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A quick tear across the tabs:

Private Pay Shrinks to Historic Lows. Hey, our newest car is nine years old. We’d love to help out the automakers by buying something new, but between the taxes, the raise-freeze, increased costs and so forth, it’s not happening this year.

On the same subject, Ed Morrissey says that if we haven’t figured it out before, now is a good time to understand that we’re in serious trouble, since Obama has decided to double down on the very disaster he whines about inheriting.

Chilling. But don’t worry, while your 401K is dying, the union pensions will be getting a bail out.

If Obama makes us poor enough, will he redistribute the wealth of the union/fed workers back to the rest of us, privately employed, folk? That’s sort of a new order of things, isn’t it?

Free Enterprise vs Government Control

Financial Reform Bill “a disaster”. Who is surprised?

Gold rising. Wish I could afford some; see above.

Confucius Classroom. California schools teaching elementary school students Chinese, with China footing the bill. The teacher says, “with their support, it’s a lot easier.” The funniest line: the schools are convinced they have enough “checks and balances” to keep out propaganda, you know, like the Texas schools social studies books! China-lovin’ Tom Friedman will be so happy his heart will come out of his chest and fall down on the floor!

Sorry. Tom Friedman’s happy heart reminded me of that scene. I am sick, remember, and on cough meds. Thank you, Dong!

This Sestak story reminds me of the bungling, corrupt leadership of Joseph Heller’s Catch-22. I don’t think the story is going away no matter how many times the WH investigates itself and finds that it always never said it would give Sestak a job. Or at least there is “no proof”. Kind of like “no controlling legal authority.”

Go to Arlington Cemetery on Memorial Day? Not me, I’m just the Commander in Chief. Obama seems profoundly bored by any aspect of the presidency that does not advance his domestic agenda. What does not bore him, inconveniences him, like the oil spill in the Gulf. This will be his second “getaway” since that happened, what, 35 days ago? And patriotic stuff like observing Memorial Day appears to both bore and inconvenience.

I know, it’s tiresome, but the thought goes round and round: just imagine if it were Bush.

Storm Clouds in Ukraine; it’s important.

Discretionary hate speech

A story that bears keeping in mind, down the road. I too wonder if these three will show up for their court date. Sounds very odd, indeed.

The Banker and the Missionary Inspiring.

“I kind of see myself as a man of God, and being like Joseph”. Also inspiring.

Poisoned PDF Antidote

Reclaiming language

An interesting sounding book – also read this piece by Spengler.

Yes, this IS a great commercial. And it makes me long to have bad-ass sock monkey with a “Mom” tattoo!

Head lice: No laughing matter, and yet, I laughed

Martyrs: They’re not just for the olden days

Coupla Catholic guys sittin’ around talking spirituality and gnosticism

About Elizabeth Scalia
  • http://www.savkobabe.blogspot.com Gayle Miller

    In what alternative universe does the accused investigate its own crimes? That is just NUTS! Or the gospel according to Rahm Emanuel and his magic tutu!

  • F

    California Girl chimin’ in here. The public, er, government schools of CA are actually indoctrinating the students into Islam as well. Its been a several-year, nasty, public fight. Students have been made to wear muslim outfits, practice the prayers, do the fasts and plan a gihad. What’s a little Confuscianism in the mix after all? We’re diverse, right? That’s all that matters…that, and that we boycott Arizona. Let’s not go all crazy and lose perspective.

    The consulate of China has also been p*ssing off San Francisco residents with its horrific, giant consul’s home. Talk about the weight and influence of China. It can even get what no other resident (or developer) can get: unlimited building permits. The thing is an ugly monstrosity and looks like a cheap rendition of a bad Macauan casino. China owns US, so, who is going to stand up to them?

    I recall growing up hearing about the commies’ 10 Point Plan. If memory serves me, one of them was taking over the educational system. Seems they’ve been super successful in that and have the high ground now. I’ve also heard recently that China hopes to take us over and says they can do it without firing a shot.

    So…that would leave us with the illegal aliens taking us over, the Islamicists trying to destroy us while using our own laws and judicial system to do it and the ChiComs. Its a rosy future. Guess I’ll just watch them fight it out. Wonder who’ll win, the Reconquista, China or the muslim extremists…?

