Mubarak Out; Another Historic Marian Feastday! UPDATED

It occurs to me that the ouster of Hosni Mubarak and the potentially world-changing events that are occurring today in Egypt have happened on a Marian feastday: today is the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes.

Recalling that Nelson Mandela was freed on this very day, in 1990, I started looking up other dates and events. My friend Paul helped me out, and here is a partial list of recent historical events that have occurred on days set aside to honor the Theotokos, the God-bearer, who delivered unto the world, a savior:

02 February 1943 – Feast of the Presentation – Battle of Stalingrad ends
15 August 1945 – VJ Day – Assumption of the Blessed Virgin
13 May 1981 – Pope John Paul II shot – Our Lady of Fatima
08 December 1987 – Reagan signs treaty with Gorbachev – Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception
11 Feb 1990 – Nelson Mandela Freed – Our Lady of Lourdes
22 August 1991 – Failure of Russian Coup – Queenship of Mary
21 November 1995 – Initialing of the Dayton Peace Accord in Bosnia – Presentation of Mary
12 December 2000 – Supreme Court finally ends election recounts in America – Our Lady of Guadalupe
11 February 2011 – Egyptians drive out Mubarak – Our Lady of Lourdes

For those who argue that an event in the Arab world cannot have a Marian component, recall that the Muslim people do honor Mary.

Recall too that on October 8, 2000 there was what was regarded as a “holy light” and apparition of Mary at St. Mark’s (Coptic Orthodox) Church in Assiut, Egypt — seen by huge crowds — that occurred simultaneously with Pope John Paul II’s imploring Mary to pray for the entire world in the third millennium:

History, he said, “in its deepest reality, is the scene of a terrible struggle against the powers of darkness, a struggle that began at the origin of the world, and that will last, as the Lord says, until the last day. Man, every man, is involved in this all-out confrontation, he must combat without respite to be able to remain united to the good, at the price of great efforts, with the help of God’s grace.”

And remember that Jesus was delivered to us “for all the people.” His mother, it follows, is for all of us as well. It cannot be otherwise.

And there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in our philosophies…and as my friend Paul points out, it was to Egypt that the Holy Family fled, to safety (Deacon Greg has thoughts on that).

As I discover more of these historic feastdays, I’ll add them. Check back!

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– it turns out the Shah of Iran was also ousted on this day!

UPDATE II: A few more interesting (and some are less recent) intersections:

16 July 1918 – Our Lady of Mr. Carmel – Czar Nicholas II and his family are executed by the Bolsheviks
05 August1858 – Dedication of Basilica of Maria Maggiore – First telegraph line across Atlantic is completed
15 August 1961 – Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary – East German authorities begin building Berlin Wall

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  • Salonsandspas

    While you do have a point there, Jay, let’s not forget that Our Blessed Lady receives far more adulation from MUSLIMS, than she does from the average Protestant.

  • Jay

    Mary would likely be very upset with this “adulation” because it is for all the wrong reasons.

    Mary is like a compass always pointing toward Jesus Christ . This adulation does not glorify her Son so it is without salvatory merit. Islam just doesn’t have this important understanding of why Mary is so special.

    That Islam pays more attention to Mary than Protestants, my response would be…So what!

  • Lisa

    Do you have a link to the Pope’s comments? I’m interested to read what he has said about the 7 years.

  • The FatMan

    I agree with yujiayao…Totally!

  • Zmama

    “In the designs of Providence there are no mere coincidences”
    -Pope John Paul II

  • Jeff

    the ouster of the shah was hardly a good thing. Let’s not let the lib media get us giddy

  • Jeff

    All great points. Nostra aetate was a terrible document in this respect

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Yes, Moslems do not honor Mary the way we do, not as the Christ/Compass. . .

    Also, the Koranic story of Mary is—ahem!—rather strange. Mohammed seems to have believed she was the sister of Moses (i.e., Miriam), and has her giving birth to Christ under a palm tree, after being accused of dishonoring her family. (If I recall rightly, Baby Jesus speaks to her accusers from her womb, condemning them).

    The Koranic version of Jesus Himself is even stranger.

  • denver

    I think appropriate to Our Lady of Lourdes, on 11 February 1752 the first hospital in the US opened, the Pennsylvania hospital.

  • denver

    Eyewitness reports say that the crowds were chanting things like “Muslim or Christian, we’re all Egyptian” and “Muslim, Christian, we are one” then there are the photos of Christians creating a defensive wall around Muslims as they prayed in the streets. The people who were part of this protest were anything but sectarian. When the Muslim Brotherhood people started to chant “Allah Akbar” that’s when they overpowered them with the first chant I mentioned. I know a lot of conservative news sources have been painting this has a Muslim takeover but it’s not: please look at the videos and tweets coming straight from the protesters that are all over the internet. The masses want a peaceful coexistence, and I believe their peaceful demonstrations prove it.

  • Wilsonia

    It’s also the anniversary of Khomeni taking over in Iran. I don’t think Our Lady was pleased with that. The fall of Mubarak is going to lead to hard times for the Christians and a war with Israel. Nothing to get giddy over.

