Chris Christie is scathing


After watching how Obama rails against his opposition, tells people to “punish” their “enemies” and just puts so much effort into his demagoguery, it is interesting to see how much more effective Christie’s low-key delivery lays the sharp edge to the state legislature and slices cleanly. Like a quiet butcher who knows his way around a joint.

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  • Steve Colby

    A much needed breath of fresh air.

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  • Ellen

    I think I’ve mentioned before – you can keep your pretty boys with chiseled features and 6 pack abs. I am in love with Chris Christie

  • Barbara

    Christie’s actually funny. Bring it on, sir! He’s reassuringly solid in contrast to Obama’s obsessive and incessant need for public attention/adulation.
    Obama has proven to be the most humorless president we’ve ever had. Thin-skinned, too. Having watched a bit of Obama with Stewart I’m reminded of the Lt. in good Morning American who says, “In my heart I know I’m funny.”
    The interest in imported dentures is seriously bizarre. Growing up working in my father’s dental office, it doesn’t make any sense forom either quality or cost to send dentures to a dental lab in Canada – let alone China. What on earth is going on?
    The state legislature must be delighted with those conventioneering funsters/ teachers.

  • Gayle Miller

    Chris Christie is the sexiest politician in America. Intelligence, common sense and a sense of humor – what’s not to love!

  • dry valleys

    Would he defeat Al Franken in some form of battle of the shouters?

  • Nmissi

    Every time I see this man, I wonder if I’m looking at a future POTUS. He ain’t the prettiest fella, but he has a certain charisma.

  • Douglas

    I like this guy so much that I half hope President Obama wins in 2012 just to ensure Christie gets the nomination in 2016. Let’s face it, the 2012 winner is not just going to turn the dials and get us out of this fix. By 2016 though, it could be reckoning time. Who knows, the states might start going their separate ways. By then we won’t need a Reagan. We’ll need a Lincoln.

    He needs to lose some weight though, or he might be dead by then.

  • BurningBrule

    Christie has a major following out here in Colorado where me struggle mightily with the teachers’ unions and with SEIU. Also, these unions are pouring in MILLIONS of dollars this campaign cycle for Democrat candidates – even Michael Bennet who voiced a tepid opposition to card check.

  • Christine

    I want to either kidnap or clone him and make him Governor of California.

  • Maggie45

    What Gayle and Ellen said! I just totally love him. He’s almost worth moving back to New Jersey. Almost. ;)

  • Melinda T

    What a breath a fresh air -Chris Christie for president…nuff said:)

  • anniebird

    I think I’ve found my new political hero. Please, Governor Christie, be as good and wise and honest and fair as I think you are…I don’t think I’ll be able to take it if you break my heart!

    (poor guy – that’s a lot to live up to…)

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  • CV

    Is there any way we can force him to run?

    He is da MAN!

  • Kj

    You have to be kidding. He’s just bully. The state of New Jersey has raided the teacher’s pension and refuses to replace the funds. As a teacher near retirement, one who has paid into that pension fund for almost thirty years, I now face an uncertain future. His antics have forced many teachers to retire because of tactics. He has some kind of ax to grind against teachers. Please let him run your state so he leaves the hard working educators of NJ alone. For those about to complain try teaching it’s not as easy as you think.

  • Charles

    KJ – just how is Chris Chirstie a bully? What ax does he have to grind against teachers? Please explain.

    Perhaps he is a bully because he is standing up to the teachers’ Union? Perhaps he is a bully because he isn’t playing the game YOUR way?

    YOU face an uncertain future? How about the rest of the NJ taxpayers who have had their property taxes skyrocket (mainly to support schools; i.e. teachers’ and school administrators’ salaries) and now find themselves out of work – what kind of future do you think they face with the teachers’ union still demanding more and more money.

    One cannot squeeze blood from a stone; So, thank goodness for Chris Christie.

  • Elaine S.

    Whoa, whoa, whoa there folks… I understand why conservatives like Christie but I think it’s still awfully premature to talk about running him for POTUS just yet. He hasn’t even been governor for a year! And let’s get through 2012 first.

    The absolute last thing he ought to do is to start governing NJ with one eye on the White House… not saying he WILL do this but you never know.

    Other GOP types are beginning to borrow from his playbook. In my state (Illinois) we have a conservative downstate legislator, Bill Brady, running for governor and promising basically the same things Christie did — solving a massive budget deficit without raising taxes and promising (more or less) to cut all state agencies by 10 percent across the board. “Across the board” means every agency and every line item, including salaries and benefits.

    As it happens, I am a state employee and IF Brady should win (the race is pretty close) and IF he does exactly what he has said (both pretty big “ifs”) that COULD mean my paycheck (which isn’t all that high to begin with, and no, I don’t belong to a union) would be cut by 10 percent next fiscal year.

    Now this is something I have thought long and hard about, since I am the sole support of my family, and a salary cut, if it should happen, would mean significant financial hardship to us.

    That being said, and for other reasons which I won’t get into here, I voted for Brady anyway (we have early voting) because I think this kind of radical change is needed, and if I really believe this to be the case, I have to be willing to put my money where my mouth is, so to speak. Whether we are public or private sector employees, we are all in the same boat and it is in EVERYONE’s interest to have a fiscally sound and sustainable government and tax structure.

  • skeeter

    Elaine, good on you. Sometimes the right answer is not the one that benefits oneself the most, and delay of gratification is one of those primary markers of maturity.

    And Kj? Who gets almost ALL of your healthcare premiums paid for by the State? Who pays little to nothing into your pension?

