Return to Bliss

Isn’t this a great picture? Flowers in the Utah desert, after a rain.

Even what is hard and barren may be cracked open, to reveal an inner beauty hardly guessed at.


Let’s revisit a little bliss:

. . . we are His raiment, and whether we consent to it or not, we will eventually be worn out and put away, and He will go on, living in others, arrayed in whatever garment they offer. Whether we are thin, fat, old, young, fit or paralyzed, or even “born with half a brain,” God suits up within us, and we either let him do his thing, or we hold him back. If we cannot make him a perfect Temple, we have the opportunity, at least, to say “it’s all I have, O Christ, but please use it as you will.”

Well, if God is going to suit up with us–and he is–then no wonder Thomas Merton looked at the people at Fourth and Walnut and saw them shining like the sun!

Of course, if we offer to be used, we had better mean it, because as we have seen time and again, when you make that offer, Christ will use you until you are completely and wholly used up, until you are nothing more than cinder. Until you can’t be summer anymore and must burst into splendid autumn.

A little quiet of a Saturday, is not a bad thing.

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