The Fun Theory

My ascent would sound like a dirge. But there you go:

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  • Mary T

    Don’t think that would work.
    It’s way too annoying.
    Can you imaging having to work in that building and hearing that all day long?

  • Mark L

    Seems to me more a function of novelty than fun. It is unusual. And typical monkey curiousity will get a person to investigate something unusual. But if *every* staircase had a “piano” I suspect that after a few months — definitely after a year had passed — that most people would again be taking the escalator.

    And probably that a few would complain about the cacaphony produced by the sounding staircase.

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  • Amber

    My girls would play a song and love it!

  • Diva

    Loved it, esp the old geezer givin’ it a go! Sent that link far and wide!!!

    A road crew put speed lines in a highway and it made the William Tell overature (think Lone Ranger). The neighbors nearly went mad and they had to change it. Bet that is on youtube as well. Those naughty road workers!

    Yes, this could get old. Wish they’d have a group of dancers get on there and play something for the crowd.