Hyundai Goes too Far?

It begins with the Agnus Dei – what they are chanting here is “Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world, have mercy on us.”

A most excellent prayer.

It is unfortunate that such a prayer is lost in the mess of images, here:

Every Catholic blogger I know
is getting emails about this. Lots of really angry people out there who feel like the ad goes too far.

One blogger emailed me saying, “I wanted to shrug it off as dumb until I saw the pizza-as-communion shot.”

I can understand why Catholics are getting fed up with what feels like a constant media onslaught (more on Lady Gaga, later) but I am not so sure I want to be offended, yet.

The pizza is so obviously NOT the Blessed Sacrament that the shot just struck me as a lame contrivance. Had they used Hosts in the shape of soccer balls, I would have taken much more offense. For the rest? They’re just things. Stained glass is stained glass. In thurible is just a thurible.

Did Hyundai go too far? One could argue that they are making fun of fans who treat their sports like religion, and most of this is pure silliness.

But–and this is important–they did not begin their commercial with a chant of pure gibberish, or even a Latin version of “we are fanatical about soccer”; they used a real prayer, a real supplication that has its rooted in scripture and steeped in the mystery of the Blood of Christ.

I want to say yes, that is the step too far.

But then again, I know so well that the Holy Spirit uses the most confounding avenues and tools to accomplish the will of God. For better or worse, some hapless admen who thought themselves too-clever-by-half, have unleashed over the air this most powerful prayer: Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world, have mercy on us.

The Holy Spirit moves on the breath and over the air.

And we know we are in a ferocious battle with the “prince” of the air.

The commercial may have gone too far, but the prayer has been unleashed, and will go even further. It will not return to God void.

The Holy Spirit sees what we do not, moves in ways mysterious. Since we do not always understand and do not have all the answers, I say calm the heaving breasts and save your breath for your porridge…or better yet, for your own prayers.

Embrace the exile. That’s what I do.

Did Hyundai Go Too Far?
No, It’s dumb but harmless
Yes, it’s highly offensive
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  • http://!!!! kelleybee

    Pray for sanity in this craziness.

  • Brenda

    My criteria in whether or not a commercial is memorable or not goes as this: Do you remember what they were selling?

    This one does not meet my criteria. What does some so-called church in another country dedicated to soccer have to do with a car? I really don’t care if it’s the official whatever of FIFA.

    If I don’t see the obvious connection, my brain dismisses the whole commercial as hooey. Yep, it went into the hooey file immediately.

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  • Bob Devine

    This is one of the drawbacks of living in a country that has free speech. As loathsome as it might be to us they are allowed to express it.

    On the other side we are completely free to NOT PURCHASE their product and to let them know how distasteful we find their ad.

  • Diane

    The commercials and videos are an instant turnoff for me, my brain files these artists and products in the “stay far away from as possible” file in my mind.

  • IAmDagny

    I have let this soak in for a few minutes and I have to say that I feel not the slightest urge to cut anyone’s head off. A little pissy, perhaps, but beheading-angry? Nope. Does this mean that I am lukewarm? Oh dear.

  • Gail F

    I wrote them an email saying I thought the commercial was basically funny, but that they should have kept it to poking fun at Catholics (we can take a joke) and not mocking God. It’s stupid, but I find a lot of things on TV more offensive than that. Apparently it’s a real place — dont know if the prayers, etc. are real or not. But I like your idea that the “prayer is out there.” That can’t be bad.

  • Pro-life

    I found this commerical completely irreverent and sacraligious. It has taken the Holy Mass and dumbed it down with soccer balloons and pepperoni pizza. This is unacceptable! We must, as Catholics, voice our concern and refuse to encourage this disrespectful commercial. Email Hyundai, tell them this is offensive to the Catholic faith.

  • archangel

    Chances are the producers of the commercial have absolutely no idea what “Agnus Dei” means.

    The chant probably came from a genric CD that all production houses have. I think what they were trying to convey was exactly what was mentioned… sports is a religion (an idol if you will) for many.

