Oprah to revisit Sisters of Mary

The Dominican Sisters of Mary will be featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show on Tuesday, November 23rd.

Some may remember that this community–which is a good friend to this blog–made an appearance with Oprah back in February of this year.

This will be a brand-new episode that includes interviews with foundresses Mother Assumpta, Sr. Joseph Andrew, Sr. Mary Samuel, Sr. John Dominic and other Sisters, as well as on-site filming of the First and Final Profession Masses and this year’s Entrance Day, during which time the sisters welcomed 22 Aspirants.

The show will feature the experience of a Sister entering religious life and the meaning of religious profession as being ‘married’ to Christ.

From the sisters:

You may recall that Oprah first reached out to our community on February 9th of this year due an interest in the hidden aspects of religious life. Click here to watch an excerpt from that program.

The response from the first show was so positive that the Sisters were asked if we would be open to another opportunity to share our life. We have accepted this invitation in the hopes of reaching an audience we might not otherwise reach with the witness of our life and the Gospel. Please join us in praying that the show will be for the good of souls and the honor of God.

You can learn more about the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist in this video or at their website.

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  • Catherine

    It took a few moment for me to realize that I recognized the church where the photo above was taken! I am pleased that the Sisters made such an impact on Oprah (personally?) that she has reached out for a second helping of …. well…. GRACE! Blessed be God!


    That is great.


    Have a great show…

    (Could they ask Mrs. O, what she was thinking about, when she pushed Mr. Obama on the US Public?)

  • http://www.withouthavingseen.com Ryan Haber

    No, no, no. No politics. Just prayer. Wouldn’t it be great if Ms. Winfrey finally settled down and became Catholic?

    I used to pray for Madonna to come back home… maybe I should pick that one back up as well.

  • Brian

    Better still – what if Oprah became a Dominican nun? That would have a cultural impact akin to an asteroid strike.


    Ryan, you offering some nice sentiments about prayer. Thank you.

    My offering was simply humor, a joke. Politics is a major aspect of life, prayer is life. Mrs. Winfrey made major choices long ago about advocating a certain political offering to the American Public, it is an essential part of the Oprah existence – encountered consistently via her productions.

    But I certainly respect your desire to encourage a break from the political world, very wise indeed. I apologize.

    Praying for someone to become Catholic is an interesting endeavor. As a Catholic, I have always prayed for the well being of others. Praying for someone to embrace a special Catholic devotion is fascinating.

    My best wishes.

  • JB

    Two of the Dominican Sisters of Mary spoke yesterday at our parish regarding vocations to religious life and it was very encouraging to see young women on fire with the love of God.

    Their “apostolic work overflows from a contemplation nourished before the Eucharist”. Deo Gratias!

    They are also a clear witness to the value of maintaining the rich Catholic traditions of the habit, the Divine Office, Gregorian chant, etc. as has been discussed at The Anchoress before – founded in 1997 with four Sisters and now they have over 100 Sisters.

    Please pray the Sisters will help Oprah and her audience realize their own longing for the true life that Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament alone can provide.

    P.S. Mrs. Scalia, do you have an amazon.com affiliate link on the page somewhere? It is time for Christmas shopping and I am sure your readers would like to send some % of that money your way! thanks~

    [Thanks for asking - it's in my righthand sidebar, below the "recent posts" but above the rosary podcasts! -admin]

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