Friday Links; Weird & Wonderful!

Had a conversation last week with an acquaintance who ascribes any-and-all resistance to the Park51 Mosque/Cultural Center as “bigotry and xenophobia.”

I said, “that’s way too easy, cheap and stale; it’s more complicated than that, and reducing every controversy to “bigotry” is not serving the nation well.”

I suppose I could just save my breath from now on, and refer the question to this piece by Charles Krauthammer

Spengler on The Fall of Rome

VDH: Decline is a choice

So is allowing the nation to be perceived as a weak horse

Okay, so when I said you weren’t making America safer in 2008, that was just words, or, when I say you’ve have made America safer, that’s just words, now. Or something.

Fearless: Well, he did say “Do Not Be Afraid” a lot – How John Paul II Changed the Political World

Why Catholics don’t understand Economics

100 Years: I like this site and the pictures! (via)

It makes for bad romantic comedy
because the quest for perfection is false and ultimately defeats the self and society.

I don’t really get the whole Glenn Beck thing
, I don’t really understand the upcoming rally (I confess I haven’t paid much attention) but this is one hell of a speech

One for Buster: discussing this over lunch!

I love weirdness like this

This is cool. Maybe I have been writing the wrong kind of blog!

It’s all about perspective

Nannies and Parents

Purposeful disorientation!

The Scavi!

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