John Corapi to feed/guard "entire world" – UPDATED

Have to be honest, sort of saw this coming when “John-once-called-’Father’-Corapi” (his words) offered his materials for sale with the note that they might not be available much longer. Seemed to be saying, to me, that he would not be able to preach or sell his stuff as a priest, anymore.

Real quick analysis and a little transcription on initial listen:

“All things change; only God stays the same…I am not going to be involved in public ministry as a priest any longer. There are ‘certain persons in the church’ who want me gone…I do accept what has transpired…but the bishops have the power, apparently, to operate any way they see fit.”

No explanations, nothing specific
— there’s a heavy victim note being played about “certain leaders in the Catholic church.” yet leaving the priesthood appears to be his decision. He states that he’d be “indefinitely” suspended by those in authority as they waited around for him to leave.

Parts of this are extremely melodramatic. I’m sure Corapi feels he has been treated unjustly, but his remarks are not — at least to me — seeming like the stuff of humility, acceptance, obedience. There’s nothing here about the movement of the Holy Spirit, or God’s will; Corapi is not talking about this in terms of God “writing straight with crooked” as some might expect. Nothing about prayer, struggling, his personal anguish, Mary, his confreres (he seems always to have been a bit of a lone wolf), or the Rosary, or hope. It all seems pretty earthbound, to me.

Corapi seems a little miffed that the people questioning him were not graduates of the FBI Academy; he is claiming he does not wish to be placed in an adversarial position against the church — you can hear him say that right after he storms about the bishop and procedures for a few minutes, and charges them with ignoring both canon and civil law.

A few days ago, we talked a little about how — just as the laity need to be able to depend upon the church to do the right thing regarding bad priests, accused priests need some protections put in place, too. But to be honest, since Corapi is offering no specifics regarding his “irrational and unjust situation,” I am not sure why he would not choose to fight, and therefore help to initiate new policies and procedures for the sake of the priesthood, which he always spoke of lovingly. If I was involved with something unjust, I’d fight like hell, but that’s just me. You love your priesthood, you fight for it; you trust Jesus, who IS truth, to bring forth the truth. That’s what Padre Pio did.

“For 20 years I did my best to guard and feed the sheep…was thrown out like yesterday’s garbage…I shall continue, black sheep that I am, to speak. And sheepdog that I am, to guard the sheep, this time not not just in the Catholic church, but in the entire world!”

Not hearing the Jesus note in there, that he’s feeling called to it by Jesus, obeying Jesus and not just following his own ambitions, etc…In fact, I am not sure he mentions Christ at all in the speech. I’ll have to listen to it again, but I’m not hearing any generosity, in any of this. Everyone is, of course, entitled to their own opinion — and I am sure many people are either confused or heartbroken over this news, and I truly feel badly for them — but so many have called him a “living” saint and a few have even called him “the lone voice of truth” in the church, today — and I guess those sorts of sentiments led me to expect something different.

He speaks of his audience necessarily becoming “broader,” which I guess it would have to be, if he’s intending to feed and guard the entire world!

Am I the only one who finds that a bit grandiose and thinks he sounds just a bit messianic along with the melodrama? Maybe he’ll start his own church! I’m more inclined to think, though, that he’s intending to go into a right-wing focused teaparty/religion sort of mode; I expect he’ll become more political.

Corapi’s new book is almost ready to be published. He’ll be writing/broadcasting as the “Black Sheep Dog.”

UPDATE: Entire text here

Deacon Greg is feeling pretty much as I do. But many, many of his fans and followers really seem upended in various feeds I’m reading. They need prayersupport. Whisper up a prayer, if you can, for them. I am, and for Corapi, too. It seems to me he is choosing to save his brand over fighting for his priesthood, and that is very sad.

Mark Shea is furious and mincing no words. He says this is worse than Richard Nixon’s “Checkers” speech. They won’t have John Corapi to kick around, anymore!

I predict a mob of pitchfork wavers fanning out across the internet to yell at the woman (about whom they know nothing except what The Black Sheepdog has told them to think) and the bishops and investigator

What a sad mess.

UPDATE II: Max Lindenman expresses sympathy and wonders if Corapi is over or under medicated.

Deacon Bill Ditewig urges prayer

Frank Weathers: I’m still here!

Lisa Graas: “saw it coming”

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  • S.T. Martin

    As a former (the “former” part started today after listening to this video), Corapi fan, I am filled with grief. There is nothing in this video announcement but trouble, and my spiritual red flags are at full mast.

