Transparency Abounding!

I’ve been noticing how scarce seem the pictures of damage to the coastal wildlife of the Gulf. Now I know why.

More at Hot Air; be sure to watch the second video.

I wonder how much different all of this would be had the federal government–who is responsible for the protection of these waters–had not talked big about “stepping on necks” awhile doing nothing; if it had accepted the help and expertise of numerous nations, rather than waving them off; if it had started introducing clean-up super tankers within 7 (or even 14) days after the initial explosion, instead of waiting almost 70 days, and letting the problems become almost insurmountable.

Criminal negligence. And apparently, the press is targeting the Coast Guard Admiral for a fall, and maybe he deserves to take one. But remember, he gets his own orders from somewhere.

This seems like criminal negligence and its cover-up, to me.

Kudos to Anderson Cooper for at least being a little consistent, here in his criticism of crisis management and government intrusion into the access of information.

More video here

These videos make for a very depressing Fourth of July, though. Way too much subtext.

Speaking of July 4th, btw, read read Rich Lowry.

Meanwhile, Ed Morrissey gives some information as to why the feds and the Dems are withholding access to the beaches from the press and the Republicans, respectively. That transparency thing, again.

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