Feast of St. Clare – UPDATED

Chiara Offreduccio (July 16, 1194 – August 11, 1253)

When you have loved Jesus, You are chaste;
when you have touched [Him], You become more pure;
When you have accepted [Him], You are a virgin.
Whose power is stronger,
Whose generosity more abundant,
Whose appearance more beautiful,
Whose love more tender,
Whose courtesy more gracious.
In Whose embrace You are already caught up;
Who has adorned Your breast with precious stones
and has placed priceless pearls on Your ears
and has surrounded You with sparkling gems
as though blossoms of springtime
and placed on Your head a golden crown
as a sign of Your holiness…

Be strengthened in the holy service which you have undertaken out of a burning desire for the poor crucified, who for the sake of all of us took upon himself the passion of the cross (Heb 12:2), delivered us from the power of the Prince of Darkness (Col 1:13) to whom we were enslaved because of the disobedience of our first parent, and so reconciled us to God the Father.
– Saint Clare (Via)

The beautiful hair of St. Clare, cut off by St. Francis, as she embraced the coarse habit of poverty

UPDATE: The Desert Nuns blog unveils their gorgeous new stained-glass window of St. Clare

A great recap of her life here

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  • JuliB

    I saw the movie ‘Clare and Francis’ via Ignatius Press (I think). It really brought the 2 saints alive for me. I find myself much more connected to them.

  • AvantBev

    In 1244, Emperor Frederick II, then at war with the Pope, was ravaging the valley of Spoleto, which was part of the patrimony of the Holy See. He employed many Saracens in his army, and a troop of these infidels came in a body to plunder Assisi.

    St. Damien’s church, standing outside the city walls, was one of the first objectives. While the marauders were scaling the convent walls, Clare, ill as she was, had herself carried out to the gate and there the Sacrament was set up in sight of the enemy. Prostrating herself before it, she prayed aloud: “Does it please Thee, O God, to deliver into the hands of these beasts the defenseless children whom I have nourished with Thy love? I beseech Thee, good Lord, protect these whom now I am not able to protect.”

    What a wonderfully relevant prayer for today’s New Yorkers to pray as they fight to preserve sacred ground from modern day Saracens and their dhimmi enablers.

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  • archangel

    Could not have said it any better Bev.

  • http://victor-undergo.blogspot.com/ Victor

    Christianity sure had “IT” rough in those days!

    A new priest at mass today talked a little about Saint Claire and I believed that he said that she had some insight into the future. Apparently he said something about her having seen a black box and in so many words, I think he said that she thought that “IT” was a gift from “The Devil”. I was thinking that maybe “IT” was TV and if so I wonder what she would think about The Internet. :)

    Personally with all due Respect I would tell her that we can find evil in many places nowadays.

    Saint Clare please pray for this poor sick sinner.


    God Bless

  • http://greatspiritualbattle.com simeon

    Victor: in fact, in various messages, the Virgin has stated that the TV is the “idol” spoken of in the Book of Apocalypse. And how can we fail to see the Truth of this? Look at who and what comes across through the “airwaves” (remember who is the “prince of the air”) and the “idols” Americans and the world cherish.

    Television has truly helped enforce the concept of worshiping the creature rather than the Creator. We do not say this claiming no one should watch TV, but we certainly state that one should watch it with great discernment.

    And please don’t forget that when God wants to turn evil into Good for those who love Him, He can. Remember when John Paul II died and the entire television world was focusing on his funeral? Even CNN was letting the Rosary be broadcast and then the dramatic moment when the Bible was slammed shut by a roaring wind! Maybe God was trying to tell us something about how much Divine Mercy time might be left?

    Thanks for this great article on St. Claire. Our family was blessed with a strand of her hair by a Franciscan nun and we took it with us to “charge it up” when we viewed St. Claire’s relics in Assisi during the Great Jubilee Year. There, one can see the Monstrance St. Claire held aloft interceding for the great miracle as AvantBev so eloquently recalled for us.

    Santa Clara, ora pro nobis!

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  • Mooga

    Am I, like, really shallow for liking St. Clare even better now that I know she was a platinum blonde?