To Cover or Not to Cover the head?

We explored the subject of women covering their heads at prayer and Mass a while back, and it was one of the hottest topics we’ve ever debated here.

I am still covering, and increasingly comfortable doing so; I find that covering for mass has also made me more inclined to dress a bit more becomingly for mass. Nothing fancy (I am incapable of “fancy”) but I am dressing with a “Sunday Best” mindset, now. I even bought a skirt!

I’m also increasingly comfortable with the world’s tiniest hair shirt, too, (which has brought enormous change to my life in ways I should write about, someday), but today the headcovering debate rages on.

Msgr. Charles Pope is hosting the current back-and-forth on the subject, and it’s a lively discussion!

O/T: CNN begins a blog on religion, co-edited by Dan Gigloff. Also check out

*No, I do not receive any compensation for recommending these headcoverings. They’re just awfully well-made.

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