The Boy Without a Cerebellum

Medical science is a wonderful thing, but it is not the only thing.

And doctors understand many, many things, but not everything.

Which is why we should not be too quick to give up on people.

Chase was also born prematurely, and he was legally blind. When he was 1 year old, doctors did an MRI, expecting to find he had a mild case of cerebral palsy. Instead, they discovered he was completely missing his cerebellum — the part of the brain that controls motor skills, balance and emotions.

“That’s when the doctor called and didn’t know what to say to us,” Britton said in a telephone interview. “No one had ever seen it before. And then we’d go to the neurologists and they’d say, ‘That’s impossible.’ ‘He has the MRI of a vegetable,’ one of the doctors said to us.”

Chase is not a vegetable, leaving doctors bewildered and experts rethinking what they thought they knew about the human brain.

You’ll want to watch the incredible video.

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  • francesca

    Beautiful. Brain scans may be one thing which defines us in our limitations, but they don’t always tell the whole story of determination and temperament.

  • FedUp

    Pshhh! Doctors! Huh! I work with them. Trust me. I love ‘em but, they are SO SO limited in THEIR brains. Figures they would not be able to handle this reality. People always underestimate the humans who do not have what is on the “required list”. How about that boy without a brain who plays brilliant piano? How about my baby niece, not even three with DS who can spell her super long name by pointing to magnetic letters? Whatever. Doctors. When my niece had her first Xmas, her dad, a scientist, got a call from a former colleague/boss/PhD. The guy had the gall to ask why my brother-in-law did not abort. The unmitigated gall. The typical aetheistic, secular humanist attitude toward L – I – F – E. He broke my brother-in-law’s heart that Xmas. WE, however, on the other hand, have healed his heart by loving his intelligent and gorgeous baby girl and have all fallen in love with her. And, she’s smart to boot. So, I’m sorry, why abort someone this pretty and smart. She’s already contributed to the world by bringing out the best in everyone who has met her or prayed for her. This little boy in the post above will do the same: confounding the proud in the conceit of their hearts.

    Hmph! Vegetable my foot. He’s a human being. That is why he is so beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    Liberals will be furious that this child wasn’t aborted.

  • Anglican Peggy

    All I can say is wow! And also hmmmm. What if this had been discovered before the kid had a chance to develop? I have to wonder if he would be here today. As always when I hear stories like this I think of two people. One is Terri Schaivo whom all the doctors declared a vegetable because medical technology told them so. And this one little girl I read about long ago who was supposedly born without a brain. Her mother was told not to provide her with nourishment or medical care but she refused. Eventually, years later, it was discovered that the child did have a brain that had been literally squashed flat against her skull by fluids in her skull. That girl went on to live a normal life once she was treated. Her mother never gave up on her. Amazing huh?

    And yet the public continues to react as if doctors never make mistakes and as if new medical technology and/or knowledge will never replace the so-called certainties of today. Wow. Thank God this little boy is alive to prove that the doctors don’t always know everything.

  • Diyavekaria

    That’s sad…… But I’m sure that boy will grow up to be someone amazing!!!!

  • guest

    sorry to bring up reality but this is not as bewildering as made out the cerebellum is not a vital part of the brain and as for the pons it could merely be so shrunken that its very hard to see