May I Take Your Intentions with Me?


No more time for blogging, obviously, but as Rome draws near, I ask you to leave any prayer requests and intentions you have here in the comments section (not email, please; I want to keep all of the requests together. If it’s something very private, just write “for my special intention” – God will know what it is, and no one else needs to).

I will take all of your prayer requests with me, from church to church, altar to altar, as I move about Rome – and speak them aloud, when I can. If you are looking for the intercession of a particular saint, mention that, too, and–where I can–I will seek out that saint’s chapel or tomb or church. My time is limited, but I’ll do my best! And I really want to be able to pray for any who ask prayers.

Please pray for me, also, that I will be able to move about Rome productively, even with the arthritis. I’m willing, and I believe!

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  • Doc

    For Nilda’s return to good health and for American forces who put themselves in harm’s way, for the families of those who won’t return, and for the souls of the fallen.

  • kathy

    for George

  • UrbanRevival

    Anchoress, please pray for Isabella and Ashley.
    God will know why.

    Peace to you – have a blessed and safe trip.

  • Tonestaple

    I hope it’s not too late – I’m employed and the idea of going back to corporate life again fills me with dread. Would you please ask God to smack me upside the head and tell me what I’m supposed to do. I’m no good at “subtle.”

    Thank you, and have a lovely trip – I will pray it will be easy for you.

  • Tonestaple

    Oops. I’m UNemployed.

  • joan

    Hello, I hope I don’t double post. For my Husband’s business, which he started in ’09 after losing his job, does well enough so that he can hire people to work for him. Also, that I heal quickly, safely and correctly from my badly broken leg. Bless you and Thanks.

  • Mary

    For employment.

    For vocations.

  • Ellen

    For my sister with MS and mounting medical bills and For my mil Rachael’s recovery from stroke and if you would entrust my five young children to the saint of your choosing, I’d be very grateful.

  • Julie

    Thank you for thinking of us… For my daughter who has had anorexia and its many related psychological problems for over 10 years.

  • Kathy

    Please pray for healing for Minda and Matt.

  • zmama

    Update on my sister-in-law facing bowel resection surgery. Just found out her colorectal doc called her today to say she was postponing the surgery until next week. SIL thinks it was a scheduling mix up but I am taking advantage of a few more days to pray for a miraculous and total healing.

  • Mary Jane

    for my special intention

  • Sammie

    Have a wonderful trip, Elizabeth! Please pray for a resolution to the problems in my family, for those who are estranged, for my career to move in the direction I want, for my friends who are “lost,” for my son’s heart to heal, and for my children to be infused with a love and excitement for learning and Christ. Oh, and also for Leigh, who is suffering from pancreatic cancer, and Dave, who has bladder cancer. Thanks so much!

  • Ken in Kansas

    My special intention. Clarity. Greater understanding of the Roman Catholic Church and doctrine. Explanation of the visions I have had of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

  • Sarah

    Please ask Teresa of Avila to intercede on the behalf of my friend, Marcia.

    Thank you.

  • S Cary

    May God bless you and bring you back safely to your family, friends and fans (us).

  • Sally June

    if not too late, please pray for a special intention in my family, and for the soul of my recently departed brother Ronny.

  • Timaay

    That I’d get hired at a better paying casino this month.

  • Marilyn H

    For healing of a rift in the family of a close friend.
    God bless you on your trip!

  • Dee

    That my unemployed constitutionalist/libertarian/911-truther son, who believes these things with great fervor, find the One for whom that fervor is truly meant.

  • BK

    Please pray that I do our Father’s will first, find employment soon and for my health so that I not be a burden to family. For my new and old daughters-in-law and all my sons and grandchildren-a strengthening of their faith and return to the Church. Thank Him for loving me! May you have a comfortable and happy trip! I’ll pray for you !

  • Megan

    Please pray that my son be cured of his alcoholism and get his life in order. Also that both of my sons return to their Christian faith. I do believe in miracles!

    Thank you dear Anchoress and please have a blessed trip! God Bless!

  • Anita S

    Thank you so much dear Anchoress! Please pray for my special intentions. I will be praying for you to have a blessed trip. Thank you for doing this.

  • Bridget N

    I didn’t see this until now, so I hope it’s not too late! If you can, please pray for our family as we work through the adoption process (for the third time). Thanks!

  • Joan H.

    I’m late, too, but would like to add: please say a prayer of thanks for me, because my (many, many) prayers were answered, and I got the most wonderful job.

  • Dawn

    Thanks, Anchoress. For my special intention, and for my children and grandchildren. Godspeed!

  • Kathy S

    Please pray for me to learn to really trust God and to desire His Holy will not mine.
    God bless you

  • Anne

    Dear Anchoress, have a wonderful, pain-free, blessed trip. Please pray to the Holy Spirit that my son’s depression/anxiety will be healed after many years so he can lead a successful, fruitful life and return to his Catholic faith. Safe journey! God bless you!

  • Stefanie

    While at the tomb of John Paul the Great, please ask his intercession for my Catholic gradeschool friend, Shirley, who is so grieving the recent death of her youngest son (age 23) — that JP2 would help her through her suffering.

    While with St. Catherine of Siena, please ask her intercession for all who teach about our Catholic faith.

    And for me, not to be too envious that you will be so near our Papa Ben!

    A safe journey, Elizabeth!