    No one is bad mouthing the teaching profession, but working 60-70 hour weeks was common in my line of work, no OT, no add’l salary, ’cause that’s what mgt did. Oh and I worked ALL year. A good teacher is a precious thing. But the unions keep the incompetent, the indifferent, the second raters in place, to the detriment of the children. The unions are more interested in political action than in the education of the children.

    Oh and by the way, we ALL face an uncertain future. My health premiums (that I pay!) have gone up 25% this coming year thanks to Obama care, and because I am a retiree, it is likely that the next move will be that the businesses will dump us from health benefits altogether. And I won’t be eligible for Medicare. So my sympathy for your plight is a bit hard to muster.

    Sorry, I’ve relocated many times through my career, and NJ was the place where we paid more and got less for our tax dollars than anywhere else. And finally left – it’s not a place I would care to retire, although it is one of the prettiest places we ever lived. And the union influence was one of the huge downsides to NJ living.

    Christie may just keep NJ from following CA off the cliff. I wish him Godspeed.

  • Kj

    I am a taxpayer in NJ. People don’t tend to think of that when they talk about how we have it easy. I, since I first started teaching have had a second job and worked every summer just to pay the bills. When I bought a house I qualified for assistance because of my low salary. That said, I knew going into teaching that was what I would have to do and that was ok. I also knew that I would be getting a pension when I retired. That was also part of the deal.
    He should change the policies for new hires not go after the people who are retired or will be soon. He is not playing fair going after some and not others. I do pay for my health insurance and will be paying more with the new one.
    Christie has painted my professiion as out to get the taxpayer. We are not. I am a hard working teacher who works with special students. I’m tired of hearing my profession bashed.
    I’m off to work now so thankfully won’t have a chance to read this today. Just remember you are talking to a person who is just like everyone out there in the state.

  • Elaine S.

    “I also knew that I would be getting a pension when I retired. That was also part of the deal.”

    It is, or at least was at one time, like that for many state/local employees all over the country. One accepted a lower salary than you would have received in the private sector (sometimes a LOT lower) in return for stability and security in the retirement years.

    Most people understood this and didn’t object, not until private sector employers started scrapping their pensions and unpaid pension liabilities became a big issue for state and local governments.

    The public pension crisis is all over the country, not just in NJ. There are MANY factors that have contributed to it. The bottom line is, however, that it has to be dealt with; and unfortunately, this will require people who are not themselves to blame for the situation to help clean it up, sometimes at great personal cost.

    I myself, being in my mid-40s, do not count on either my state pension or my Social Security to be around when I get old. I figure I will just have to keep working until I’m too old, sick or dead to continue. I do happen to have an annuity left over from a former (private sector) job that will be of help, but I have not been able to make contributions to it for some time… that is something I need to get going on.

    So, Kj, I DO have some sympathy for your plight. It sucks to have the “deal” you relied upon all your working life broken or threatened to be broken. But… if the money isn’t there, it isn’t there, and it certainly won’t be there if unsustainable tax and spending policies continue unabated. If nothing is done, you will end up in the same situation farther down the road anyway.

  • susan

    If not for Chris Christie’s adoring FANS slobbering all over him in blind devotion, a presidential run might be possible.

    BUT since his Idolate-worshipping FANS are so distasteful then he has no chance.

    Plus, he has BAGGAGE. Lots of Baggage. Pounds and pounds of baggage. He will never survive Hollywood’s Obese skewering. He might hire $3,000 per day political consultant Mike Murphy; this might work for him.

    Lastly; a year into his governship he’d have to QUIT in the middle of his tenure.

    By the way; quid pro quo.

  • Beth

    Thanks, Elaine S. We need to FIX Illinois. It’s going to hurt a lot of us. As is happening in NJ and all over our nation, we all have to take hits.
    Bill Brady for Illinois.

  • Doc

    Kj, I’ve watched several Christie clips and have never once heard him demean your profession. He does take on your union and their fat cat overbloated administrative structure. Can you tell me why teachers unions are always so determined in their defense of abortion whenever legislation come up that might limit or control abortion to some small degree? What the hell does abortion have to do with educating students? All this tells me is that teachers unions are defenders of their own turf and the progressive Left and don’t care a bit for the education of children.

  • Charles


    I’ll paraphrase Chris Christie here:

    “man up will ya, if you want to call him fat, then just say so.”

    It seems to me that when someone resorts to personal attacks it is because they know that the issues/ideas are something that they cannot attack.

  • Dennis

    Another website dedicated to conservative ‘values’. How helpful.

    The world is woefully overpopulated. That’s the root of our problems, not the divide between progressives and conservatives. That chasm will never be closed. I read all of the comments. As usual, there are no suggestions about how to fix things that Obama isn’t doing right. I have lots of issues with Obama, but please… put up, or shut up. Comparing this guy to Obama is somewhat delusional. There’s no use asking you to stop. But from the feel of this blog I would say that cutting the calories would be a good move.

  • Kathy

    I just wonder if he has an eating disorder. You can’t maintain that kind of weight (he looks to ba about 400 lbs, and seems to have gained after entering office), and I know because I am heavy, though he probably has 200 lbs. on me. I know you can’t maintain that kind of weight unless you are eating large quantites all the time, so I don’t understand when he has the time….and who are his enablers. Someone is providing him with food.

    I worry that he may have some hidden mental issues.

    [I dunno. I think it mostly has to do with exercise. I am fat--I am constantly yo-yoing between big-Oprah and really-big Oprah, and I don't really eat "large quantities" all the time (holidays, yeah, sadly) but I do make poor choices. I work all day long; I couldn't possibly do that if I was eating all the time. Speaking of Oprah - she seems to work all the time, too. I don't think it's about sitting around all day eating gobs of food...I think its choosing pasta over fish, etc. Being fat does not make one incompetent or neurotic. Does other things, but not that! ;-) -admin]