Dance Break – Travolta

Every once in a while, I just have to watch great dancing. I love all of it, but I admit, I particularly like to watch men dance. Today, let’s appreciate John Travolta.

Although he is no long whippet-thin as he was in his dancing heyday, John Travolta is still so light and free in his dancing that even encumbered by “angel” wings under a trench coat, he’s just so worth watching:

There have been more talented, more technically proficient dancers–although the young Travolta was awfully good–but his palpable joy in dancing is infectious. I cannot watch him dance without smiling.

And my goodness, even in drag and a fat suit, he’s just so light!

It’s all so beautiful!
When Fred Astaire Went Mad!

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  • Mimsy

    So light! Perhaps his fat suit is filled with helium.
    Just kidding. Yes, he’s a great dancer. We’re going to see Kiss Me, Kate this summer. I love that scene where It’s Too Darn Hot. In the movie, Ann Miller was incredible!

  • suzyq

    Thanks for wonderful videos. I love John T. and I love dance videos for my own creative exercise programs – except got carried away and wrenched my knees doing Disco Sweat (Richard Simmons). =:o ~ stayin alive, stayin alive!

  • Gayle Miller

    And paired with the divinely oddball Christopher Walken, what a treat! I absolutely adore Christopher Walken and will see any film in which he appears, simply because he’s there! You know he started out as a chorus boy on Broadway, right?

  • Gayle Miller

    Can you imagine the thrill for those ladies – dancing with Travolta! I know it would certainly add a lot of flavor to MY day!

  • CV

    That’s my favorite scene from the film Michael.

    And of course, he was amazing in Hairspray as well.

    Love seeing both again. Thanks!

    [I am happy to see so many Travolta fans; I figured this thread would be largely ignored. -admin]

  • Julia

    I like your fun stuff and opera as much as your serious pieces. Gotta grin, too, in these times.

    I went over to your linked post on Fred Astaire – interesting that Fred was fascinated with John Travolta’s dancing.

    Also just finished reading the article on the making of the Michael Jackson “Thriller” video in Vanity Fair. It says Michael watched Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly movies over and over starting as a young boy, and took them as dancing role models. Interesting then to know that among the celebrities to drop by and see the video being done was none other than Fred Astaire.

    How great that Fred admired dancing that came after him and didn’t end up complaining that the new dancing sure wasn’t like it was in the old days.

    Clark Gable did an Astaire-style “Putting on the Ritz” routine in an old movie and never danced again on film. Gable.

    [It's been years since I've seen that Gable clip - one of the funniest, most awkward bits, ever! Thanks! -admin]

  • Deacon Greg Kandra

    Hey, don’t forget this classic clip from “Pulp Fiction:


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  • invernessie

    Do not forget his turns around the dancefloor in Urban Cowboy.