Muslim Moonwalks on High Altar

Found at Patrick Madrid’s place, via New Advent. Madrid writes:

Here’s an outrageous story that will likely go unnoticed and unreported by the media. Try to imagine what would happen if a Christian were to perform this same moronic dance in crowded mosque. Do you think he’d leave the building alive? I don’t know if this Muslim is deranged or just maliciously trying to insult and provoke Catholics, but either way, he’s a jackass, and I hope he’s prosecuted for this. May God forgive him.

Well, that basically sums up my feelings, too, except I wonder if the guy is mentally ill.

Either way, this is a moment of dynamic instruction, particularly for those who (like Rosie O’ Donnell, Bill Maher and others) would like to perpetuate the idea that Christian fundamentalism and Islamic fundamentalism are comparable in temperament and aggression, and would have you think that a Christian is just a terrorist without a boxcutter and a plane. In the response by the Catholics and other Christians (and even offended non-Christians, like Pamela Geller) somehow I don’t think we’ll hear anyone screaming about bloody vengeance in the name of God.

Most Catholics will–like Madrid, and scores of Catholics I know–shake their head at that display, pray for that “dancer” and wonder if the altar should be incensed in order to cleanse it from that insult.

Some will get angry and wonder about all the lip-service given to the notion of “reciprocal respect” (we see that in Saudi Arabia, some Catholics were arrested for um…being Catholic and celebrating mass) but Catholics will not respond to this extremely provoking and disrespectful episode in the manner we have come to expect from Fundamentalist Islamist extremists. Not even “extreme” Catholics.

I doubt the press will note either this desecration or the Catholic response to it; I’m sure they won’t note how different that response is from what they might expect elsewhere. As Greg Gutfeld notes here, the press has one response to fundamentalist aggression, and they demand a different response from everyone else. But when the different response is before their eyes, they do not note it. That wouldn’t fit the narrative, I guess?

There are several interpretations of the Italian news report at Atlas, both in the body of the post and in the comments section, but I think the idea that this was a “ritual dance” as promulgated in the tape is a bit out there; he’s clearly doing a bad Michael Jackson.

I do agree with one commenter who notes that Oriana Fallaci would have been livid on seeing this; she was both a leftist and an atheist, but she understood what was before her face. She was the lady who defiantly removed her chador while interviewing the Ayotollah Khomeini and who knew that relativism could not long serve in place of truth.

Ah, well. The man danced on the high altar. Yes, it’s aggravating, but let’s pray for him, and for our pope. Hot coals, folks.

Related: In fact, Catholics are being killed or oppressed all over the world, with little media attention being brought to bear on that fact. Unsurprising.

Check back – I’ll link to more as I find it.

Namrata Nyack: “They do not love Jesus…

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  • Ruth Ann

    “Most Catholics will–like Madrid, and scores of Catholics I know–shake their head at that display, pray for that “dancer” and wonder if the altar should be incensed in order to cleanse it from that insult.”

    When a Catholic place of worship is truly desecrated, it must be reconsecrated by the local bishop or his delegate. I know this has occurred when, for example, a murder took place in a church.

    [I don't know if this is a formal "desecration," though. Need a better-informed mind than mine on that one -admin]

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  • Reply to RuthAnn

    Quoting RuthAnn: “I don’t know if this is a formal “desecration,” though. ”

    Recall recent events, such as the shoe thrown at President Bush, or the shoe thrown at Paki Pres. Zardari, or the Indonesian students throwing shoes at an image of Obama? Or members of the Islamic thinkers society brazenly stomping on our stars and stripes then setting it on fire on a Manhattan Street?
    Shoes, actually, the soles of footwear are dirty – actually filthy. That is why you see many Asians, Muslims and Middle Easterners leave their shoe outside while entering a place of worship or someone’s home. Desecrating the altar of a magnificent cathedral by a Somali, likely a Muslim who understands the significance of such contamination in a holy place of prayer indicates this was intentional desecration.

  • kmk

    I didn’t read the entire piece, because I was arrested by name of the place: Lucca, I presume Italy?! The same place that LOCKS ITS DOORS from about noon till three for the siesta (or whatever the Italian word is) so that the faithful (like us in March, 1999~) couldn’t get in?! SO what’d he do, pick the lock?!

    I would bet that a moonwalk dance even in the aisles of yer average mosque would be bad for your health. (I wonder about large dancing puppets….)

  • wpdunn71901

    this is the action of someone with the mentality of a toddler, and should be delt with as such

  • Maureen

    I’m reluctant to post what real desecration is, because this is the Internet and somebody will do those things. But suffice it to say that walking on the altar isn’t anything like enough; and that the altar at the Duomo in Florence, in that picture, would normally have at least three layers of cloth between altar and anything resting on the altar, unless it were Holy Saturday eve or something.