    What I find truly fascinating is that whenever the media wishes to portray “religion”, they choose Catholicism. Kind of flattering actually. We are chosen to be mimicked, copied, or at times mocked. They know not what they are doing. The other juxtaposition is that we have no fatwas calling for the executuon of the producers. We have no riots calling for respect.

    What we have is dialogue and even a smattering of “forgive them, they know not what they do.” A teaching moment if there ever was one.

  • CV

    This comes across as disrespectful and annoys me (and I’m not easily annoyed).

    As luck would have it, I just bought a Kia (which is owned by Hyundai). If I had seen this commercial prior to my purchase, would it have influenced my decision? Probably not (I love my new Kia) but it left a generally negative impression with me. I guess I don’t see the wisdom in offending (or potentially offending) any size segment of your customer base.

    I’m not against all allusions to Catholic imagery in commercials. Anyone ever see the ad in which an Italian altar boy is asked by the priest to go get more holy water? He runs through cobbled old world streets to get the water from a fancy Kohler faucet at home. That’s cute and non-offensive, IMO.

    But far be it from me to question the impact of the Agnus Dei, no matter how it’s delivered!

  • Barb

    My initial response was shock – that Hyundai would be so clueless to not see this commercial as potential controversial and offensive.

  • tim maguire

    If it weren’t a commercial, if it were made merely to amuse somebody, I’d be ok with it. But because it’s done to to make money, I find it offensive.

    Bob Devine, every time there is a blog post complaining that something is offensive, somebody (you this time) chimes in about free speech. What does this have to do with free speech? Who is saying this should be illegal?

    Nobody here is saying that. So what’s your point?

  • Adam Rasmussen

    I like your thoughts on this (and just blogged about it myself last night). I thought that the commercial was gently trying to make fun of soccer fans, not Catholics. I don’t find it offensive and am tired of conservatives, such as Thomas Peters (aka the American Papist), lamenting it as another example of so-called “anti-Catholicism.” Even if someone finds it offensive, it’s hardly persecution.

  • AvantiBev

    As a 54 year old ROMAN Catholic trad who was trad before trad was cool, I was offended plenty between 1968 and 1992 when I finally stopped wandering in the liturgical desert and found the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at St. John Cantius here in Chi town. But it was not a Korean car company offending me all those years. It was the kumbaya offerings of liturgy lite to whit: the priest who said the entire Mass with a paper bag over his head— I walked out so maybe not the whole liturgy lite; the priest who consecrated cinnamon toast and kool aid at a college “service” at what they passed off as a Newman Center; the endless dancing girls interpreting the scriptures in tights and tutus; puppetry at the homily (no it was not a children’s Mass); the Mass when there were two eucharistic ministers for a church in WY of only 21 congregants; Holy Communion handed out as unholy dim sum; and so many other innovations of countless self-important liturgical committees in parish after parish.

    As I stumbled through this morass wondering “where is my Church”, I was lectured time and again by that age group (now dieing off, Deo Gratias) who solemnly assured me they knew best the “spirit of Vat II” and were doing this to make the liturgy relevant for me.

    So many parallels to those who now assure us they know best the “spirit” of our Declaration and Constitution and are deforming our nation for our own good. Perhaps there is a statesman ala Benedict XVI who will deliver us from evil. Go on, Hyundai keep making cars. You don’t offend me. Just don’t let any priest with a paper bag over his heads drive one off the lot!

  • Frank La Rocca

    The ad is funny, stupid or offensive, depending on which segment you’re viewing. For example, I thought the soccer ball “censer” was pretty funny, but the Crown of Thorns on a soccer ball was not.

    As a Catholic who attends the TLM, perhaps I am more sensitive to the posture of the “communicants” in this ad. The pizza may obviously be something other than the Blessed Sacrament, but they are kneeling at a communion rail while receiving it and therefore I think it crosses the line into mockery of the Host.

