Pentecost Novena Day 2

Without the Holy Spirit, the church would be reduced to merely a human organization, weighed down by its own structures… precisely for this, Christ, who established the Church on the foundation of the Apostles closely around Peter, has also given it the gift of his Spirit, so that throughout the centuries he would be the comfort and the guide to the entire truth . . . May the Ecclesial Community remain always open and docile to the action of the Holy Spirit,to be among men and women a credible sign and effective instrument of God’s action!”
Pope Benedict XVI, Pentecost, 2005


Concord Pastor has the prayer

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  • joan

    Beautiful! Thank you for posting this.

  • Beth

    Asking for prayers for Alan Sullivan, seablogger.

  • Evelyn

    The Chant is wonderful. Don’t understand why the Church has drifted away from it.
    Requesting prayers for Charlotte, please.
    God bless you, everyone!