Bullying, Tolerance & the Disconnect


Yesterday, I wrote a little about the rampant bullying that is driving too many gay teenage boys and straight teenage girls, to suicide.

Today, I look at how that can be, after whole generations have heard the “tolerance” messages since their cradles, and suggest one surprising step that the church could take, in order to teach the world how to actually walk all that talk.

USA Today has picked the piece up, with predictable emphasis. I notice that in the midst of the pc-focus on gays, abortion and the pope, the suicides of teenage girls goes unmentioned (another one–a beautiful 13 year-old just killed herself last month after being cyber-bullied). A friend wrote: “yes, abortion and homosexuality, those two issues always crowd everything out.”

Maybe that’s part of the reason all the “tolerance” talk has ultimately fallen on deaf ears; people stop listening when the same notes are repeatedly being struck; refusal to get off of favorite notes and play other ones makes for a very boring tune.

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