    I would hope all Catholics find that offensive — it mocks the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of the Lamb of God.

    And what version of the Agnus Dei is this supposed to be…”ora pro nobis…?”

  • joan

    Yes Adam.
    Orthodox and conservative Catholics are much more offended at the modern Mass.
    Jesus is being abused, neglected, taken for granted, not reverenced and worshipped in a manner that He should be and Charity and compassion is at an all time low….
    so this ad is just about how soccer has become the false god and the object of worship. It could have been any false god:greed, pride, sex or any of the things that people have placed above God in their hearts.

  • joan

    Orthodox and conservative Catholics are much more offended at the modern Mass.
    Jesus is being abused, neglected, taken for granted, not reverenced and worshipped in a manner that He should be and Charity and compassion is at an all time low….
    so this ad is just about how soccer has become the false god and the object of worship. But it could have been any false god:greed, pride, sex or any of the things that people have placed above God in their hearts.

  • AvantiBev

    By the by, Anchoress, as an Italo American I cannot count the times I have found certain “parodies” to be tasteless and offensive. And from Godfather to Wiseguys to Jersey Shore there are too many (over 800 per Italic Studies Institute) films and tv shows – not counting commercial spots — that are aimed at showing my people as either nefarious goons or clueless buffoons (buffi). So welcome to my world Maguires and McGwins.

  • Bender

    Yes, the commercial is bigoted anti-Catholic, sacriligious, and blasphemous crap.

    But perhaps even worse is the scandalous, sacriligious, and blasphemous and anti-Catholic crap being spouted by self-proclaimed trads who were “trad before trad was cool.” They go around bitching ad nauseum about how the Church today is nothing but crap, and they bring out their parade of horribles, defaming priests, bishops, and religious while bad-mouthing the Holy Mass with preposterous claims of abuses that not one person in ten million have ever seen.

    Make no mistake, it is these cancers within the Church who do far more harm to the Faith than does some idiotic car company and their ad agency.

  • archangel

    Whoa Bender!! That comment was way out of line.

    Those “trads” have a major point that should not be simply dismissed. Perhaps that is why I was not as offended by the commercial. I would contend that the damage done “within” the church is far more insulting. I would add to AvantiBevs points by adding the example of a priest costumed as the devil (of all things) during a mass for the Feast of All-Souls on the eve (Halloween). Or perhaps mass on a surfboard at the beach.

    Bevs’ point is well taken,IMO, and to a very great extend, the “trads” have been pretty well proved correct as to the abuses wrought by Vatican II within the church by those who seem to think the “opening of the windows” meant breaking them altogether.

  • AvantiBev

    Bull crap. I was not b*tching about the Holy Mass nor about the Church today. In fact I clearly stated my admiration for my parish and for Benedict XVI. I also stated I am 54 and was talking about the period of 1968 until 1992. I witnessed and walked out on many sacrileges with priests, priestesses and others determined to make the Mass into their own personal performance art. Every word I wrote was a real experience I had during that time. There is nothing anti-Catholic about my 20+ year search for a Holy Mass, one celebrated with reverence, beauty and dignity befitting our Eucharistic King. I am eternally grateful to God for priests such as my current pastor, the men of the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius, and Pope Benedict.

  • Trump

    There’s a reason why they feel safe enough to use your prayer in a dumb commercial, but would NEVER dare to use the Islam call to prayer.

    We (Christians and Jews as well) have allowed ourselves to become second-class citizens, and I don’t think most even realize it.

  • Trump

    PS- Love the centering of the comments! Looks lovely as you scroll down….

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  • BMW

    lousy cars, lousy ad.

  • TCN

    Bender, dear, I dare say you are probably either too young to have seen it or too old and think that tripe is marvelous. Neither is an excuse to attack those of us who dearly love Holy Mother Church, kneel in adoration of Our Lord, appreciate those who say the red and do the black, etc. Some of us have not only seen it but have experienced it. Many Masses which have been not only illicit but often invalid, all due to the “Spirit of Vatican II,” which is none other than the dark spirit himself.

