Post-Christmas Veg-Out – UPDATED



Christmas is exhilarating, but tiring. We’re tired over here, too. And my poor Mother-in-Law is sick because she tries to do too much, can never do enough. If you could whisper up a prayer for her, I’m sure it would turn a good effect.

Too tired to write anything–I have a splendid rant inside me about irreverence at mass, from the sanctuary to the pews, but ranting takes energy.

I do have some nifty videos for you:

From Vanderleun, this one is pretty adorable:

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Sticking with the kids, Fr. Steve brings us their Christmas Story. Catch the kid singing at 2:01.

Fr. Steve has lots of good stuff, btw, so you should just head over there, and scroll down.

A virtual tour: St. John Lateran in Rome

“Word became flesh” and “the first born of many brothers.”

Fr. Dwight:
contemplates ending his blog

UPDATE: Ever wonder if knowing all he learned from Clarence the Angel had a corrosive effect on George Bailey’s Soul?

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