True Grit; One Awesome Trailer

I admit, when I heard True Grit was going to be remade, I was uninterested. Then I heard Coen Brothers and Jeff Bridges, and got curious.

Then I watched this:

Read about it here.

This trailer is good too, and the music is haunting.

Is that the Peasall Sisters, singing? Seems it is.

Why do I get the feeling that T. Bone Burnett is producing the soundtrack, and that it’s going to be freaking awesome?

And of course, now we gotta listen to Mr. Cash.

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  • Lisa Graas

    I am soooooooooo watchin’ this movie!!!

  • NanB

    Looks good!

  • Victor

    I’ve already seen the original movie and if I see the second “IT” will be God Will! :)

    As for Johnny Cash, God Bless his soul, I love the man and have heard and even sing some of his songs but I’ve never heard this one before and I would disagree with this song cause our Heavenly Father would never literally cut Himself down cause if that was so, He would have started with His Son.

    Having said that, let’s fine tune “IT” and say that we as God’s Children will cut you down cause sinners on ocassions play god and sometimes really think we’re “IT”.

    Keep UP the good words and work Anchoress!

    God Bless,


  • Jesme

    I wasn’t as blown away by the trailer as you, but it does look good and I do plan to see the movie. Think I’ll re-watch the John Wayne version first, tho…

    As for the Johnny Cash song, well, sorry. I can’t get into this great gospel song being performed by the Man In Black, because it’s done so much better by four black men–specifically, the Golden Gate Quartet. Their classic recording is the real deal–harrowing, haunting and thrilling all at once. Spoils you for any other version.

  • Jesme

    And here it is! The Golden Gate Quartet via YouTube:


  • Andrew B

    Well, this one looks like a toss-up. I love the original, but never cared for Glen Campbell’s part. I despise Matt Damon, so that is sort of a wash. Nobody can take John Wayne’s place, but Jeff Bridges is a fascinating choice, and the Coen Brothers are capable of genius.

    I guess the big question is this: Can it make me forget, for at least two hours, the original?

    I want to love it, I really do. The deciding moment will be when–if–Jeff Bridges can say “I mean to kill you all in one minute, Ned, or see you hung in Fort Smith” without me wishing I was home watching the original.

  • Mike Murphy

    Anchoress, I enjoy coming to your site as your observations are not only well written and thought provoking but you have the rare gift of surprise! Johnny Cash & memories of John Wayne at this blog…how many would of guess that before they clicked on tonight…maybe a couple… anyway this movie has the rare possibility of actually being worth the price of admission. If it is half as good as the JC videos I have been watching for the last half hour off the you tube link provided it could be a winner.

    [I run a JC video from time to time. He's a one-of-a-kind American original -admin]

  • Sal

    The book was such a little gem, that of course no movie, even one with John Wayne, could match up.
    I’ll have to think about this one. Does Mr. Bridges cancel out Mr. Damon? Hmmm…
    I know Wayne in ‘True Grit’ is iconic, but his best late role was in ‘The Cowboys’, as the hard-bitten mentor to a passel of actual cowboys. Much more ably supported by Roscoe Lee Browne and Bruce Dern than Glen Campbell and Kim Darby.

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  • Ron Verdier

    Anchoress, this sure looks like an interesting movie. :-) I actually just watched Seabiscuit with Jeff Bridges also and this is quite a different role for him. Playing alongside Matt Damon should be something to see. I think I’ll definitely check it out. Thanks for sharing!

    Ron Verdier
    Verdier Architects – A Mendocino County Architect

  • Andrew B


    I agree wholeheartedly about The Cowboys. I think it is one of John Wayne’s best roles and best performances. He plays his age with great realism and feeling, and the supporting cast is splendid. Roscoe Lee Brown has one of the great lines in film: “Forgive me those men I have killed in anger…and for those I am about to.”

    Now I know what I have to watch tonight!

  • Lindy

    I might actually go to a theatre to see this one.

  • Gail F

    I have never heard of “The Cowboys” and now I will have to get ahold of it.

    Please remember that the Coen Brothers don’t actually remake movies. When they use a story or movie as the basis for a plot, they really do something completely new with it. So I would not expect “True Grit” to make the same point as the original movie. They do this on purpose, to make a point, unlike many directors who seem to “remake” beloved movies without any idea of what made the originals beloved, or even seem determined to ruin whatever people liked best about the originals.