    Nothing wrong with Vatican II, but those who claim to have the “Spirit” of it usually have only themselves in mind.

    And I thank God daily for B16.

    Charity in all things, all things.

    [I wonder if you understand how grating and condescending it sounds when you suggest that YOU "love Holy Mother Church" more than Bender (or me, for that matter, because while I appreciate the thoughtful beauty of the EF, I am also very fond and comfortable at a reverently prayed NO). You are complaining about being "attacked" and then you go on to write: "those of us who dearly love Holy Mother Church, kneel in adoration of Our Lord," by which we may infer that you believe WE do NOT love the church as much as you do, or do not kneel in adoration of the Lord? It is amazing how much pride one can display with ostentatious humility, isn't it? admin]

  • Patti Day

    Since the video has been taken down, I can’t say for sure how offended I might be, but the description makes me feel defensive. Maybe Jesus has a better sense of humor than I do.

  • Bender

    Charity in all things

    Something that the “trads” should keep in mind. I’ve said it many times before, and I’ll say it again — they are their own worst enemy. They are little more than the flip side of the progressives who equally spend inordinate amounts of time telling us all how awful the Church is and how lousy everyone else is. Just as the progressives use practically every occasion to find some way to rail against the Magisterium and the hierarchy, so too do these rad trads use every occasion to find some way to rail against the Ordinary Form of the Mass.

    We have seen it here, yet again. The issue was the anti-Catholic bigotry of a car company commercial, and yet that was taken as an invitation to attack the Mass.

    We see this behavior of dissent every time they speak about the Church, including their disingenuous arguments and strawmen and their profound misunderstanding of the nature of the Church, especially with respect to their repeated expressions of contempt and backhanded slaps at their fellow Catholics.

    Out of line?? I’ll tell you what is out of line, what is out of line is this, yes, anti-Catholic attitude of implying that the Mass that is celebrated by the entire Church is not now one of “reverence, beauty and dignity.” Such an attitude, publicly expressed, is a SCANDAL. Christ Himself is present at that Mass, Body and Blood and Soul and Divinity, and you dare to suggest that it is “personal performance art”?? That they are “not only illicit but often invalid”?? You vipers. You self-indulgent serpents. You Pharisees. I tell you this — in your elitism, in your exaulting yourself, you wrong yourselves and you do wrong to others.

    ENOUGH! Enough with your complaints and your attacks against the Mother that I and countless others love.

  • Fred

    The ad was taken down. The link no longer works probably because while Hyundai wants to be thought of as hip and cool it doesn’t actually want to defend anything. That’s just to much trouble.

  • newton

    I think the real problem here is not whom the car ad is trying to offend: it actually manages to point out the proverbial “elephant in the room”.

    Think of how many people out there would rather be watching football or soccer in three channels, at the golf course or fishing, than at church on Sundays. Yes, for many people, TV sports have been a religion, a veritable “opium of the masses”, for many years.

    And knowing how our politically correct world really works, it seems the “sports religion” is the only one acceptable to secular society in general. It doesn’t matter how many “bad boys” are represented in sports, they have a following: their fans know their sport stats better than they know Bible verses nowadays.


  • Cheerleader

    I was just going to stay out of this, but I can’t let this attack on Bender go by unanswered.

    Neither is an excuse to attack those of us who dearly love Holy Mother Church

    The one unjustly attacked here is Bender, and for nothing more than keeping to the point of the post, which is a blatant attack on the Faith.

    Bender knows and loves Mother Church with all his heart and it annoys him no end when She is unjustly criticized. It’s not like he’s got his head buried under some bizarre Novus Ordo sand pile – he knows what’s what, especially in the tripe department.

    I don’t claim to speak for him – I’ve just been a student of his long enough to know that much.

    I find the patronization of him especially revolting, although I doubt that was the aim or the commenter who said it.

