Fr. Barron on Eucharistic Adoration

It takes a genuine bigot to suggest that Eucharistic Adoration is a practice reserved to the stupid and the uneducated. Another sort of elitism.

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  • Leopold Stotch

    There He goes again:
    Scattering the proud in their conceit, but lifting up the lowly.

  • Rose

    About two minutes before I saw this post in my RSS, I had posted a short poem I wrote about Eucharistic Adoration in my own blog. I’m no great shakes as a writer but at least I recognize God when I see Him present in the Eucharist. My Ephemera

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  • Meg

    I’m glad I had time to watch this. I thought from your headline that Fr. Barron was the bigot. Certainly, it is not he.

  • John R

    The eucharist itself, the bread and wine, is literally the body and blood of Christ, it is divine. The point of the mass is just the act of bring the eucharist into the congregations prsence. The liturgy is the words explaing this act. It doesn’t matter if those words are in Aramaic or Esperanto, ore even Latin. It doesn’t matter if they are written by great artists or composed in as inartful a manner as to be out of context ugly and jarring. What matters is the eucharist itself.

    To say that ignoring eucharist itself is proper because we have better liturgy is like saying that because I have built an umbrella frame so perfect, it doesn’t matter if I don’t cover it before I go out in the rain. It is confusing the purpose with the framework.

    Now if eucharistic adoration were replacing attending mass I could see condemning it, but if one regularily attends mass, confesses one’s sins and confesses the faith, the act of adoration is not only proper it is a positive good.

    The good father is getting very close to the error of many protestants and starting to ignore the fact that the Eucharist is actually the Body and Blood of Christ. It is beginning to imply that the Eucharist is only symbolic of Christ.

    [I don't see him getting close to error at all. Unless you're talking about McBrien? -admin]

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  • Fuquay Steve

    Spent over an hour at Adoration today. Just me and a few others and of course, all the saints and The Lord. What a great day!

  • Cathy B

    One of the best things our parish decided to do was establish a perpetual adoration chapel. Here in UT we don’t have many catholics but the Eucharist is adored 24/7 by our Catholic community. Adoration is a bright light in the darkness.

  • Lori

    Jesus waits for us so patiently in all the tabernacles of the world. He loved us so much, He would not be separated from us physically even for the brief time (compared to eternity) before His return, so he chose to stay with us by taking on the form of bread and wine. What an astonishing and humbling guise for our Savior. The foolishness of God (the foolishness of a lover!) is really, truly wiser than the wisdom of men.

    Rose, thank you for your beautiful and heartfelt poem. I left a comment on your website too. I hope you write more poetry, if you don’t already!

  • John R

    I was referring to Father McBrien, though I would certainly want to read or hear what he said in context, before I would dare accuse him of error.

  • Barbara

    That would make O’Brien the only Roman Catholic intellectual of the last century that doesn’t do a Holy Hour. Maybe that’s why he’s a dissident!
    Pray for him during your next Holy Hour and e-mail/snail mail you are doing so.
    It’s easy to love and pray for Pope Benedict XVI – who doesn’t thank God every waking hour for his election? McBrien – not so much! Yet who really, really needs our prayers?

  • Joe

    Eucharistic Adoration is a form of very intense Catholic mediation.

    Funny how Western commentators seems to admire other faith traditions in this regard, but are dismissive of Catholism’s tradition.

  • jeff

    Yes meditation is only vogue if it is yoga related.

  • Jeff

    I’ve always thought that Catholics should start doing yoga to the Rosary in the background or something.

  • Patti Day

    While it’s true I am undereducated, and some may call me stupid, I do understand in the deepest recesses of my heart and soul that my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is fully present in Eucharistic Adoration. Generally only two or three people attend and most don’t stay more than 15-20 minutes. I love when it’s just Him and me, greedy little pig that I am.

  • barbara wick

    16 years ago a group called Pray 4 Peace (there were 4 of us) presented a plan for Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration at our local Catholic hospital chapel.
    Our hours are filled with mothers, religious, lawyers, doctors, married couples, single and widowed from all walks of life,parishioners who come on a weekly or monthly basis to spend an hour with Our Eucharistic Lord.
    The hospital is grateful for the prayers in the midst of their healing ministry, others are grateful for the quiet time to listen to our Lord speak to us. We are grateful to the Holy Spirit who planted the idea in our hearts.

  • Drew

    Good day.
    I am reading blogs with a Catholic bent after reading the AP story over the weekend talking about bloggers targeting other Catholics.

    Here’s what I don’t understand. Like him or not, that Notre Dame priest is a priest in good standing. He celebrates the Eucharist.

    Don’t you disrespect the office of priesthood by calling him a bigot? The merits of Eucharist Adoration stand on their own. Why cheapen the discussion by throwing around such a term?


    [I do not use terms like "bigot" likely, or thoughtlessly, nor do I believe that Catholics are unable to criticize priests or bishops because of their priesthood. It would be one thing for a priest to discuss an idea of the value of Eucharistic Adoration; one might then disagree or agree, and say c'est la vie and be done with it. When the people who engage in Adoration are essentially put down as unsophisticated bumpkins, then it is not my charity that has been lacking, but the priest's, who had no business caricaturing the faithful in such a way. Caricature is the bigot's weapon, and in this case, it can be particularly harmful. Someone who is perhaps immature in faith, or who is unsophisticated (or insecure) enough to care about what others "think" of them might hear such caricature and think, "well, I don't want anyone to think I'm stupid, so even though I would like to try it, I won't," and they would therefore be deprived of the singular experience of adoration. Perhaps the attraction they were feeling to go to an Adoration or Benediction was a real "call" that they were inching toward, and because of the caricature, that call was never completed. Putting down the people who attend Adoration was not a productive or even a loving thing; there were no positives in that.

    I know that AP story got some wide play, but the sites it focused on were what I would call "extreme." Be sure to visit the so-called "progressive" sites while you're looking around, though. That's the only way to get a good sense of things. I think you'll find that as a rule, all fall short--none are perfect, save Christ--although some are a bit more civil than others! :-) -admin]

  • T Pitt Green

    great – Eucharistic adoration played big role in my healing from abuse by priests, and brought me home – when all the so-called “advanced” learning of the “progressing” Church was paralyzed in the face of the evil insidiously at work corrupting and disheartening the priesthood and hierarchy, leaving me and thousands of children vulnerable to the enemy of whom few priests and Catholic intellectuals felt inclined to speak in their great advanced thinking. Yeah God! Signed, T. Pitt Green