    Dear (formerly Father) John Corapi,

    Jesus Christ through His Catholic Church and His Vicar on earth, the Pope in Rome, is my Shepherd, and there is no other. (You did not teach me that, but you actually reinforced it at one point.) I do not follow black sheep.

    You state you have two choices: fade away and die or keep going as you can. Though I believe you have more than two options (and you are smart enough to know that you do too – come on, man), I think you are making the wrong choice. Better to fade and die than to do what I think you are about to do. Hopefully, and prayerfully, I will be proven wrong.

    Prayers for John Corapi,


  • Deb

    This book called “Priest” I donated to our church library…great book on priests who quietly do their work out of the limelight. Their are so many more, priests, deacons, sisters, that do that everyday. Remember them also…they need prayers and support.

  • Dismas

    Certainly, this bizarre event will cause me to re-double my effort in prayer for our Church, our Holy Father, and especially all priests and religious. Most of all, I certainly won’t allow this bizarre event to distract or take precedence over the very greats things currently occurring in our Church such as World Youth Day in Spain and the very tangible fruits taking shape regarding Anglicanorum coetibus and the formation of new Anglican Ordinariates in Europe and North America.

  • Michael J. Russell

    Narcissistic fabulism, indeed. From Corapi’s new website, verbatim:

    “…A member from his media team shared ‘this is a very exciting move for John and his fans [sic], as for the first time, in a long time, John will be directly in touch with this fan-base by way of social networks.’”


    “Corapi was awarded $2,712,281 (USD) for his role as a whistleblower in the [qui tam] False Claims Act Lawsuit as well as the $500,000 USD he and his friend were awarded for the insurance case they filed.”

    So, with a cool > $3.0 million burning a hole in his pocket, I’m thinking he has other fish to fry.

    Perhaps the suddenly self-laicized “John Corapi” might want to share some of that with EWTN, who are currently $800K in the red after providing inestimable contributions to him in building his personal brand. He owes them that much.

  • Frank

    There have always been and always will be Bishops and “leaders” of the Church that should act and talk differently. However, Jesus seems to know whom he chooses. It is easy to follow and obey a holy Bishop. It is a “test of the pudding” that we obey when things do not go our way at all.

    Obedience is a test for both teh “right” and the “left”, usually for different reasons. I cannot think of any saint who was falsely accused (there were a lot) that in any way become self-serving, advocated subtle disobedience, were concerned about their rights etc. Just reading about St. Faustina who suffered much from superiors and others in her community but that was the springboard to great union with Christ. Or St. Therese who saw the hand of God even in an unjust, prioress who probably had mental problems. The saints see through all the obvious to the “hidden” hand of God…obecame OBEDIENT even unto death!

    Pray for John Corapi…his life will never be the same again. He is looking for affirmation as a goal and will always be thwarted. Pray for the people whose lives will be jumbled because of his anti-witness.

    And pray that you (me) will be open to what in our own lives are in need of repentence…especially our little self-serving disobediences. What fills our hearts will affect the whole universe.


  • Barbara

    One thing missing from the above discussions is the insight that following one “rock star” priest, speaker, or writer leaves us in danger of the cult of personality which grips the world system. St. Paul wrote of this in I Corinthians when he complained that some were following Apollos, some Paul himself, and others. St Paul reminds us that we are in Christ’s body, not the body of Paul, or Apollos. We are not in the body of Father Corapi, Father Cutie, Catholic Answers apologists or any other leader. Each leader or speaker or priest or bishop is human who may vary in his or her cooperation with grace at a given time.
    Those who base their conversions or faith on any given teacher or cleric are always at risk of being disappointed. We should accept that risk, as indeed, we are capable of disappointing others as well.
    The stresses of pop culture, (which includes “famous personalities” in the Church) are enormous. May we lessen our adulation of any one person in favor of worship of the Savior we adore and follow.

  • RB2

    Corapi will probably be able to fill the shoes of ex-Fr. Malachi Martin on Coast to Coast w/ George Noory.
    Fr. Corapi is certainly not in the mold of ST. Gerard Majella who went *SILENT* during similar allegations and wasn’t cleared till the woman recanted.

  • Marnie

    There will be those who will say, “I told you so!”.
    There will be those who will be heartbroken by it.
    Then there is the rest who will simply have to watch this train wreck and hope for the lowest number of casualties possible.
    Prayers for all.

