Retreat Day For Me and Thee -UPDATED

Have you had enough?

I have. I’m having one of those weeks where I feel like The Great Unread, like I am the mutt who cannot pass muster with the pedigrees.

Well, okay, I am a mutt. But I’m God’s Own Mutt, and quite privileged.

Yes, I am privileged to write for a modest living, which is so much better than having to manage an office, for one. So, before I start giving in to the “why do I bother, no one reads me,” ego-roasting and self-indulgent megrims (which quickly lead to acedia) I’ll do what needs doing: I’m calling “Retreat!”

Let’s take a break. Let’s find time for some quiet, and some prayer, and the luxury of reading something out under a tree, with a cup of Mystic Monk Coffee (or better yet, an iced recipe) in the hand.

Let us ponder Augustine, or pray what hours we can manage, muse on simple mechanics, crack open a book of favorite paintings, and then find something to smile over.

Tomorrow will come fast enough, and with it all the attendant concerns. For today, I am in retreat!

Let this be our prayer, then, our meditation on which to begin, because no matter all we know, and all we intuit, we still cannot get past the dividing stream, and must await the Shepherd to come to us:

Pastrè dè délaï l’aïo,
As gaïré dè buon tèms?
Dio lou baïlèro lèrô,
Lèrô lèrô lèrô lèrô baïlèro lô.

Pastré lou prat faï flour,
Li cal gorda toun troupel.
Dio lou baïlèro lèrô,
Lèrô lèrô lèrô lèrô baïlèro lô.

Pastré couci foraï,
En obal io lou bel riou!
Dio lou baïlèro lèrô,
Lèrô lèrô lèrô lèrô baïlèro lô.

[English translation]

Shepherd across the river,
You’re hardly having a good time,
Sing baïlèro lèrô
No, I’m not,
And you, too, can sing baïlèro

Shepherd, the meadows are in bloom.
You should graze your flock on this side,
Sing baïlèro lèrô
The grass is greener in the meadows on this side,
Baïlèro lèrô

Shepherd, the water divides us,
And I can’t cross it,
Sing baïlèro lèrô
Then I’ll come down and find you,
Baïlèro lèrô

Check back later, for something “retreat-y”

UPDATE: Julie has her own retreat ideas

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