Sarah Palin in Wisconsin: Wit, Clarity, Coherence

I finally got to watch the video of Sarah Palin’s speech, which is up in two parts at Hillbuzz.

Gotta say it — Sarah Palin doesn’t use teleprompters, she doesn’t use Orwellian double-speak that is so preposterous even Jon Stewart has to call it out; she is not contemptuous of her audience, as the president increasingly appears to be, she has enough wit to grab a phrase and have fun with it, (“so yeah, we’re here, we’re clear, get used to it!“) and, most importantly, the former Governor of Alaska is coherent.

The only thing coherent about Obama, lately, is how obviously he does not care about the reality of the lives of ordinary Americans — whether they have jobs, whether they can afford to fill up their gas-tanks, whether inflation is going to buckle their knees, whether they want to get off “the oil nipple” or not, whether they approve of us giving money to other countries, so we can buy the oil they’re drilling. He doesn’t care. I watched his speech, the other day — one where he invited Paul Ryan to sit in the front row and then impugned him for a fiend, and seemed like he could barely contain his own smiles about it — and I kept thinking of a line from a Stephen King book, I think it was The Stand, where a used and discarded woman shouted after the man who had duped her, “you ain’t no nice guy!”

No. Obama ain’t no nice guy. I don’t like the wind that’s blowing. Remember when Tim Robbins made his “chill wind” speech? You watch Obama’s sneer/jeer from his podium, and listen to the din behind Palin’s speech being raised by people who call themselves liberal and yet actively attempt to suppress speech and shout down differing opinions and you can feel the ice directly in your face.

And speaking of that down-shouting, can you imagine the hissy-fit the press would have if a tea party crowd had tried to drown out a speech by anyone? They’d say it was “downright unAmerican,” and they’d be right.

Put Sarah Palin’s speech next to Barack’s Obama’s, and forget about their policies for a second; just watch and listen. Which one do you believe? Who is transparent and clear and who is obfuscating and duplicitous? Who is natural, and who is affected? Who spends more time saying “I” and “Me” and who says “Us” and “We”?

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  • sissywillis

    My two cents’ worth:

    Sarah Palin redraws the electoral map: “The 2012 election starts here” in Madison, WI

  • kensington

    I know you have doubts about Palin, but more and more I really think she may be the best chance we have to get this country heading back in the right direction.

  • greta

    I agree 1,000% on both Obama and Palin. I think Obama gets more arrogant as the days pass and also more angry. He is not use to nor can he handle anything other than praise. I am a retired CEO of a company I started and we had hundreds of employees when I retired and sold the company to key employees. Over the years, I tried to hire a variety of different type of people from different races and backgrounds. One thing I saw over the last 10 years or so was some of the younger people coming in with an attitude of self esteem and arrogance that really bothered me. I spotted it in this guy from day one. It was always a major problem and this was true with other CEO’s that I met with on a regular basis. It seemed to come with the more education they had and especially from what was considered a prestiege college. I found that the best college kids were those who went to the middle level schools and who worked their way through school. I always checked work references far more than school grades.

    Palin in the real deal. I was fortunate to have met a lot of the Republicans over the years and my favorite was the Bush Presidents, father and son, and also Reagan. However, I will say that Palin of all of them was the most frank and honest person I have ever met in politics. What you saw in person one on one was the same when the room filled. She did a heck of a job in Alaska as well cleaning out a mess in her own party and getting a heck of a deal from the oil companies to get to work and to protect the people of Alaska with a solid windfall profit when oil went up. Alaska has a 3.4Billion Dollar surplus this year and has amassed over 10 billion in a rainy day savings fund. the people pay no state income taxes and get rebate check on oil. She also left office when the personal attacks continued after the VP race and did so because it was costing the state huge amounts of money to get everything together coming from information requirements from all over that had to be done by law unless she was no longer governor and that was something that made her mad. There is not a quit in her unless it is hurting others. Brave, smart, honest. No wonder the media hates her.

  • 829771461

    Who is natural, and who is affected?

    I’ve had this theory since, um, well…sometime very soon after August 29, 2008. The people who are most “hip” and with-it nowadays, nevermind if they’re really liberals or not (although most of them are post-modern liberals) are all done listening to you if they hear the wrong thing out of you. But it isn’t conservatism they’re avoiding. Just being wholesome is enough to get shunned.