  • Ivy

    Let Mark Shea speak…He apparently has seen through the b.s.from the beginning and not with the accused jealousy being hurled at him…
    I’m intriqued by the possibility of women coming forward now to sell their tomes to the Enquirer….perhaps John Corapi needs to make some money fast…..

  • Klaire

    I wish everyone so worried about Corapi’s “followers” would just chill, it doesn’t ring authentic. We were fans of TRUTH, period, from whomever was willing to give it to us. If anyone leaves the faith over this, then they certainly didn’t get what Father Corapi tirelessly taught, especially the part about the battle of spiritual warfare.

    Perhaps now during the half off sale would be a good time for some of the Catholic Bloggers to pick up some his spiritual warfare tapes. It appears most of you have a lot to learn.

    Father Z nailed it, exactly what Father Corapi always taught, and why he constatnly asked for prayers, fearing this day would come.

  • TheresaEE

    I see something very “Italian” in Fr. Corapi’s highly emotional “cut-off-your-nose-to-spite-your-face” response to the deep pain and sense of betrayal he feels over this accusation of sexual impropriety. But I also can’t help being reminded of another Italian priest who was also charged with sexual impropriety (among other things). His response was one of patience and humility – which is why we call him Saint Padre Pio.

    My fear though, in reading through these responses, is that, despite his irrational and destructive response, many are missing a very important element of Corapi’s message – that ALL of our priests are in danger of being FALSELY accused of sexual impropriety. I make no judgment on Fr. Corapi’s guilt or innocence, but has the pendulum begun to swing the other way? For 40 years, guilty priests have been allowed to continue in ministry. Has the Church now over-reacted to the point that any and all priests from active ministry, simply based on a single accusation?

    I believe that ultimately, the Church will better handle these kinds of accusations, respecting due process and the rights of both accused and accuser, but right now, I believe we are in a transitional state, attempting to “correct” the negligence of the past, by overracting in the present.

    All of this translates, to me, anyway, as a FIRM reminder that it is my DUTY as a Catholic, to pray, pray, pray for our priests and bishops – daily. I am guilty of not having done that, thus, I, too, bear some responsibility for the situation as it stands today. I am my brothers’ keeper. From this, I will learn NOT to judge, but to pray.

    Saint Padre Pio, pray for us, and our priests and bishops!

  • George

    Klaire -

    Read the Facebook pages for Father Corapi and BlackSheepDog. You’ll see what we mean by “followers” and what Corapi himself means by “fans.”

  • Lisa

    All the admonitions to pipe down and just pray would make sense if Corapi had said “Because of the process which has rendered me suspended I am no longer functioning as a Catholic priest but will be starting a new life as an insurance adjuster in Bozeman. Please pray for me.” That would be one thing.

    But he’s rebranded himself and will be selling himself and his stuff under this new brand.

    That’s very public. It’s activity that will separate people from their money.

    It bears scrutiny.

  • Joanna

    It seems that ‘Father’ Corapi’s ministry was more important to him than his priesthood. Without a proper investigation it leaves nobody with any proper answers or recompense. Also it would seem from his own wording and his own pseudonym that he realises he was at least partly if not wholly to blame for the situation.

  • pilgrim

    I think the man is suffering from depression…


    “Black dog” was the expression used by Winston Churchill to describe his bouts of depression.

    The first recorded use of black dog as a colloquial term for melancholy is by Samuel Johnson, the creator of the English dictionary, who suffered from what today would be termed clinical depression. Johnson called his melancholia ‘the black dog’ in conversations and correspondence with his friends.

    Writers Sir Walter Scott and Robert Louis Stevenson also made reference to the “black dog” in their lives.

    Black dogs are also a symbol in ancient religions of of death and afterlife.

    Cornelius Agrippa, a philosopher of the 1500s, was persecuted for non-conventional beliefs; his pet black dog was presented as evidence of his sorcery.

    Howling dogs are also seen as omens of death and illness.

    more about the black dog symbolism…

  • John Dean

    After reading the comments on this, I can only say that I am glad I decided 49 years ago to leave the Catholic Church. The man has been accused and deemed guilty. It is up to him to prove his innocence. His ministry as a priest has been ruined because of this accusation. I’m not a “fan” of Father Corapi. I have watched him on television and find that I don’t always agree with him. Regardless, he deserves a fair hearing. With the shortage of priests, it seems a shame to lose another one. In our courts of law, a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

    The scandal that has hounded the church has caused overkill in this case.

