Just Keep Swimming…

What do you do when you go to open the oven door and the handle comes off in your hand because the kitchen is 40 years old and totally needs replacing, the “new” car is 9 years old, but you’ve still got one in college and every dime you make goes to his tuition?

There is something you say. It’s a little song that you sing to yourself. Do you remember it?

What do you do when the tuition bill keeps going up by 5% each year (thanks, unions!), but your own income has only not increased, but rather has gone down thanks to a wage freeze, new taxes and fewer paying gigs and donations?

You think, “one more year; just one more year, and we’ll be able to breathe a little bit. Hopefully.”

Then you thank God that you’re able to work at all, because work is a blessing; even bills are a blessing, in a way. They say you’re doing something, pursuing something, looking forward.

Then you remind people that Father’s Day is coming, that Mystic Monk Coffee is the greatest coffee in the world, that their father would probably love to receive it, and that you get a kickback from their purchases. And you hope people haven’t already bought dad a sweater, when he would so much prefer a great cuppa Joe.

And then you sing the song. Just keep singing it.

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