2 Late (as in New) Entries to the Vocation Post – UPDATED

2 Late (as in New) Entries to the Vocation Post – UPDATED October 8, 2014

Nothing is static. I recently posted my annual “Nun News Roundup” piece (which had helpful reader additions in the combox), but just a few days later — on a great Marian Solemnity — these two very Mary-connected communities welcomed newbies!

I knew the Summit Dominicans were expecting a postulant in October (and more to come this year; that’s why they desperately need to succeed in their building campaign), but not this early. sister emily entrance Yesterday they welcomed Sister Emily, and decked her out in their robin’s egg blue postulant’s jumper:

The Solemnity of Our Lady of the Rosary is always a special day for our community as it is the patronal feast of our Monastery, but this year it was extra special with the entrance of a new postulant! This afternoon Sr. Emily entered the enclosure to begin her postulancy…She graduated from La Salle University with a BS in nutrition and is a registered dietitian.

There is a gallery of pictures, and it looks like the nuns had a whale of a time holding adorable babies.

Kylie enters slaves Meanwhile the Sisters, Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, which functions in the Extraordinary Form, gave their postulant’s garb to young Kylie:

On the feast of the Holy Rosary, Kylie Spinelli from New York, became a postulant, taking the first step to becoming a Slave of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

This six month period, a prelude to the Noviciate, will offer our new postulant a chance to live the life of a Sister in serious discernment. We are so happy to receive her into our religious family!

There is also a gallery of pictures, there. This is a nice shot of the novitiate:

slaves novitiate

Let us pray for more and more vocations to the priesthood and religious life, and — as is being discussed within the synod — for a renewed understanding of the vocations of matrimony and to the single life, as well.

And on the same day
, A new Poor Clare Novice, out of this novitiate.

I wonder if these young ladies experience something of the shock of an uprooting, as described here.

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