Make a Joyful Noise Unto God!

It’s Sunday Night. Relax. Yes, it’s a half-hour of video, but it is a half hour that will make you laugh out loud, and leave you feeling refreshed.

And the Sabbath should leave us refreshed.

James Martin, SJ from The Leadership Roundtable on Vimeo.

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  • Last Sphere

    Thank you Anchoress.

  • elizabethk

    Thank you SO much for sharing this! I definitely needed this – I have gotten way to serious, which really means — a bit lacking in joy. :D


  • elizabethk

    make that “too” – see, serious… :D

  • Jeff

    I liked the “can anything good come from Nazareth” part. I always thought that showed a kind of dry humor on Jesus’s part. It is interesting though that nowhere in the gospels is it said “Jesus laughed.” Not sure why.

  • George @ ConvertJournal

    Very funny!

    In one or two parts the reception was bad. I had to tilt my computer to clear it up…

  • Izy

    Wonderful! The story about Jesus and Nathaniel is one of my all-time favorites: I always try to mentally blank out Nathaniel and insert my husband’s name and find myself astonished by Jesus’s psychological insight, EVERY, SINGLE, TIME.
    Thanks Anchoress!

  • http://TheAnchoress Miss Peg

    As someone who ministers to the “humor impaired”, I am delighted to discover a kindred spirit on the way to obtain perfect joy.
    Peace and good to you,Anchoress!

  • Jeff

    His characterization of the monotone delivery and responses at mass was funny, but have you ever been next to the person who really tries to put meaning, modulation and emphasis into every response and prayer? Like, “The Lord be with you,” met with “AND also WITH YOU!”. It’s equally funny.