How the Tsunami Happened

Awesome, terrifying and fascinating – when the earth opens up at the 11:31 mark it’s chilling H/T Patrick Madrid

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  • Foolish Mortal

    Thank you, Anchoress for posting this. Very informative. =:o]

  • Mutnodjmet

    Anchoress: A great find and I hope to share it with others. The things struck me:

    * The tsunami wave water traveled inland 8.5 km — just astonishing.

    * Given the scale of the magnitude 9 quake, it is remarkable how little damage and how quickly Japan would have recovered with little effect if it weren’t for the following tsunami.

    * One of those towns with the sea wall was featured on a National Geographic special on tsunami’s made in the early 90′s, because of its sea walls and drills.

    * The image that will stick with me are the Japanese search and rescue teams poking in the mud for the dead, and sticking flags in when they locate a body. Haunting.

    It seems this season of Lent has given us much to think about.