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  • http://www.savkobabe.blogspot.com Gayle Miller

    That is one fascinating commercial. And of course, I’m not saying anything new when I say that some commercials exceed in quality and entertainment value, the programs they are meant to support!

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  • http://thatsadancerslegmargaret.wordpress.com Bernadette

    You gotta love a man who really appreciates good textiles!

  • tim maguire

    Thanks for linking, Anchoress. That’s pretty amazing. I doubt the 30 second version is anywhere near as fascinating and I think it’s worth pointing out that there would never have been a two minute version without an internet to show it on.


    Great fun indeed.

    I watched this on TBS, waiting for his new show. It really was a very well done spot, of course one wonders if Mr. Obrien had some creative control over the project – he is rather talented.

    It was surprising, and impressive, to see him playing with the famed Jack White of the White Stripes on his show. He has quite a talent as a musician as well. NBC really made a mess of it.

    Sometimes I wonder about this thing called envy, because for a minute there, I was thinking Conan has such a blessed life. Playing the quitar with Jack White, great sense of humor, worth millions, on your own cool late night talk show, etc.

    Living a dream in a way.

  • NanB

    Thanks for sharing Anchoress. It’s great to see Conan again! The sights and colors are spectacular! The story line is great too!

  • Steve P in Madison, Wis.

    I saw this for the first time last night (the short version, anyway…), and it caught my attention. Thanks for posting the long version! I admire the wit behind it.

  • jane

    Fun! Fun! Fun!

    But, how much did this commercial cost?

  • Feeney

    Boy, that was a long way to go and an awful lot of effort on behalf of this mediocrity. Never understood why this guy is even on TV in the first place. He has never been funny, just strange. Right place at the right time, I guess.

  • http://! Jesme

    Not a fan, but nothing against the guy either. I just don’t watch him one way or the other. But I utterly love that ad. Just amazing!

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