Strangely Beautiful

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  • Barb

    Love it! Everytime my sisters new baby cried her doxie would run out and find her then run circles around her as if to tell her your baby needs you!

  • kr0w

    sometimes i like animals and babies more than “People”
    what a wonderful pal that baby has

  • Manny

    LOL, that is so damn cute. A baby and a dog, you can’t get cuter than that!

  • Gayle M

    I think the doggie is making fussy baby feel less alone and abandoned! My late cat BooBoo had a significant “daddy” gene – whenever friends would be over with their small ones, he would stand guard by them and if they awakened, he would run and make a fuss to let us know that the wee ones were in need of attention. It was strangely beautiful and one of the many reasons that he is now and always will be part of my heart!

  • Joycelen7

    The “song” of the dog is beautiful in itself, not just the interaction between the two. Amazing!

  • berrykeller

    Like how the Pack takes care of its own!

  • jane

    Forget about “Lullaby of Birdland.”

    We’ve got the lullaby of wolfland! This dog/wolf didn’t just howl, he sang.

  • Kberketis

    Only the animals can love without interest

  • Belinda Beurrier

    Unconditional love!!!!