    [I think the pope, who we may presume, loves the church as much as anyone here, and is the fellow who is okay with NO, EF and Anglican Rite worship and does not look with disdain on the attendance preferences of anyone else, should perhaps be our model, here. I wonder, when the inevitable schism occurs (and it will) whether we who stick with Rome will still have to endure this sniping over who is using the "more perfect" form of the mass. Seems to me that anytime any of us goes to mass with a nose in the air because we think we're doing it "better" than someone else (and that goes for NO attendees who scorn the "more Catholic than the pope" Traditionalists, and the Traddies who think they're the only licit attendees) then we have some growing and learning to do. Perhaps we can all give thanks to God that there is the chance to worship Him, Eucharistically and settle down, a bit.-admin]

  • Hantchu

    The film was no longer available, and anyway, I’m not the one to say what should be offensive to Catholics.

    It is, however, noteworthy that your readers are advocating letter-writing campaigns, boycotts, and public complaints, and not the beheading of the advertising executives.

    I don’t think this reflects apathy, but rather the fact that the talmidim (disciples) reflect their rebbe (teacher).

  • Doc

    AvantiBev, whenever I come home for a visit I drive from LaGrange to St. John Cantius to attend that beautiful mass in their stunning church. I wish I was loaded so I could donate for their much-needed repairs.

    Bender, wow, where did that come from? It’s the first time I’ve seen you come across like a complete jerk. I’ve seen plenty of abuses now so common they’re mundane in the Norvus Ordo mass. A truly reverent “new mass” has been a rare surprise for my family when away from our FSSP parish here in Atlanta. Most masses while traveling just make us appreciate what we have at home.

    [It is sadly true that there are too many sloppy NO masses. But that is slowly changing as the boomer "liturgists" retire, and even now there are plenty of parishes that manage a truly reverent and moving NO, and it seems to me that when the EF enthusiasts make blanket statements of condemnation over the NO, they are implicitly condemning some excellent priests who are trained in the NO and have not had the exposure or chance to even experience.

    As a friend says, "see how these Christians shove one another." I suspect that when B-16 made the EF more available to us, his intention was not to see factions arise over form. I have a very strong suspicion that down the road, what we may see is more and more Catholics choosing to participate in the Anglican Rite, which is very beautiful and reverent, but without the Latin and some of the fussier elements of the EF. I have a hunch that after the schism, a majority of remaining Catholics will end up at the Anglican Rite, while the progressives stick with the NO and the Traditionalists with the EF, with both sides still yelling at each other. -admin]

  • Trish

    Anchoress, I’m dismayed that you think the words Agnus Dei disseminating on the airwaves justifies this blasphemous ad. Yes, the Holy Spirit uses all things to the glory of God, but can’t we condemn the blasphemy and then leave it to the Holy Spirit to transform it? When we don’t speak out, our silence is interpreted as acquiescence – we should not allow that in this age of electronics when we can speak out quickly and be heard by many. We are no longer alone raging at the unholy cultural ads which mock the Lord and all that is holy. Let’s put on a little courage and speak out!

    [I will let God judge my courage, thanks, Trish. I didn't find the thing quite as blasphemous as perhaps you did. And yes, precisely BECAUSE the Holy Spirit uses all things to the Glory of God, we don't need to be hyperventilating quite so much over everything. The world's hatred, after all, is precisely what we were promised by Christ. Why are Christians so surprised and appalled when they encounter it? And why are we so quick to think that responding to the world with the sort of knee-jerk indignation that is the provenance of the world, and wholly its contrivance (being "offended" is the order of the day, for everyone) is what Christ wants of us. At mass yesterday the gospel was pretty clear: turn the other cheek, offer the second mile. We only gain; they lose. I totally believe it -admin]

  • Bender

    Seems to me that anytime any of us goes to mass with a nose in the air because we think we’re doing it “better” than someone else (and that goes for NO attendees who scorn the “more Catholic than the pope” Traditionalists)

    I don’t know that my nose is “in the air,” but it is definitely out of joint and I confess that it has led to, not scorn exactly, but certainly something less than charitable thoughts. And so my conscience calls me to perhaps show a bit of charity . . . and then I go and see another rock flying at the Church.

