The Demon Dreamseller

Drape a lovely girl over the hood of a sports car and the poor chimps start drooling over it immediately. Show them a condominium overlooking a beach at sunset. Show them a scrumptious meal, beautiful clothes, or jewelry; show them an impossibly tanned and handsome man with a dreamily beautiful woman in most any setting and they will buy not just a product but a dream, and it is this dream which we are most interested in.

My dear flukes, if you are assigned to the United States, you will find that advertising is one of your key weapons. The poor apes will find all of it simply irresistible, and as they drool and spend and go into debt they will be soaking up, without ever thinking about it, the philosophy we want them to absorb.

Only a man who writes that in the voice of a demon can turn around and write about being a Cheerful Exorcist!

You’ll enjoy both links!

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  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Ummmm. . . judging by the excerpts here. . .

    The author believes that America is 1. Militaristic, and. . 2. Eats up most of the world’s natural resources?

    He’s an amusing writer, not sure I like the politics behind that. . .

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Also, he dates himself by talking about billboards; surely the internet, reality T.V. and the like are far more instrusive, and seductive, than plain old billboards. (Many cities ban them anyway, or use flashy videos, instead; billboards are pase.)

    And the current economic woes have taken quite a bite out of Americans’ spending habits, as has the custom of corporations—many of whom consider themselves “international”, not American—outsourcing jobs to other countries; just try finding anything “Made in USA” today! This situation is not entirely the fault of the allegedly wicked, hedonistic American consumers, many of whom might be only too glad to get a job making things in America.

    (And never, ever try to out-write, or imitate, Shakespeare, C.S. Lewis or J.R.R. Tolkien, because you’ll fail.)