Put Down Game; Pick Up Ax

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  • kelleyb


  • Beth

    WOW! Thanks for sharing. Made me smile :)

  • Kay

    That was unexpected! Wow again!

  • Teresa D.

    My goodness, quite remarkable.

  • Warren Jewell

    Delightful! And they were probably only taking a break from woodwind rehearsal.

  • http://www.actsoftheapostasy.blogspot.com LarryD

    Ditto what everyone else said. Your kids are really talented…:-)

    I love it how the dog didn’t twitch a bit.

  • David

    Is there more to this story? – The girl on the left looks like she’s been undergoing chemo – hat no eyebrows. Very talented trio in any case

  • Sal

    Little brother Greenshirt is rocking out!
    This is delightful- I love the little smile Big Sis gives at the very end. They’re all very talented.

    Around here, it’s ‘Put Down Game, Pick up Hoe”, but the aim is the same.

  • Frances

    Wow, I’m going to use this as a blunt object and hit my friends over the heads about getting their kids off videos and games and out into the happy world of creating. I was stunned by how nearly virtuosic they are at such young ages!!! Yikes!

  • Coach Springer

    Small world: I did sound at a place where this girl played. She is quite matter of fact about the whole thing. Which brings out the jealousy in me.