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Also, see what you think about Selling Jesus Like a Chevy by Joe Carter.

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  • Bender

    Selling Jesus Like a Chevy –
    I suspect that the average Christian’s hesitancy to share his faith, though, has little to do with timidity or lack of courage. . . . I suspect that much of the fault lies with our misunderstanding of faith.

    Yeah, like I said in a recent prior post, 99 percent of Catholics do not have the slightest clue about the Sacrament of Confirmation. Hence, although they have been Confirmed, and some would even extend it to infants, people get zero benefit from the graces imparted thereby because they do not know what they are or why they are.

    And what is the purpose of Confirmation? What are those graces that no one uses?

    To “Confirm” in the sacramental sense means to make one “firm with” the Holy Spirit. We are strengthened in this way, not merely for our own personal benefit, but in order to be a witness for Christ, to be a soldier in the Church Militant.

    In Confirmation, rather than be mere passive members of the Church, we are given the graces to be an active participant in the mission of the Church to go out into the world and be a witness and light of Christ to others. That is, to be complete Christians, concerned not only with getting our own sorry rear-ends in heaven, but helping Jesus in the work of salvation of others.

    This is expressly set out in the Catechism and Canon Law, and has been the consistent teaching of the Church since the beginning, as Jesus Himself explained the purpose of Confirmation immediately before He ascended to heaven, “you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, throughout Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8), but, as Carter and everyone else observes, very few people actually fulfill this Confirmation duty.

    All Confirmed Catholics have been given the graces to do this, including the gifts of knowledge, understanding, and even fortitude, which permits us to be a witness (in Greek, martyr) and proclaim Christ even in the face of persecution, but very few ever bother to make use of these graces because they are like the gift received at Christmas that you don’t know what it is or what to do with it. As a result, the Confirmation gifts get put in the closet or the corner, unopened and unused.

    The fault does indeed lie with a misunderstanding of the faith. The Lord is the Logos, and ours is a faith of reason, and we have an obligation to seek that understanding, to free ourselves of ignorance by thirsting for truth, and not simply throwing up our hands by saying that “God is a mystery.” God is a mystery, but the whole purpose of revelation, especially the fullness of Revelation that is Jesus Himself, is in order for us to know Him and understand Him. That is the whole purpose of Him sending us the Paraclete, the Holy Spirit of Truth and Love and Understanding, in Confirmation as happened to the faithful at Pentecost, so that we might unravel the mystery just a little bit and know Him.

    Places like this website are good, where some of the faithful separated by geography might share the faith, but we all need to do more, to go out into the world and be a witness for Jesus to the ends of the earth. That does not necessarily mean getting on a box and being a streetcorner preacher, and it does not mean approaching strangers and asking, “have you accepted Jesus as Lord and your personal savior?” but it does mean taking the initiative to learn the faith, and think about the faith, and pray on the faith, so that, like any witness, we might be able to give effective testimony, to tell others what we have seen and what we have heard.

    This being a witness for Christ, helping Him in the work of salvation, cannot be avoided, not if we want to fully and more perfectly love God and love one another, as Jesus has loved us. We don’t have to all be super-geniuses like Augustine, it is enough to have a simple faith like Bernadette, but we do all need to do a better job of being a witness and light of Jesus to a dark world.

  • Victor

    I’m glad I read Joe’s peace of work. For certain reason (s) I always thought that Joe was a good man and sinner vic just asked me if we were just kissing UP to which I replied “No! No! We’re not!” Go Figure!? :)


  • Manny

    Word of the Day link is a good idea. I forget to check your other sites. ;)

  • suzyq

    Word of the Day: Humeral veil. I never knew that and I always wondered!!! Thanks!