  • mrp

    Dunno about gold bullion. If the Left gets desperate, they’ll grab gold bullion and coins, too.

    Executive Order 6102

  • http://lowlytuber.blogspot.com tim maguire

    On the Chinese issue, it would be a good idea for large numbers of Americans to learn Chinese. And if the Chinese are willing to pay for it, so much the better.

    As always, great link list. Thank you for putting this together.

  • Ben Hartley

    Obama in Chicago over Memorial Day?

    Great! Splendid! Superb, even!

    Now those who wish to visit the place on that most solemn of all days may do so without interference from The One (May peace be upon him), his MSM sycophants, the Worshipful Congress, and his teleprompter.

    (Yes, I’m getting tired of him; it’s not quite enough for me to view the return of Jimmuh C. as an improvement, but surely tending that way.)

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  • SteveM


    This post is trite NRO neo-con juvenilia personified.

    Father Neuhaus and I think your own father would be embarrassed.

    Take it to NRO or Weekly Standard, anyplace but FT.

    [Primo: You may (astonishingly) believe you have insight into the inner workings of Fr. Neuhaus' mind, and I suppose you are welcome to that odd conceit, but presuming to know my father's mind would be a very foolish thing, indeed. I guarantee you that any conclusion you might draw there will be quite, quite off; I can say with certainty that your breathtaking arrogance would amuse him; my father's amusement, however, would not amuse you. Secundo, FT brought me on to be precisely who I yam. I think I'll continue to do just that, thanks. - admin]

  • Sandra

    Thank-you for sharing about the Trappists in Algeria. I remember reading the reports coming out of Algeria.

    Maybe, with it being a Cannes winner, some of us might be able to catch a showing of it.

  • Jim

    Well, today I drop by one of my favorite blogs and what do I see? A wall of bad news-most of it from Obama & Co. Normally, I don’t like giving Obama credit but this the large number of links to bad news seems like the embodiment from From ‘Rules for Radicals’, specifically rules 7-11;

    7. “A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag. Man can sustain militant interest in any issue for only a limited time….”

    8. “Keep the pressure on, with different tactics and actions, and utilize all events of the period for your purpose.”

    9. “The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself.”

    10. “The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition. It is this unceasing pressure that results in the reactions from the opposition that are essential for the success of the campaign.”

    11. “If you push a negative hard and deep enough, it will break through into its counterside… every positive has its negative.”

    BTW, an alternative to gold is silver including coins, bars, and even ‘junk silver’ e.g. pre-1963 dollars/half-dollars/quarters/ and dimes. ‘Junk silver’ is 90% silver and might be more exchangeable than 1 oz. gold coins if things under Obama become that bad.

  • Jeff

    I think SteveM with his off-base critique had a bit of dyslexia, he clicked-through to come visit a blog post that he misread as being titled “Headlines of my Bar Tab.”

    Hope that clarifies!

  • SteveM

    Re: Anchoress “FT brought me on to be precisely who I yam. I think I’ll continue to do just that, thanks.

    If that means engaging in rank political partisanship a la National Review, then you’re doing a great job.

    You know, look at the Sestak story you referenced. That’s old time political horse trading. If all the politicians who engage in a wink and a nod manipulation were criminally charged for it, the entire political class would be in jail.

    So NRO can try to milk that non-story because that’s their mission. But why is it relevant at FT? It’s just too petty. Politicized seasoning that does not belong in the FT sauce.

    If FT has an editorial objective of tightly coupling with NR and The Weekly Standard then it’s doing a great job. I just wish it would try to be more than that.

    But you are right, it’s presumptuous of me to assume that I know your father better than your do. I did share a cab with him once from LaGuardia airport. Maybe the most refreshing 20 minute conversation I ever had. You are indeed lucky to have him.

    [Well, since you are apparently under the misapprehension that my father is Antonin Scalia, I can tell you are clearly not a regular reader; I have several times made a big noise that he is neither my father nor my husband nor my Uncle or Cousin. So, this tells me that you came into my blog, read one flippant free-for-all post written (as I noted) while I am sick and on meds, and based on that, you made an enormous judgment about me and the bulk of my work. It says a great deal more about you, sir, than it does about me. Regular readers tend to think I am a pretty thoughtful puss with a fairly capable pen; you're quite free to disagree, but I think it would only be fair to disagree after you've read me a bit, don't you?