    Why did I leave the church? 1. I was molested by a priest when I was an altar boy. 2. I went to confession to a priest who was the meanest godawful sob I have ever encountered. 3. All I seemed to hear in sermons by my pastor was “money, money, money. 4. Nothing in the Catholic church even resembled what I read of early Christianity. 5. I found my freedom in the Person of Jesus Christ.

  • Brad

    Mark Shea, your words and demeanor are such a massive turn off. I “need a shower” every time I come across your mouth while on the internet.

  • brother jeff

    Lisa, if i buy a copy of the Jesuit Guide to Almost Everthing, it will separate me from some money. Does this mean father martin and the jesuits ‘bear scrutiny’?

  • jkm

    I would like to be able to answer Elizabeth’s question about where John Corapi was ever incardinated and exercising duly authorized priestly faculties. No one I know has ever answered that question.

    John Corapi has never celebrated Mass on EWTN. Indeed, he has never appeared live on EWTN to my knowledge; Patrick Madrid, when questioned by viewers about this, responded that they had tried several times to get him, but something always prevented it at the last minute. His appearances, including an interview done by video from his Montana home during his year-long absence due to unspecified medical issues, were taped–most from the original Sacramento recordings of his Catechism series, some from his conferences (during one of these, the first after the return to public speaking, he is briefly shown among a crowd of concelebrants).

    To the person who asked why The Black SheepDog website carries the Wikipedia bio (“Can’t he write his own?”), he–or his media team–did write the Wikipedia bio, and over the years have adjusted it to play down exaggerated claims.

    And to the person who compares John Corapi to accused priests tossed unceremoniously out of their housing/livelihood, please note that by his choice he has never been provided any financial support by S.O.L.T., EWTN (other, that is, than valuable free air time to promote his products), or any other Church entity. Since his ordination, he has been a freelance preacher, leasing or owning a series of homes in pricey, secured communities. His business is for profit, and he is under no vowed obligation to share anything with his community. A recent interview with the S.O.L.T. regional superior noted that S.O.L.T. receives no profits from Corapi’s sales. Those sales, which provide the lifestyle to which he has become accustomed, were endangered by a suspension. Thus, it’s time to move on.

  • Walt

    Where does he say he is leaving the priesthood? He hasn’t been laicized. He’s been “put out to pasture.” by the powers that be. All the people here who spew forth hate and disgust, is this the way true Christian Catholics act when someone is down and in trouble? God help you all if you are in need of mercy and everyone who passes by you spits upon you and walks away without lending a hand. He does seem a bit disjointed in his speech and not as crystal clear as he once was I will be praying for the good Father and for everyone who puts him down. It is easy to destroy someone, hard to support and build someone up again. May God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit have mercy on us all…..

  • Lisa

    Thank you jkm.

    I wish someone would pull your comment out for its own blog post.

  • brother jeff

    But JKM do you know where he is incardinated? No one seems to know. I can’t believe the story about being ordained by JP II was all one big con.

  • Rainey

    The writing was on the wall before this narcissist even became a priest:

    In that letter (dated 1984), the grandiosity, persecution-complex, and even messianism are quite apparent. The Catholic Church provided this megalomaniac with an incredible marketing tool which he brilliantly used for his own financial benefit.

    This man is not stupid. He has figured out exactly who his audience is and will continue to cater to them. The audience might get a little smaller with his latest pecadillo, but trust me, plenty of Catholics will still be more than happy to shell out their hard-earned cash to support his lavish lifestyle on his compound in Montana.

    He is in the middle of a re-invention of some sort, and his transformation will most certainly be interesting to watch. He reinvented himself once already with the Holy Priest schtick. Maybe the next phase is simply Truly Persecuted Man Forced to be a Rogue Spiritual Leader by the Evil Liberal Factions of the Catholic Church.

    I used to be ripe for the picking, too. But I learned the lesson the hard way through the Maciel/Legion of Christ saga.

    Charlatans and predators flourish wherever blindness and naivete abound.

  • Sue from Buffalo

    What does it mean, “incardinated?”

  • brother jeff

    Incardinated means each priest is under the supervision of a bishop or religious superior. You can’t operate as a priest without being incardinated to someone. it’s not clear to me which Bishop was over him. If you are transferred, you are “excardinated” and then incardinated to the next authority.

    Rainey you make him sound like Hannibal Lecter.

  • Sue from Buffalo

    Rainey, I’m not sure that garabandal has been validated by Mother Church. (to be fair, I’m not even sure that I’m recalling this correctly).

    Would you tell us what the status is of Garabandal first? You’re using it as a link to tear down a priest and I’d just like to know the credibility of it first.

