A Plethora of Nun Pictures – UPDATED

Suspecting that only Carolina Cannonball is more fixated than I on all things nun-ish, I bring you something pretty extraordinary, via Kansas Catholic, four pages (count ’em, four) pages of pictures detailing the solemn professions of eleven Benedictines of Mary, in the Extraordinary Rite:

As they are still forming, and in the process of building their monastery, the Benedictines of Mary are not strictly enclosed yet, but you still might call them “old school” Benedictines. Their day-to-day keeps the Rule of St. Benedict very faithfully through the seasons, and they are growing at an astonishingly fast rate. Check it out. Kansas Catholic has a knack for capturing this community and he has done it beautifullly, here, here, here and here.

After celebrating with the Benedictines,
you might want to stroll the monastic gardens with the Summit Dominicans who have posted a really nice slideshow of their recent blessing of the gardens. They, too, are enjoying a startling number of new vocations, and you can see an aspirant participating in the walk. Really great pictures giving a good sense of the meaning of community and sisterhood. I enjoyed the peek at the crucifixes they wear beneath their scapulars.

Vanderleun sends along another picture of a nun, from Life Magazine, circa 1961. He writes, “has the quality of an old master, doesn’t it?”

Yes. Eternal, actually!

Chartres, 1961

Also, Sissy Willis looks at nuns and beauty queens and celebrates both.

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