  • Melina

    Please pray for my special intention, for my parents’ financial difficulties, and for the family of close friends who are dealing with mental illness.
    Thank you,

  • Nora Parker

    Please pray for my health, I have chronic kidney disease. I have been to Rome and it is wonderful. I will keep you in my prays and have a blessed trip.

  • Jeri

    Please pray for conversion within my family and a special vocation, also for a very special intention. Thank you, have a very BLESSED and safe trip!! Recommend Scavi Tour!

  • Margaret Yo

    For my special intentions.

    And thank you for your kind offer to take our intentions with you, Anchoress.

    Will pray for you. Enjoy Italy!

  • Candace

    For my special intention. Thank you and safe home.

  • Grace

    For my special intentions. And for the restoration of health and peace and honor and God to America. Thank you for taking these requests. Safe and blessed journey.

  • David

    Please pray for our home to become a better shelter of peace for my wife and I and our four young sons.

  • jh

    Please pray That I might new employment soon. I shall try to keep all the intentions I read here in my prayers this week too

  • Margaret Yo

    For my mother, Annie, 82 yrs, recently diagnosed with breast cancer. (Our Blessed Mother)

    For my grown children, Sean and Anna, who are non-believers, that they come to know and love God and live a life in Christ. (St. Monica)

    For my little granddaughter, Zoe, who was born at 25 weeks gestation, with no brain, and who lived only 15 min. That she be received into heaven.

    For my husband, Ignatius. Personal intentions. (St. Peter)

    For all the women and children held in the slavery of prostitution and are abused. That they may be released to live in freedom and safety. (Choose a saint as you deem appropriate).

    For all the men who hurt and abuse women and children and keep them in the slavery of prostitution, that they have a conversion of heart, and stop.

    For the Benedictine nuns of Holy Trinity Monastery, East Hendred, UK, for true and faithful vocations to their monastery, and financial support as needed.

    I will pray for you, Elizabeth, in the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament, while you are away in Italy, on your prayer pilgrimage. May the Lord bless you and keep you and give you strength for this holy venture.

  • Margaret Yo

    For the Benedictine nuns of Holy Trinity Monastery, East Hendred, UK, for true and faithful vocations to their monastery, and financial support as needed.

    I will pray for you, Elizabeth, in the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament, while you are away in Italy, on your prayer pilgrimage. May the Lord bless you and keep you and give you strength in this holy venture.

  • Tara

    Please thank God and all the Saints for helping my family and I, for a cure to my medical/physical problems, for us to move into a home, for stronger faith and conversion, for all the troops, and to please help America in our time of darkness. Thank you.

    I hope you have a very blessed pilgrimage, and thank you for praying for us.

  • Marcus

    For Kelsey’s healing, and stength for her family.

    For our baby due in December.

    For your safe trip to Rome.

  • Diane

    For Fr. Matthew’s safety as he starts his new job; for my kids and for fresh creative inspiration to finish my project. For you to have a wonderful trip to Rome and for your family.

  • Mike Walsh

    Fr Steve, Fr Jim, family and friends, coworkers and neighbors. Mahalo!

  • Obi’s Sister

    For my daughter to find her way.

    For my son, who is away at college now.

    For our little church. It appears the honeymoon is over for our new, and very young pastor.

    For our country to survive this administration’s term.

    For a safe, productive and refreshing trip for you.

  • mary’s hopefull

    How awesome these requests are to be laid before the Lord by you in Rome!

    Thank you for having the heart to do this!

    May there be especial answers for your readers’ intentions, and for you dear Anchoress, including your arthritis!

    My requests? are special intentions…and with gratitude I submit them here and to the Lord!

  • kmk

    For a dear relative’s conversion of heart, so she will not pull her family apart. For her husband and children.
    Thank you and Godspeed!

  • Mimsy

    For my children to find the right marriage partners, for my relationship with my parents, for my husband to get on with his conversion to Catholicism, for my very elderly in-laws to have smoothed bumps on their journey, and for my arthritis to not get worse. Bless you, Elizabeth, on your journey.

  • zmama

    Anchoress-Your prayers and those of the others here must be having a powerful effect. My sister-in-law’s surgery was postponed until Sept. 8th not due to a scheduling conflict but so that she might first have another scan-a 3D PET scan- done (in just a few hours). Her surgeon wants to see if it might be possible to remove the remaining tumor without SIL requiring an ostomy-praise God for renewed hope! Thank you to all who read my earlier posts and are keeping her in your prayers. She is ready to accept the reality of the ostomy if it is necessary but we are glad the surgeon is thoroughly researching all options.
    Still believing a miracle is possible in this case.
    Blessed Teresa of Calcutta and John Paul II pray for us.

  • Christopher Mason

    Please pray for spiritual and physical healing for myself and my family, and our thanks for our many continued blessings. Please also pray for the intercession of Saints Joseph and Padre Pio for our special intentions, and for the repose of the soul of Diana, that she may whisper her own intentions in the ear of the Blessed Mother, in whose arms she placed me for safe-keeping at my birth. I am forever grateful for her unselfish act of Love.

    Thank you, and may God Bless you and keep you safe on your journeys!

  • Katie’s mom

    I hope it’s not too late to add this: for a successful school year for my DD Katie and that all of the obstacles in her way be removed asap. For a wonderful visit in September for the three of us.

    Thanks, Anchoress!