Noodles by hand – Incredible

This is fascinating, stay with it. Courtesy of my Elder Son:

YouTube Preview Image

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  • Chris24hoover

    It is fascinating. A couple years ago, the teams on The Amazing Race had to do this as one of there tasks.

  • TeaPot562

    The Eating of the noodles was not nearly as elegant as the way that the Chef fixed them!

  • Jackie

    I watched it but how in the heck does he do that? that’s amazing !

  • zmama

    Thanks Anchoress-I am right now planning out our return trip to China next year for a homeland tour for our daughter. Funny you would have this posted tonight.

  • Cristiano

    In Italy noodles (kind of spaghetti) made by hand are called “picci” and they were made by the Etruscans well before Rome existed. Now you can find them around most of Tuscany even if originally they were from the region around Tarquinina.

  • dianemadeline

    Oooh. So fun. I showed this to the fiance, and he said we could see this when we go to China this summer. Hooray! Thanks for the preview!