    For the record, the Mass is NOT new. It is 2000 years old (by human reckoning, although it is eternal in Christ). The Ordinary Form is NOT a “new” Mass, and to suggest the same is to border on heresy. There is only ONE MASS. There is only One Mass, and it is this same One Mass in the Ordinary Form that is celebrated by millions upon millions of people, in communion with the angels and all the faithful in heaven and purgatory — the entire Church celebrates this Mass and is One with the Lord Jesus Christ. As such, being One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic, not only is it not new, it is by its very nature reverent.

    If you find it a rare surprise, that says more about you than it does the Mass or the Church or the faithful who celebrate the Mass. Speaking for the latter, we would prefer that, instead of making slanders, you find it within yourself to love the Church as her Bridegroom does, that you bring yourself back within the bosum of the Church and in communion with the rest.


    Anchoress: I’m sorry that this discussion has been sidetracked from what you had intended to discuss — the car commercial — and has descended into contentiousness. Perhaps I should have just kept my mouth shut. But I am past tired of people telling us how much the Church today sucks. And it is especially galling when it comes from those who should know better, who pride themselves on their fidelity to the Faith.

    And so, I will shut up now.

    [I don't think anyone has to shut up. And I am accusing all of us of sometimes being less than charitable with each other. Because it's true. -admin]

  • Bender

    OK, I know I said I was going to shut up, but –

    For the record, the Mass is NOT new. It is 2000 years old (by human reckoning, although it is eternal in Christ).

    I suppose it should be clarified that: As I said, from the human perspective, the Mass in the Ordinary Form, according to the Missal promulgated by Servant of God Paul VI, is not “new,” being the same One Mass celebrated since the beginning of the Church. That being said, however, from the divine perspective, the Mass is indeed “new.” In fact, it is ever and always new, being One with He “who makes all things new.” And it is in this OF Mass that we too “are made new” in Christ.

    (Oh, the mystery that is the juxtaposition of the temporal and the eternal.)

  • archangel

    Bender, et al… did you see what happened there? From a discussion on the outer world rejection of Christ, came the more evil strains of disunity. I can’t speak to why Bender went off, but it struck me as being off base… which is why I posted what I did.

    There are different rites but ONE MASS. ALL of them are open to abuse. If the N.O. was perfect, there would be no need to re-translate it in English… which has occurred and will be implemented. It is quite factual that N.O. in America became largely undisciplined but historically this has happened before. When one reads about some medieval Saints or even earlier into the Dark Ages, we read of monastics REVIVING churches. We’re talking about the period around 950-1300 or so. Think about what they were correcting. Much of the same abuses that we are facing today.

    All the rites approved by “Holy Mother Church” are efficacious and blessed. The manner upon which they are celebrated is determined by the celebrant and the Bishop. The Trinitine Mass became a droning durge for many in a language many could not relate… far from the celebration of Christ that it really is. If this were not true, then Vatican II would not have been deemed neccesary. With that came the N.O.; the original being a direct translation from the original Latin. Where it went wrong, in my humble opinion, is when more watered down language began to be used as opposed to the “High English” or liturgical English. With that came a watered down mentality which led to many of the abuses that I and others mentioned. The answer for some was the wish, desire, need to have the Trinitine made more available. The two need not be exclusive. The success of both is desired and it does not need to be a zero-sum game.

    I get the sense though that many Progressives within the church are threatened by the old mass simply because they see it as counter to what they want to see. They think they could lose their “ministries” or lose whatever influence they have within a parish. It unfortunately boils down to politics, IMO. And the “trads”, in response, are defensive and sometimes overly haughty. Not unlike the Pharisees vs Sadducees vs the Scribes vs the Essenes within the old Temple.

    I would think the non-trads need to be less thin skinned and the trads need to be a little less haughty and both need to realize its about Him. Charity in all things, indeed.