    Thank you.

  • Sue from Buffalo

    Thanks, Brother Jeff. That helps clear things up for me.

  • jkm

    No, Jeff, I don’t know where he was ever incardinated. My best guess, if it ever happened, would be Sacramento, in the mid-90s, when he recorded the Catechism videos. He claimed in one interview at the time to have been appointed Director of Formation for the diocese by Bishop Weigand, but that has since been disproved.

    He did help out with Masses at his mother’s home parish, St. Mary’s in Hudson NY, for a few months in the early 90s, when he was apparently living at home, but was never assigned there. The only other parish duty he claims is at the S.O.L.T. parish in Corpus Christi, but whether that was during the deaconate (he was ordained a deacon by then-Bishop Rene Gracida) or later is unclear.

    And I do not know if there is any way to prove priestly ordination, especially one performed under such extraordinary circumstances. Blogger Fr Z mentioned in his post today that he was ordained with John Corapi, but didn’t know him at the time. That is the only mention I have ever heard of anyone claiming to have been there, although Fr Z could be reading back into the event after hearing Corapi’s claims.

    I am sincerely interested in having someone offer real proof (not his self-written WikiBio) that he has been a priest in good standing at some time, somewhere. That confirmation–like proof that charges were trumped up by a deranged person–should be much easier to come by than it seems to be.

  • awe

    Hard to believe who is truthful, but his accuser should make her accusations publicly and not hide from view.

  • Daniel T

    No one is claiming the Father Corapi was never ordained and never incardinated, though I have also wondered whether he has had faculties in more recent years. I keep hoping news would come out where some Catholic journalist does some checking.

    I had mentioned on the Deacon’s Bench that there had been a lawsuit back in 2003 between Father’s current and former media companies over who held the rights to his early works. There is a brief reporting on this suit (Santa Cruz Media Inc. vs. Saint Joseph Holdings) about halfway down the page at . This report is indicating, back in 2003, that a former business partner had given some information to Sacramento diocesan officials and Santa Cruz wanted copies. Part of the ruling reads: “One can also reasonably infer that in whole or in part, the writings at issue do not relate to penitential matters involving confession and absolution, but rather to a reporting of alleged misconduct of Corapi or, as urged by plaintiffs, complaints about the business practices of Corapi.”
    So did the Bishop of Sacramento do an investigation based on the information passed on to his office, suspend Father’s faculties at that point, or what? I would think that due to his employment there, that would have been where he had been incardinated. He moved, and the bishop where he resides has said he doesn’t have any faculties from the diocese. It seems SOLT wouldn’t be able to grant priestly faculties to a member that has lived outside of the community for such a long period, and it would seem that the Helena Bishop would have to grant permission for Father to have been there on SOLT activity.
    At his most recent conference in San Antonio, rather than being the celebrant of Mass a SOLT priest friend celebrated instead. EWTN’s statement said they had never “KNOWINGLY” aired programming of a priest whose faculties have been suspended. He did actually appear on EWTN Live with Father Mitch Pacwa about a year ago, but he did seem not quite himself then and Fr. Mitch seemed to have to take over an answer or two.

  • Kathie

    The following is the only worthwhile blog I have seen yet. The most uncharitable, prideful, arrogant one I have seen is by Mark Shea who needs to get off his high horse and on his knees.

    Fr. Z:

  • Marc

    Please look up Father Z’s comments regarding this. So much lack of charity on here. Not everyone, but many. Some, not surprisingly.

