Shahzad had any long-standing grudge or anger toward the United States, the official said.

“What we know is, the dynamic appeared to have changed in the last year,” the official said.

Within the last year, you say? Hmm. That certainly complicates any assembling narratives, doesn’t it?

Shahzad had recently visited his family in Pakistan. Perhaps while he was there, his “grudge” was nurtured?

He received 12 phone calls from his country of birth in the days leading up to the incident — five on the day he bought the Nissan Pathfinder used in the attempted attack. Those calls ceased three days before the failed bombing, the documents show.

Well, we just don’t know, do we? A man can plant a car-bomb for any old reason, right?


Allahpundit has the latest on Shahzad, and writes:

Maybe he had misgivings about going through with it but felt obliged to do something lest his wife and daughter back in Pakistan suffer the consequences of him chickening out. So he compromised, driving the bomb into NYC but using bum fertilizer and rigging it so that it wouldn’t go off. (Apparently, the wires on his time bomb weren’t connected to anything.) That way, he could come back to the Taliban and say, “Hey, I tried,” and hopefully that would be good enough. Another possibility: Shahzad really is some kind of mouth-breathing imbecile. Seems far-fetched, I know, but read this CNN story about him setting up a getaway car in advance … and then leaving the keys to it in the car-bomb SUV. Dude. Maybe that’s why the Taliban is claiming today that he’s not one of their guys? Just sheer embarrassment?

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  • Taqiyy.

    Within the last year, you say?

    Well, then he must have been a TEA Partier!

    Does the “E.I.B. Network” have an affiliate in Pakistan?

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  • Christine the Soccer Mom

    If hatred of Bush is what the problem is, I think more than half of Congress could be in serious trouble. Or should we fear the some people Zombie has taken pictures of? link

    Of course, the MSM thinks we need to fear that woman with her little girl, all dressed in red, white, and blue. I have more fear of the dude holding a sign, hiding his face, calling for Israel to be wiped off the map.

    But the idea that Bush hatred was something contributing to it…? Seems to me that half the MSM would be on watch lists if that were a qualification.

  • Manny

    His grudge is recent? I thought the election of Barrack Hussein Obama was supposed to mollify Islamic extremism. Sounds like he’s a failure even at that.

  • William L. Harnist

    This so-called “Times Square attack” went off exactly as planned. It was most likely just a mesage sent that we (the terrorists) can do exactly what they want whenever and wherever they want, and there is nothing we can do about it. That message was sent, and, I am sure, was received by the appropriate authorities in the United States.