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Ancient Witnesses to the Catholic Faith, The Didache:

The Didache is one of the earliest written documents of the Church other than Scripture itself. It was written sometime between 90 and 110 AD. It may not have had a single author but may have been compiled from the Apostolic Teaching as a kind of early catechism and a summary of the essential moral tenets of the Faith. It’s existence demonstrates that many current teachings of the faith, often under attack by modernity, are in fact very ancient, going right back to the beginning. Let’s take a look at some excerpts from the Didache that are especially pertinent for today’s controversies. My comments are in red after the italicized quotes.

Check it out!

Also, yesterday got away from me but we’re coming down the homestretch of Future of Catholicism Week, I am happy to say that we have another late entry to the mainpage, and it is a must-read by J. Peter Nixon, who writes in Only the Saints Can Save Us:

Our children and grandchildren are abandoning the faith because they perceive — rightly — that its demands are at fundamental variance with the lives we have prepared them to lead. We have raised them to seek lives characterized by material comfort, sexual fulfillment, and freedom from any obligations that they have not personally chosen. Should it surprise us that they fail to take seriously our claims to follow one who embraced poverty, chastity, and obedience to the will of God?

You’ll want to read it all; we forget the saints at our own peril; they help us to develop a clarity of vision.

And, once again–as happens so often, the Holy Spirit has provided a theme! Read our latest two contributors who also talked about clarity and vision!

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