  • tim baugh

    How quick you all are to turn on your brother, your father, John Corapi. Judases, the lot of you. John never hid any of his worldly struggles but used them rather to connect with those of us who share them with him. While obedient to the gag order placed on him by yet another misguided american bishop, his ministry would surely die and with his health, he might have just died waiting. I do not defend disobedience, John knew the hammer that was looming always overhead, and courageously spoke truth, against those same Bishops often times, anyway. He should have, and it seems like he did, know this was coming eventually, and he is responding in the only way that could possibly yield a change in the way bad bishops dispense with good priests. remember he couldn’t publicly expose this horrible issue within the Church while remaining obedient to his cease and desist order. It occurs to me, and i can’t believe not to everyone else, that John is not turning his back on the priesthood, he is sacrificing it for the good of all who will be spared as a result of the scandal. HE CAN MAKE A LOT OF NOISE ABOUT A LEGITIMATE PROBLEM NOW, and if he is able to do so faithfully then we will all benefit from it. He now has the forum to speak on behalf of the countless other priests this has happened to, hopefully he will. As to his narcissism, self promotion, self aggrandizement, and the host of other idiosyncratic accusations, REALLY? Are we all protestants all of the sudden? pointing out the splinter in our brother’s eye? Especially you hotshot bloggers and apologists, you guys make up my dream team of modern Catholic thinkers and writers, but your hardly blameless in the area of self promotion, and pride-fullness. I am writing this to some of my heroes, and I am sad to see you guys crucify this hero of truth in so many paragraphs, and then cap it off with the obligatory “we need to pray for him”. Get real.
    It is a very real possibility that John could be ceased by the enemy, and could fall into any number of problems, but to speculate that he has, is just unfathomable at this point.
    As to Jimmy’s take on the name “blacksheepdog”, jimmy, I love your work and count you among my favorite apologists, but this was a swing and a miss. He didn’t choose to be a black sheep, he chose to speak truth against the faulty american bishops who didn’t want him to, and that made him a black sheep (again self sacrifice) and the wolves that are brought to mind in the sheep dog imagery are these same faulty american bishops that have been victimizing the church and priests for years. Guess what, the sheep do need to be protected against these specific Bishops.

    I, personally, will not follow John anywhere that the Church would object to. But i damn sure will not assume that he intends to lead people there either. He clearly shows his love for the church and his concern for Her, and that (at least for now) is the reason he is doing this. All of you bloggers, commenters, and readers, Pray for the ability to see past your inclination to judge John, sincerely pray for him, and for Catholic fruit to come of his new ministry.

  • Rainey

    I would not pretend to know anything about the credibility of either Garabandal or the website.

    What I do know is that that letter (please feel free to google for yourself) was posted in quite a few places on the internet shortly after the news of Fr. Corapi broke, and it was posted in his defense, as a way to demonstrate his holiness. And neither Fr. Corapi nor any of his other defenders denied that he wrote it. I linked to this particular website because it not only has the typewritten content of the letter but also has a scanned view of the handwritten letter and signature of Fr. Corapi himself.

    All I care about is the man’s own words. Unless that woman forged his signature (again, Fr. Corapi has not made such a claim that I am aware of), that letter is the work of Corapi himself.

    When it comes to this type of situation, I always think it is better to go straight to the source than to listen to the speculation of others. This is why I posted the link—let everyone read Corapi’s own words and come to their own conclusions.

    I don’t really care who posted the letter. What matters is that Corapi wrote it and to my knowledge has not denied he did.

    It speaks volumes to who and what he really is—and was, even 20 years ago.

    Whether or not Garabandal is a valid apparition (my own personal belief is that it is not) is not the issue. No need to use the question of Garabandal’s validity to distract from the fact that Corapi, even 20 years ago, was exhibiting signs of grandiosity, narcissim, and even messianism. Corapi’s own written words “tear the man down” more than I ever could. There are red flags all over that letter.

  • Suzanna

    Spiritual Warfare is not a theory, it is a FACT! Right now, the Devil and his demonic angels are very happy with what’s going on. Let’s not give them any of our time and attention!!!

    This I know is the TRUTH: Our precious Lord Jesus Christ is Lord and Master of the Universe and the Holy Trinity has everything under control. Everything is happening as it should, and God knows what He is doing. That is all I know for sure. God Bless everyone, including John Corapi, a very special man. He has had many trials in his life and this is another one I’m sure he will overcome.

    Please everyone, just pray…let’s all pray for God’s Holy Will to be made know to John Corapi. God Bless you, John

  • jkm

    Daniel, you and I have been trying to follow these questions down since this story first broke–at the cost of being accused by “the fan base” of being his accusers in disguise.

    What my research shows is that he was never employed by the Diocese of Sacramento. He gave a couple of parish missions (in his role as “itinerant preacher”) on the Catechism that were favorably received. On that basis, Bishop Weigand asked that his presentations be recorded for use in formation. They were recorded by the Schirmers, the couple named in the 2003 suit to which you refer, who were sued by Corapi for copyright infringement after he ended their production/distribution contract with him (his friend and former Vegas colleague had advised him that the couple were making money off him and that he could do better running his own company, so he incorporates as Santa Cruz Media). They countersued him for breach of contract, and the suit was dismissed with prejudice, a decision that in a civil suit usually means the judge believes there was no merit to the original suit.