    Nyekulturny of epidemic proportions, even beyond the malice, though. I mean, it’s the Duomo in Florence. There’s not one stone in that place that wasn’t laid with more time and attention and art than he has in his whole body — and he doesn’t even have the sense to know it.

    Well, he’s sicced the saints of Florence on himself now. They’ll have him converted tootsweet, the poor twit.

  • Tom the Redhunter

    This is the first I’ve heard of the story.

    If a Christian had done that in a Mosque Muslims would be rioting around the world by now.

  • Rita Warner

    I am interested in Muslim to response to this apparently unfortunate event, and also the psychological condition of the “dancer.” Has there been any published translation (into English) of the Italian story?

  • Jeff

    This is what happens when your hero is a 58 year old “prophet” who flew on magic horses and married a nine year old.

  • Joseph Marshall

    who would like to perpetuate the idea that Christian fundamentalism and Islamic fundamentalism are comparable in temperament and aggression…in Saudi Arabia, some Catholics were arrested for um…being Catholic and celebrating mass…in fact, Catholics are being killed or oppressed all over the world, with little media attention being brought to bear on that fact. Unsurprising.

    We are like fish in the ocean who know nothing of water though they subsist in it totally. We have “religious freedom” here–an explicit written contract prohibiting the authorities from favoring any one religion ["establishment"] or interfering with the “free exercise” of any religion. We also have an explicit contract guaranteeing us “equal protection of the law” from private criminal conduct towards our own religion, whatever it may be.

    As far as I know, there is no such thing like this contract anywhere else. The best anyone else has is “religious toleration”, often with a particular religion “established” as the country’s official religion. And little to no guarantee that the law will oppose any private persecution. Sometimes, as in the case of Saudi, they have no such thing whatever.

    Now the real issue is not whether any “fundamentalism” is more or less aggressive, nor whether anybody abroad is in danger of being persecuted by thugs or suppressed by the authorities. Nor is it whether or how much the press covers such things. The real issue is how much do we really support “religious freedom” right here in the USA.

    Some Christians have kited out the notion either that the United States is a “Christian country” [whatever that means], or that it should be made into a “Christian country” by any means necessary, including rewriting the Constitution to modify, or even repeal, our contract of “free exercise”, “non-Establishment”, and “equal protection of the law”.

    I don’t think anyone can deny that this is the case.

    And since certain of your co-religionists have proposed this, I think anyone–whether me, or Bill Maher, or Rosie O’Donnell, or any “others”–have the right to ask any American Christian whether or not they wish to abrogate that contract.

    Do you?

    I am old enough to remember very clearly bombings of Black churches in Mississippi. Or vandalism of Jewish Synagogues anywhere and everywhere. I also remember the utter impossibility of finding a jury in Mississippi who would convict anybody who did such things.

    I’m absolutely certain that most of the jury pool in 1960′s Mississippi were Christian. I also remember that some of these Christians liked to think of themselves as Christian Knights fighting the ungodly.

    I remember as well that these Knights didn’t care very much for Catholics.

    I know, at least, where I stand. All the things you bring up–whether private persecution and murder, religious suppression by the authorities, or presumptive desecration of a beautiful church in Italy–are heinous crimes against the Spirit.

    But no religion is totally free from having such criminals in its ranks. And the only things that stand between any of us and such crimes are the Constitutional guarantees of “free exercise”, “non-establishment”, and “equal protection of the law”.

    And sometimes, as in the America of my boyhood, not even these are enough.

  • Clinton

    The news reports I’ve read characterize this as
    a ‘ritual dance’ on the altar, or describe it as an
    attempt to moonwalk. However, to me it looks
    as though he’s attempting to wipe his feet over
    as much of the altar as possible.

    It would be interesting to get the impressions of
    Muslims who view this video, given the deeply
    insulting connotations shoes and feet have in
    their culture.

  • Jeff

    Yes but I’m sure we will hear crickets. I have yet to hear any muslim spokesmen come forward to denounce this kind of provocative behavior.

  • Western Chauvinist

    Did anyone else notice the “cute” addition of the Michael Jackson tune “Bad” at the end of the Italian news video? Apparently the Italian media doesn’t take state Catholicism as seriously as one might expect.

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  • andy

    I am a Filipino expat working in Middle East. Patrick’s try to imagine scenario is beyond imagining. Still, the Church has to do what it has to do… serve regardsless of. Funny thing… here where I am working, Muslim parents try their best to have their children enrolled in the “tolerated” Catolic school. People are expert at flaunting their wealth… (license plates more expensive than cars, helps outnumbering family members)… but they fight in line to send their children to one of the cheapest schools in the country.

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