  • Susan

    2-11-1979 was also famous for the Islamic Revolution in Iran.

    Cloistered One-You are best when you remain in your unholy alliance with Roger l Simon’s anti-life echo-chamber.

  • Jim Cole

    Has anyone correlated events with the calendar(s) of the Eastern Churches? Eastern feasts would seem more applicable to events in the Middle East, for instance. Also, have the appropriate changes been made to correlate with the pre-1960s Roman Calendar? I don’t know if any Marian feasts were changed in that period, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were. Seems like those factors would be relevant, if there is more than coincidence involved.

    Jim Cole

  • MQ

    There is no doubt, Mary is not recognized by Islam as the Mother of God.. period, she is, and to honor her less than that, whether a Protestant or Muslim she is nothing more than honoring her as a good and honorable person, but so is Robin Hood.

  • Liamronan49

    I do not want to seem to pour any cold water on your associations of various events with Feasts of Our Lady, but I would suggest that there are many calendar dates upon which Her Feasts fall and hence the mathematical probability that something momentous will fall on one or more Feast dates seems rather high. I think to read too much into it tends to impute a ‘heavenly’ cause or association that may not be there (even a slight tendency towards superstition perhaps) and should not be wedded to the ‘feeling’ that what has happened is a ‘good event’ per se.

    [It's quite true that coincidence can be behind all of this, and it means nothing. It's also true that -- there being more in heaven and earth than we can dream -- it means something, but what, we can't even guess. You must admit, at least, that it's interesting! As to "good" and "bad" I assign no such meaning to any of this. As I've written elsewhere, the most interesting part of anything that happens, but particularly anything "bad" that happens, is trying to track it to see how the thing that was "bad" ended up being a positive. For instance, in the update, I listed JPII shot on May 13 - feast of Our Lady of Fatima (named for daughter of Mohammed) by Mehmet Ali Agca. A "bad" right? But when JPII went to the prison, met with Agca and forgave him, a "good" for the world. If we believe, as Christians, that all things work (in the end) for the good and the glory of God, then it's kind of neat to look at these things. Of course, the ultimate "bad" was Jesus, the innocent, unjustly tortured and killed...that "bad" had to happen, before the resurrection could occur. So, sometimes, these "bads" end up being the route to victory. - admin]

  • David Rundle

    Thank you for your opinion of my intelligence. How very nice of you to offer it so genteelly, sir.

    You seem to think that if one opposes aparheit, one must favor communism, which is bad logic. SA would benefit from a multi-party system.

    Again, thank you for your very polite reply.

  • Catherine Wilhelm

    Thanks, Elizabeth for sharing all these memories of Our Lady. We have to remember that Egypt was where she and Joseph took Jesus for safety for 6 years after his birth. I think her appearance in Egypt was to prepare their people for this time in History. Catherine W.

  • MaryWatcher

    In keeping with how very consistent Our Lady is, she also appeared on the roof of the Coptic Church in Egypt 2 Christmases ago. There are major news outlets in Egypt that recorded it and one can see the appartions on youtube. Seems she shows up before major changes take place.

    You decide:

    Great post, Anchoress. I appreciated the nice compilation. God bless you.

    and, Happy Valentines Day a bit early.

  • Anonymous

    This is fascinating!! My only concern would be the end of the 2000 recount. I’m no fan of Gore, but do you think a lot of lives would have been spared in Iraq and Afghanistan if the election went the otehr way?

  • Randyrl0131

    I believe that our God has plan to our muslim brothers, that one day they will also join us through Mary. Look at why our God chose the Fatima as one of the most famous apparitions of Our Lady? Isn’t that the name Fatima was the only daughter of the prophet? In the end as Mama Mary promised that Her Immaculate Heart will triumph. The question that lingers till this time is when but it will be hastened only when our Pope will finally consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as She requested to the Fatima seers how many long decades ago. Let’s just hope and pray hard that this will finally come so….and that the promise of a period of peace will be granted on this earth! May God bless us all!

  • From across the water

    I am glad that Gore did not win the 2000 recount. Regardless of what you think of Bush etc, Iraq and Afghanistan is happening right now, and as Catholics we need to pray for the armed forces over there as well as the ordinary folk there. We must pray that there will be a peaceful solution.
    Anyhow you forget that Bush saved a lot of lives in the US as he was against abortion. Gore and Clinton were very much pro abortion. Have you not forgotten that Cinton was in favour of partial birth abortion…

  • Anonymous

    Don’t read too much into the date. Muslims honor Mary, but not as the Mother of God. I am very concerned about the Coptic Christians in Egypt who have suffered so much and who face mass martyrdom if this “revolution” goes badly. Lord have mercy.

  • Anonymous

    In the Byzantine Catholic Church the feast is that of St. Blaise. In the Coptic Church it was the feast of the Martyrdom of St. Agabus, One of the Seventy Disciples. The day of the month in the Coptic Church was Amshir 4, 1727. So much for the significance of the date. It is more likely that the Coptic Church will join with Agabus.