    But this lawsuit occurred long after the recordings had been completed and Corapi was no longer active in the Sacramento diocese, so I don’t believe there was any rescinding of faculties involved. At the time of the suit he was living in the gated community of Lake California outside of Redding, doing occasional parish missions around the US, and selling his videos through Santa Cruz, at that time run by his goddaughter out of a house he rented for her in Redding. This was the time when he became engaged in the events that led to the medical whistleblower suit.

    Sorry if this bores or offends anyone else on this thread. It’s part of the frustration of trying to do actual investigative research on this story.


    I am a traditionalist, conservative Anglican bishop; I do not know Fr. Corapi, but have always enjoyed listening to his teachings — my observation is that he has NOT said: “I am resigning the priesthood!” Nor has he said that he has been suspended from the exercise of the priesthood. Neither has he said that he is requesting laicization from the Holy See — surely that would be a logical step for someone so devoted to the Church and who was ordained to the priesthood by no less than Pope John Paul II! As I understand it, until he formally, publically resigns the exercise of the priesthood and/or is deprived of the exercise of the priesthood and/or is formally laicized, Fr. Corapi continues to be a priest and, one presumes, may still say Mass, at least in private, hear confessions, administer the Anointing of the Sick, etc. Meanwhile, I shall both pray for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth to come out in all the is relevant and still occasionally listen to his teaching “online” from time-to-time!

  • Daniel T

    It seems some are rather quick to turn on Bishop Mulvey as being some type of liberal, bad bishop. He was appointed by Pope Benedict to his post in 2010. It seems like Pope Benedict has had a fairly decent track record in his appointments. I’d be interested what some have to say about Bishop Mulvey’s record outside of his apparent (according to Father Corapi) stance against Father Corapi retaining his faculties prior to the conclusion of an investigation.

  • Joe



    Have you ever examined his claims about his “former” life? Was he really Realtor in LA? Was he arrested…or whatever his claims were?

  • Randy

    Corapi once said, in a talk, that his “charism” was that he “didn’t give a rat’s rear end what anybody said about him.” At the time I heard it, it seemed rather prideful, and as it turns out, it wasn’t even true. He’s found a cross he’s not willing to hoist up onto his shoulders, and he’s outta here. No matter how innocent, or not, I’m disappointed in him.

  • Daniel T

    “Father” Corapi’s website indicates as part of his Curriculum Vitae that he was “Director of Catholic Faith Formation, Diocese of Sacramento, California”. That’s not a position of employment where the Bishop would have been giving him his faculties?

  • jkm

    Daniel, according to members of the diocesan chancery at the time, Corapi was never hired by the Diocese of Sacramento. It was suggested at one point, but there was strong resistance by the clergy of the diocese against a freelancer holding this position. Corapi referred to this in a later interview as jealous and unfaithful priests trying to get him fired, but from what I can confirm, his “position” was an informal one of giving talks to be recorded for use in formation programs. In Sacramento he lived in a furnished executive condo meant for temporary corporate housing, not a rectory or other Church housing. The diocese never owned or asserted any rights to those talks, which they would presumably have done were he an employee. Whether his informal consultative position came with faculties or incardination is not something anyone seems to be able to answer.

    The fact that a position is listed on his CV is not proof that he held it. The only thing on Corapi’s CV that I have been able to confirm independently is that there is a copy of his thesis in the library of the University of Navarre.

  • marieteresa

    As unsettling as the Black Sheep Dog is, far worse….is the full force of gossip contained in all these streams of comments on all the blogs. God bless Father Z for turning off his comments!!!!!
    Let us, dear Catholc brothers and sisters, look at our own sinful uncharitable, rash judging and bitter words. Truly when Holy Mother Church tells us that one sin affects the whole communion of the Mystical Body, stop and observe for a moment if you will, just how glaringly evident it is here.
    It is Saturday. How about we ALL take a trip to confession and humbly beg our Lord to forgive us for this heinious and self righteous GOSSIP (falsly named social networking and opinions) as we list our own multitude of other sins.
    And Mark P. Shea – your opinions are exceedingly very nasty .
    Holy Spirit, mercy.

  • Christine

    Mark Shea wrote:

    “He is endangering thousands of souls by his behavior.”

    Perhaps Mr. Shea should consider his own behavior and its effects on his readers as well.

    I don’t agree with Fr. Corapi’s actions.

    But neither am I self-righteous. Temptation is hard, and sometimes we give way to weakness–just as you do, time and time again, by your vitriolic, unbalanced commentary, which has scandalized more than a few Catholics.