    With the Coen brothers, it’s both an homage to the originals and an artful trick to keep the audience engrossed while they do their own thing. (“O Brother Where Art Thou,” for instance, is outwardly based on “The Odyssey” but tells a very different spiritual tale.) It’ll be interesting to see what they make of this iconic story. But if you’re looking for a new “True Grit” with different actors and an updated script, you will probably be disappointed — or relieved.

  • Kris, in New England

    Oh yes. This does look terrific and that it will do what movies should do – entertain. Period.

  • Beth

    Oh my…a remake of JOHN WAYNE??? Say it ain’t so! Yes, I did watch the trailer…yes, it seems, so, so, new and improved…and I’m sure those who watch it will enjoy the story…but golly, don’t forget to watch the original. I remember my little brothers tearing through the house to get to the TV when a John Wayne movie came on–hats, guns and all.
    And someone mentioned The Cowboys….I dare any of you to watch and NOT CRY. We have to mentally prepare ourselves to watch that movie every time…
    How about The Quiet Man–a St. Patricks Day tradition in my house.
    I’m not sure I can even tell my husband about this remake…..

  • Mutnodjmet

    I love John Wayne films, more now than when I was I kid. “The Shootist” is one of my favorites. I hope I have a chance to see the remake, as it looks far better than the pap currently being marketed.

  • Charlos

    Ok, even though Matty was previously played by two of my favorite neglected actresses, Kim Darby and Lisa Pelikan, the current Matty is the right age and sounds perfect. I’m mildly suspicious of Jeff Bridges, though. Great actor, but why are they not letting us hear more of his performance? Are they saving that for later trailers?

  • Charlos

    I really should remember to check the whole blog entry before I start typing. Never mind.

  • Old Fan

    Interesting film. I grow weary of H-Wood doing remakes, and would prefer the talented Coen Brothers to do some new material.

    However, OFF TOPIC, I wanted to share this BIG news with you:

    “Federal Judge Bans Key Witness In Gitmo Detainee’s Trial”

    The attempt to try Terrorists waging war in a Civilian US Court is one of the most absurd symbols of a disastrous Democratic Party. They shaped this foolish “manmade disaster” mostly due to their terrible campaign mantras to debase their opposition – in the form of the Bush Administration.

    They demeaned every offering, and now have returned aspects of the GWOT to the Clintonian Denial of the past, which ended up enabling the very worst throughout the 1990′s. Even the problematic 9-11 Commission made this evidently clear, the Democratic Party’s ignoring and appeasing of these threats, even trying these cases in Civilian Court (Lynn Stewart memories) was a huge mistake.

    So now we see the folly of a Terrorist who struck a US Military target, the US COLE, being tried in a Civilian Court, with access to the Rights intended for US Citizens. This is a WAR, and we see the Democrats making a mess yet again.

  • Joe

    If it is The Coen Brothers it will defintely be off-kilter. They are the Tim Burton of high-brow cinema.

  • Terrye

    I don’t know. I like Bridges, I think the older he gets the better he gets.

    But I read that Josh Brolin and Matt Damon are in this movie and I don’t know if I can watch something they are in…not after Stone’s W and Damon’s Greenzone movie. They just turned me off too much.

    I did love the original with John Wayne and Kim Darby however. It is a great story.

  • Manny

    Looks like a movie I just might go see in the theatre. Doesn’t exactly have a Christmas theme though. ;) Those late Johhny Cash songs are overwhelming. Possibly his best work.

    [I agree; his last album was a stunner -admin]

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  • Beth in Texas

    Not gonna see it…no way, no how. Nobody can walk in John Wayne’s shoes – not even Jeff Bridges. The music was nice, though.

  • jane

    The only movie I ever walked out of was True Grit with John Wayne …

    I don’t think I’ll walk out of this one: Jeff Bridges, Joel and Ethan Cohen, Johnny Cash: WOW!!

  • jane

    ‘Not so much (at all!) Matt Damon and Josh Brolin.

  • Stephen in Austin TX

    Wow, Anchoress!

    Thank you for the John Wayne memories and all the great versions of God’s Gonna Cut You Down I got to link to.

    Might be mistaken, but is the line: “That’s bold talk for a one-eyed fat man”, from “True Grit”..? Hearing that would be worth the price of admission.

    As our Byzantine-Rite family says,

    God grant you
    many Blessed years,
    in health and

  • jones

    True Grit……oh yes indeedy-deed………