Human Castles in Spain

Pretty awesome! And terrifying.

(H/T New Advent)

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  • Foxfier

    …. Is it wrong that my first thought was that it was “human” as opposed to “fairy”, rather than “human” as opposed to “stone”?

  • Manny

    That is so cool!

  • Anonymous

    Just looking at the image on the video before it even starts and I don’t think I want to look at it! :-)

  • Victor

    Very interesting movie indeed and “IT” reminded me of the time one of our daughter who practiced that kind of exercise while in high school and fell braking her risk and although I’m almost sure that “IT” wasn’t that high but just the same, “IT” can be very dangerous and my wife and I did not allow her to continue and besides her healing would have slowed the rest of the team and we couldn’t let her think that she was a quit her. Could we NOW? :)

    God Bless Peace

  • Fred

    Would this even be possible in America? People in these casteller teams break bones, but they know it coming in. Nobody complains. No lawsuits. Even little children’s bones are broken. They take responsibility for their hurts, all of them, the children and the children’s parents. There is a possibility of death. Even 10 year olds know that, or do you think they are stupid?

    The children, they are learning responsibility to the family and the “tribe.” Do you think children fear pain or death? If you don’t, you have forgotten what being a child is.

    What about the parents in the video? Look at them carefully, their fears and relief. I once saw my sister-in-law watching her son climb a tall tree. I could see the internal struggle between letting him take the risk and ordering him down. She kept quiet and externally calm while constantly moving under the line of likely fall. She has my eternal admiration. This was 30 years ago, and she has raised a truly fine bunch of kids (five to be exact).

    The kids on top of the tower (and they have to be small kids: The bottom layer is made up of beer bellied, big mass guys , gym jockey types in between, fit young, small women near the top, then little monkeys on top. It’s all physics).

    They are well trained, each one of them. They are pros just like your local football team. But here’s the difference: This is a sport where all ages participate in the same team. I know that 3 generations (maybe even 4?) of the same family were teammates.

    There is something truly anciently human about this, something that is lacking in all modern sports. A link to the human past, when the tribe makes the team, and a diversity of ages is an asset, not a source of division.