    But let me tell you something about my own father, who does share some of the Justice's brilliance, and his clarity of thought: growing up in his house, there was a rule; you were free to argue your positions against anyone else's once you were able to first articulate your opponent's thoughts back to him, and to his/her satisfaction. He also taught me manners. You never, for instance, went into someone else's establishment and introduced yourself by telling the host or hostess what you didn't like about their digs. You're welcome here, but if you find me unimpressive thus far, I must tell you, sir, that your first two comments haven't exactly made a sterling impression, on me, either.

    As to the "old time political horse trading" re the Sestak story, am I correct in assuming that had Rove/Bush tried to effect the outcome of an election by offering a seriously powerful post to a politician who--it must be said--doesn't seem like he would be a prime candidate for any responsible position in any government, you would be calling it "old time political horse trading" unworthy of mentioning? Would you even be so accepting of the continuance of such "old time" political maneuverings in a era when we've been promised unprecedented transparency and "change" from the status quo? If you have an issue with the fact that I mentioned the Sestak story, then start talking about THAT, and stop talking--finally-- about me. - admin]

  • AvantiBev

    Frankly Anchoress, I would find the piece about the Trappist Monks martyrdom more “inspiring” if the folks at INSIDE CATHOLIC were not using terms such as “fundamentalists” instead of ISLAMIC jihadis and “civil war” when jihad continues its 1400 year old history of rage throughout the globe. This cleansing of the language to continue the pretense that Islam has no designs on the world is all too pc/multiculti for me.

    You may also find the story of Christian rights activist, Hector Aleem, who is currently rotting in prison in Pakistan to be quite inspiring. On the blog they established, his daughter is not quite so hesitant to identify her father’s persecutors. Her pleas brought tears to my eyes. If the prosecutors and the muslim mobs have their way and he is indeed torn to pieces, he may too be seen as “fool for Christ”.

  • Left Coast Conservative

    Anchoress – you mentioned headlice in your list of articles to read. Since it is headlice season and they are easy to catch and they do like clean hair, I would encourage you and your readers to try some of the homeopathic treatments. We had a headlice infestation in our house many years ago – with two daughters with thick long hair, it looked like a disaster was headed our direction. Fortunately, my dear sister is versed in the arts of homeopathic cures and she concocted a hair treatment with tea tree oil, eucalyptus, geranium and lavendar – all in an oil (like olive oil). We put that on our hair, wrapped up in saran wrap and then aluminum foil and sat watching a movie for the next hour or so. We repeated that several times and did not have to pick nits. We did pick up some signals from outer Mongolia but beyond that, life was good. Thought I’d share that on this random day of cleaning up your tabs.
    Wish I’d taken pictures – we were a sight!

  • http://home.earthlink.net/~nooriginalthought/ Charles

    Sorry for the language lesson; But, even with proper oversight it is impossible to keep “propaganda” out of the classroom for one very basic fact. The written Chinese language was “reformed” by the Communists back in the 1950s. There is no way to avoid “politics” when writing Chinese; one must choose to write in Traditional or “simplified” Chinese. The choice, even if one would prefer it not to be, must be political.

    Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other overseas Chinese Communites still write using Traditional Chinese Characters. Textbooks from Mainland China will be in simplified Chinese Characters. There is no middle ground on this issue.

  • dancingcrane

    Thank you, dear one, for mentioning Ukraine! In the maelstrom of news, she is likely to be forgotten. I am not Ukrainian, but have fallen in love with a people whose struggle for freedom and holiness in the face of conquering tyrants and atheistic terror is both heartbreaking and astounding. Please devote an entire blog to them. Many people know about Hitler’s Holocaust, but few about Stalin’s Holodomor. Many know about the brave underground Chinese Catholics loyal to the Pope, but few know about the largest church ever made illegal and driven underground, the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church. It’s no wonder that after a 1000-year history of subjugation by many enemies, their national anthem is titled, “We are not dead yet!”