Three Tenors Teenage Version

The video has been around for a while, apparently, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it. Not bad. They’re kind of screaming out their top notes by the end, but not bad for kids.

YouTube Preview Image

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  • Rachel Balducci

    Oh my gosh if my husband sees this he’s going to have the Balducci Boys start practicing. Something to shoot for!

  • Bob Devine

    Lord love a duck, I would love to be able to scream out top notes like that anytime, let alone at the end. LOL.

  • Brian

    For something that will truly bring tears to your eyes and a shiver down your spine go to youtube, do a search on “Jackie Evancho” and start listening. As a Catholic I highly recommend her America’s Got Talent rendition of Pie Jesu. Stunning. Simply stunning.