The Boy Without a Cerebellum

The Boy Without a Cerebellum February 15, 2011

Medical science is a wonderful thing, but it is not the only thing.

And doctors understand many, many things, but not everything.

Which is why we should not be too quick to give up on people.

Chase was also born prematurely, and he was legally blind. When he was 1 year old, doctors did an MRI, expecting to find he had a mild case of cerebral palsy. Instead, they discovered he was completely missing his cerebellum — the part of the brain that controls motor skills, balance and emotions.

“That’s when the doctor called and didn’t know what to say to us,” Britton said in a telephone interview. “No one had ever seen it before. And then we’d go to the neurologists and they’d say, ‘That’s impossible.’ ‘He has the MRI of a vegetable,’ one of the doctors said to us.”

Chase is not a vegetable, leaving doctors bewildered and experts rethinking what they thought they knew about the human brain.

You’ll want to watch the incredible video.

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