May I Take Your Intentions with Me?


No more time for blogging, obviously, but as Rome draws near, I ask you to leave any prayer requests and intentions you have here in the comments section (not email, please; I want to keep all of the requests together. If it’s something very private, just write “for my special intention” – God will know what it is, and no one else needs to).

I will take all of your prayer requests with me, from church to church, altar to altar, as I move about Rome – and speak them aloud, when I can. If you are looking for the intercession of a particular saint, mention that, too, and–where I can–I will seek out that saint’s chapel or tomb or church. My time is limited, but I’ll do my best! And I really want to be able to pray for any who ask prayers.

Please pray for me, also, that I will be able to move about Rome productively, even with the arthritis. I’m willing, and I believe!

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