Prayer Works! Thank you!

A few weeks ago, I put in an urgent prayer request made by Elder Son’s g/f, Kitty:

She has just called asking if Anchoress readers will please pray for J, (God knows his name) who is in surgery right now and in a very precarious situation. I can’t tell more, but please pray for J.

She texts:

The man you had people pray for is alert, talking and should soon be leaving the hospital soon. He needs rehab but is alive; it was close, though. He’s been touch and go for a while, but got the news today.

Some of you had emailed asking for an update, so I thought I’d let you know.

And…in other great news…Alle is much, much better! She is eating. Everything. Much more her old self. Thank you for your prayers!

Prayer works.

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  • Jennifer

    Speaking of prayers, Anchoress, this wonderful lady is in need right now. Melanie Pritchard is in critical condition after a C-section. Her heart stopped, subsequent heart attacks, and she has not regained consciousness. Her new daughter is thriving and well, but Melanie needs our prayers. The family is specifically asking JPII for a miraculous intercession.

    A recent update I received says that she has survived the night and her vital signs are steadily improving. It’s all over Twitter as well, and the prayers are mounting. Let’s keep it up. Thanks.

    Melanie Pritchard in Critical Condition.

    [Thanks for letting me know...Melanie will be in my prayers! -admin]

  • newton

    I’m so glad your doggie and your son’s girlfriend’s friend is doing better! Close calls are… well, too close.


    Also, I found this at The Corner. I was wondering if you had already seen it. Someone pointed out a serious flaw in a known expert’s reasoning regarding faith and belief.

    Short and sweet. Best laugh I’ve had today!

  • Mutnodjmet

    Anchoress: Good news, indeed. Prayers are continuing, as well as new ones for Melanie Pritchard.

  • Myssi

    Amen! Prayer does work! Glad to hear good news today!

  • Gayle Miller

    We need all the good news we can get and the beautiful Alle’s recovery is special to us all who, like the Pope (in his cute little baseball cap), loves cats and Mozart. I love doggies as well and your Alle especially, along with my sister’s Zeus and Harley and friend Joyce’s wondrous Andy and Cookie and Stuart (2 Shih Tzus and a pit bull with anxiety issues – he’s on mood meds).

  • frank black


    Glad to hear this!

  • saveliberty

    I am so glad that J is well enough to be discharged from the hospital soon!

    And hooray for Alle!

    Thank you, God!

  • Invernessie

    It must have been the eggs and toast – Great news!

  • Peggy Coffey

    Even though I’m not a Catholic or even a good Christian, I believe prayer works for all. I will keep all of these souls in my heart and hope they recover. I’m so glad about Alle. My furbabies Abby and Smokey mean the world to me. I hope she continues her recovery.

  • Leah

    I’m very glad Alle and J are doing better, but I can’t imagine that if one of them had taken a turn for the worse the headline for this piece would have been ‘Prayer Fails!’