Secular and Sacred Linkaround

Okay, too many tabs open, again, time for another linkfest!

Linkfest, not Clinkfest!

We’ll do sacred, then secular, then sacred again, and then we’ll just talk really goofy, and it won’t have anything to do with beer!

And btw, my Tuesday Column is Up; talking today about how Obama, Pelosi et al have no credibility to speak on Park51/Cordoba House because they don’t know how to speak to their countrymen, at all.

It’s that time of the year again, when the kiddies get sent to CCD or the parents volunteer to teach it. I just got a review copy of this very helpful guide for Catechists, which I wish had been available when I was teaching. It’s already sold out its first printing, but order it; they’re making more!

On-topic, there is also this.

For older (upper high-school and college) kids try this.

Get Religion: On the way the new missal translations are being reported

Tim Muldoon on Desire and Sin:

An understanding of sin, in short, is about understanding what’s my real good–the answer to my deepest desire. It’s also about understanding what’s good for all of us together, the good that no one of us can achieve alone.

Sin is disordered desire.

You’re never too old: to be a martyr. Just remember that.

Robert R. Reilly: Recovering the Sacred in Music

Of Lunatic Fringes and Failed Media

Barbara Boxer: taking off the gloves on abortion.

Hitchens: on what and whom to distrust on Park51/Cordoba House debate

What happened to losing? And what happens to kids who never lose?

And what happened to Dafur? Isn’t perhaps a sin–on all our parts–when genocides get a little “fashionable” attention, but then fall off the map?

Jobs Lost? Who cares about working people and jobs?

Abyssmal Housing Numbers: Are we headed for a total collapse? I wonder if Barney Frank understands this and that’s why he’s bailing on Freddie/Fannie, now.

Getting attention: back on the economy

Economics and Chesterton and Day

Mark Shea: Scathing satire

Ed Driscoll: just go check it out!

A great read: Ghastly, ghastly Ayn Rand

Melissa Clouthier: Packin’ heat and she doesn’t even have a gun…I don’t think!

Into every life: a little Neidermeyer must fall (Language Warning!)

Blocked: Fed funding for Embryonic Stem Cell Research

The Loser Letters: You will Like Them!

Kathryn Jean Lopez on yet another great-sounding book that I want: A Heart Like His; Meditations on the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Not bad for an old guy: Benedict’s Autumn Schedule.

Sr. Mary Ann Walsh has a nice new book out: Benedict XVI: Essays and Reflections on His Papacy

Where do Priests Come from? Catholic Womanhood!

Do Not Forget to Check Out: Your Word of the Day

Have a chuckle; or perhaps guffaw like a good time!

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