Retreating Nuns…

I want to go to there.

Yes. I want to go to there. I want to go to the retreats with the retreating nuns who are preparing for the new liturgical year by taking rather long retreats into silence, prayer and study.

I want to go to there.

I want to go to there, now.

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  • Julie

    I also miss the nun blogs when they go on retreat! You CAN go on retreats with nuns if you want, particularly if you have any Benedictines near you, since hospitality is one of their particulary charisms.

    The Benedictine sisters near me: link, offer lots of retreats on a regular basis. I went once and did not care for the priest giving the conferences, but the sisters and the grounds (not to mention the food) were lovely, and I’d be willing to give it another try!

  • kelleyb

    Me too! I wish…I wish.

  • Ellen

    Sigh – I live about 65 miles away from those nuns and I could go on retreat there if only I didn’t have so many work and family obligations.

    My favorite place to go on retreat is St. Meinrad’s Archabbey. It’s Benedictine and it’s wonderful.

  • Joan

    I am so-o tired of seeing women flaunting their cleavage as in this video, etc. Enough already!


    I want to go as well.

    Great posting as always, especially the news on Archbishop Tim Dolan.

    Since you posted a Tina Fey clip, whom I think is lacking in talent – promoted for her partisan embrace (much like the tiresome Mr. Baldwin on the same lackluster 30 R show) – I thought I would add in a remote relation (to her ugly depiction of Mrs. Palin).

    Alaska is going to elect someone with an historic vote. A very weak “write in” Candidate, who was appointed by her Dad, which the Palin’s seemed to have been motivated by a personal vendetta to remove. At the time, if you remember, I wrote many I considered mighty fine for years, trying to encourage a little more productive offering. It wasn’t opposing the desire to elect a more Conservative Candidate (which I generally support), just the manner, the approach, the basis which was so lacking and hostile. The fashionable outcry had grown so sophomoric and quite destructive. I knew, (much like I knew about the disastrous McCain offering) this was going to flop.

    And it has failed dramatically. The fashionable offering in the midterms, the Tea Party Express, the Palin Franchise, those all knowing Conservative Pundits, flopped in so many places – but Alaska is probably the most symbolic.

    Not only did many give the Democrats a gift in Delaware, helping to save the Democratic Partisan control in the Senate. Now we see the dishonest, vicious, nasty Authoritarian push fail in the Palin’s backyard. It is stunning. And it should be a ‘teachable moment’ about the weakness of this echo chamber and the fashionable image game.

    “With that number as a floor, his victory, I was told, was nearly assured.”

    Sure, we have all encountered the passionate fashion followers, saying they will win – How dare you suggest otherwise? Assured is always the case. The fashion, the desire to be accepted by the “in group”, pushes many to ignore basis and reality.

    Ironically, Mrs. Palin is saying exactly the same things Ms. O’Donnell used to say, “I could beat him”. This does not inspire any confidence whatsoever, as her poll numbers are actually weaker than O’Donnell’s today. She will in fact, lose, perhaps as badly as the Maverick-Palin Ticket.

    Of course, as you know I am tired of the fashionable hype, which has proven to be wrong time and time again. Miller is another example, and many Conservative Pundits lost their credibility over those Midterms which proved disastrous. I am still remembering the same fashion pushers who began to call GW Bush a ‘traitor’.

    We better have the Conservative Punditry (my own side), take a sincere retreat. Mrs. Palin should as well.

    Because we just can no longer afford anymore of this fashionable weakening.

  • Micha Elyi

    “I am so-o tired of seeing women flaunting their cleavage as in this video, etc. Enough already!”-Joan

    I agree. Women who gave up their femininity for feminism are quick to objectify their own bodies. It’s really sexual harassment of men and it’s a kind of harassment that won’t shut up.