  • Doc

    Bender, you speak of flying rocks, slanders, and being outside communion with Mother Church, and appear to be responding to my observations. I find your projections rather odd and notice that you were the only one referring to a cancer in the Church. I hope you take an opportunity to attend a Solemn High Mass some day and appreciate the beauty I’ve been unable to convey.

    I am saddened by liturgical abuses that diminish the Mass. I pray that they will be corrected.

    As to the car commercial, I won’t buy a Hyundai and hope that Catholics who view that reach the same conclusion.

    [Hyundai has pulled the ad and made an apology for insensitivity -admin]

  • Bender

    The greatest liturgical abuse that diminishes the Mass is the attitude that one form of the Mass is intrinsically more or less beautiful than another. There is no beauty in the Extraordinary Form when the person at such Mass does not appreciate the beauty of the Ordinary Form, which the Magisterium, as authoritatively guided by the Holy Spirit, has promulgated.

    Get the forest out of your eye.

  • Jennifer

    “For better or worse, some hapless admen who thought themselves too-clever-by-half, have unleashed over the air this most powerful prayer: Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world, have mercy on us.

    The Holy Spirit moves on the breath and over the air.

    And we know we are in a ferocious battle with the “prince” of the air.

    The commercial may have gone too far, but the prayer has been unleashed, and will go even further. It will not return to God void.”

    This thought would not have occurred to me. It is an excellent point. I love the way you see things, the perspective from which you see things the rest of us often do not. Thank you.
    I’ve seen the commercial and I thought it was stupid, gratuitously mocking of Catholicism and not very clever. But it may not be worth getting our panties in a knot over.

    I prefer to dwell on your thought that the prayer is out there over the airwaves! AMEN!

  • SuzyQ

    So, our faith and our practices have been ridiculed and belittled again. What else is new? Bet you nobody at Hyundai gets brutally murdered or even threatened.

    This is part and parcel of being Christian. Let’s turn the other cheek and pray for Hyundai and its messed-up ad agency (as well as the fools who built the soccer church).

  • elmo

    The church is blessed to have so many rites not just anglican, NO, tridentine, which if you think is truly truer than the others, you need to brush up on your history; but also coptic, maronite, byzantine, dominican, and some of the new movements…we should give thanks that our church contains so many riches rather than boast as if we have done something good to earn these blessings. Let us boast instead in the LOrd who is so merciful that he provides an abundance of places at his table for us impoverished souls to feast.

  • c matt

    Actually, I did find the ad offensive as a Catholic, but frankly more offensive as one of Argentinian descent.

    I am about as passionate as you can get about Argentinian futbol, but it would never even cross my mind to hold a “futbol mass.”

    Now being buried in the national team uniform like the Portuguese guy, maybe.

  • AvantiBev

    Doc, you are always welcome at St. John Cantius anytime you visit Chi town. By the by, the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius say the Novus Ordo with great dignity and accuracy to the rubrics.

    Sorry Anchoress, I did not realize that listing some of the many abuses I had experienced at various parishes here in the Midwest and around the USA was being “haughty”. Somebody should inform our Holy Father since as Cardinal Ratzinger he wrote often and very knowingly about abuses and innovations that had come to his attention and which he deplored BECAUSE of his LOVE for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. In fact it was then Card. Ratzinger who met with my pastor, Father Phillips, in the 1990′s and gave his and JPII’s whole hearted blessings to the formation of the Canons Regular for their stated mission “restoring the sacred”.

    [I don't think I ever called you "haughty." I think I actually have agreed with commenters who complained that there are too many cases of the NO being prayed irreverently. But I have difficulty with anyone remarking that THEY "love Holy Mother Church and kneel in Adoration before the Lord" in a way that suggests that those who are less inclined toward the EF are less passionate, less in love, less obedient than others. Perhaps you should re-read your initial comment and you may understand why so many people read it as something less than humble, or generous, or charitable -admin]