    In other words, this much-vaunted “sophistication” turns out not to have too much to do with sophistication at all, or worldliness, or erudition, or a decent vocabulary. It is the ability to bend, and the willingness to bend, truth. They are looking for some “good” people they can’t really trust with anything of value.

    To put it even more plainly: A conservative would rather it be Sarah Palin take his kid out camping in the woods over a weekend, than Barack Obama or Bill Clinton; and a liberal would prefer that for his kid, too. Conservatives see this kind of trustworthiness as an asset in a leadership position, and liberals see it as a liability. So we’re not arguing about who’d make a good leader and who wouldn’t, or what these people are capable of doing. We’re arguing about leadership itself and what it involves — character, or slick snake-oil salesmanship.

  • Old Fan

    Dear Anchoress, I sadly have to disagree regarding Sarah’s latest offering. Certainly, compared to Mr. Obama, she is very welcome – but that is one of the lowest standards to compare with of all time.

    Besides, I have watched Sarah use notes on her hands – reference typed sheets on the most simple content, ie: the Bush Tax Cuts. She too has problems speaking without heavy guidance – even if we don’t see a teleprompter.

    But my concerns focus on something else. This offering from Wisconsin was an ironic display in contradictions, which do not help the Hockey Mom Celebrity. It wasn’t the screeching sound of her voice which was problematic – but a few friends noted the unattractive tone. I was focused on Sarah predictably showing up to associate herself with a ‘doer’ in the form of Gov. Walker. Mrs. Palin is all image, and has little substance on the fashion she tries to sell. She was someone who raised taxes on Oil Companies and grew Climate Panel Bureaucracy in Alaska. She does not have the record of someone serious like Walker, and her presence only reminds one of those who really deserve the hype, acclaim, fan fare, etc., like Christie, Brewer, Walker, Jindal, Ryan, etc.

    The conflict of the genuine substance vs. the vacant image was painfully evident while watching Sarah Palin’s recent effort. It wasn’t the obvious attack on the disastrous Democratic Partisan offering – which anyone can provide. Sarah’s talk doesn’t fit the reality, unfortunately.

    Also, the contradiction turned ugly, as Mrs. Palin decided to offer regretful doses of hypocrisy in a truly unprincipled manner. Her debasing of those House Republicans lacked class, honesty, decency. Sarah again reveals her poor judgment, addicted to playing fashion. Mrs. Palin actually used the term ‘capitulating’ for those fine Republicans who have spent two years in the trenches united in opposition to the Democratic Partisan nonsense led by Obama in Washington. It was absurd for her to do so. Ironically, everyone knows during those same two years, Sarah has been selling books, reality television, etc. Yet, without any thought, she eagerly demeans these impressive Republicans. It is not serious – attractive leadership, and makes one want to ask, “what have you done?”

    This is the same folly which led to a fiasco in Delaware. It is even more unattractive knowing Mrs. Palin has a “capitulating” record herself. She ran from the Governorship in Alaska after only 2 years – citing ‘leftist lawsuits’. She also joined the most “capitulating” platform to the Democratic Partisan sophistry ever offered by the GOP – the Maverick sophistry.

    She simply does not have the credibility to demean the likes of Ryan, Cantor, Boehner, Blackburn, etc., who have been responsibly on the job – fighting the Democratic Partisan disaster. The offering was simply more fashionable tonic, even offering populist class warfare (offering disdain for “elites”), and reveals further – the conflicted Palin existence. Sarah Palin should offer more decency for those who are trying their best – but in the face of fashion, she is far too eager to exploit others for her own personal gain. It is all simply regretful.

  • Old Fan

    PS: I strongly believe, cheap class warfare, simple populism, is not sound Conservatism. It is a sign of a Politician who lacks substance and a genuine offering. It has become an ugly divisive obsession with the Democratic Party, and those who oppose the Democrat disaster should be wary of those who employ the sophistry. Those who claim to be ‘conservative’ who play class warfare within the conservative community, using terms like “blue blood”, “establishment elites”, etc., are destructive. Not enlightened, inspired, productive. Guaranteed to bring us all downward.

  • David Davies

    Well then, Old Fan, perhaps those ‘elites’ should stop looking down their noses at all of us ordinary folks. I’ll take Mrs. Palin and her attitude over Christopher Buckley and his attitude. Being born into money does not confer authority of any kind.