    I don’t know how saintly I’d be in the face of the tremendous pressures and temptations Fr. Corapi is no doubt facing–and neither do you, Mr. Shea.

    I see the danger in Fr. Corapi’s actions and its potential to lead his followers into schism. But there’s nothing worse than a Catholic pharisee who looks down his nose at a priest who has given way to weakness.

  • John

    Let us take the beam from our own eye before trying to remove the splinter from another. So Fr. Corapi isn’t Padre Pio. No kidding. It is unfair for anyone to compare him to a saint or say he lacks the holiness of any one of them. How would you like your life to be examined like this and then compared to one of these. Worse yet are the demands to “pick up your cross and act like Jesus.” Maybe a good idea but ask yourself, How’s that working for me?

    Another great preacher was accused of being vain, of dressing well and enjoying the finer things in life. This person knew it and struggled with it all his life. This man also donated almost all the royalties from his writings and royalties, an estimated $10 million to the Society for the Propagation of the Faith. But he got into an argument with his Bishop over disbursement of funds and when the Pope sided with him against the Archbishop his employment was terminated, he was banished from the Archdiocese and made a local outcast. He also early on in life stated on his resume that he had a 2nd doctorate which in fact was not true. Still this man’s cause is advancing toward canonization in Rome. Fr. Corapi may not be Archbishop Sheen either but in that case he needs our prayers, not our rebuke.

    Jesus told his to pick up our cross and follow Him, but he also said let he among you without sin throw the first stone. It will be interesting to see who the first sinless person is after my comment. There were so many before it.

  • Laura

    That was an intensely painful 8 minutes, 37 seconds of my life. Poverty and obedience seemed MIA; I have no comment on the vow of chastity.
    The whole choice of the black sheepdog theme and the graphic of defenseless sheep reflected in ferocious eyes was pretty unsettling too.
    The only thing I know to do for a man who once responded to God’s call to the priesthood and IS spiritually, indelibly marked as a priest for eternity is to pray, pray and pray some more on his behalf.
    God will be with John Coropi; may John Coropi accept Our Good Lord’s assistance and graces!

  • Kirstin

    This is indeed a sad mess. I would prefer an explanation from his Church superiors regarding what is taking place to learning about this mainly from Fr. Corapi’s website. There should be an candid explanation about why he’s been suspended so the faithful will understand the Church’s position.

    I have watched a number of Fr. Corapi’s sermons on EWTN and was impressed. But I am not impressed with what he is doing now. I think I will pay attention to others such as Fr. Robert Barron at this time. However, Fr. Corapi and those in authority over him will be in my prayers. May God show them all the way.

  • Daniel

    Well this is all extremely disturbing. It’s particularly unsettling that, even among Catholic bloggers, the circumstances surrounding this man’s ordination and participation in the Church remain largely unknown.

  • Joseph Marshall

    I must say I find this all rather weird. Whatever the merits or demerits involved, it’s clear that a tremendous amount of emotional energy in the Church was bound up around this man. To an outsider, that is really rather shocking in and of itself. I hardly expect to see Catholics expending such emotion toward anyone but Christ, the Virgin, or the Saints. I presume that his preaching was orthodox despite whatever scandal has boiled up, or there would be some hint otherwise here.

    What does this man have that is so compelling about him, rather than his message? It is clearly so to both his detractors and his defenders. Even if no scandal had occurred, he would still have been only one priest among many, serving, at most, only a few decades in 2000 years of Christianity. I know enough of that history from outside to know that there have been good priests and bad, but both the vision and the institution have proved durable and impervious to destruction from mere controversy surrounding the men who shepherd it.

    It saddens me that so many seem to have lost sight of that fact and are suffering so much from the actions of Corapi or the other mortal men who would have passed judgment on him, instead of being happy in their faith, which, even to an outsider, appears to be far more durable and important.

  • Rainey

    Same story, different scammer. This story will keep repeating itself until enough Catholics wake up and start seeing the red flags of narcissism, grandiosity, and persecution-complex used for self-gain. Abuse of all kinds thrives when narcissists go undetected and unchecked.

    Same denial, tired responses and vicious accusations by defenders of such bamboozlers “look at your own sins, you gossipers and maligners!”. We could say the same thing about investigating and discussing any predator or scammer, yet nobody cries “Detraction! Maligning!” when we try to protect the public from other kinds of scams.

    You can’t protect those who choose to remain blind, but you can certainly try to raise your own Catholic children to be smart about recognizing the wolves.

    My family has suffered greatly due to the Legionary of Christ scam and has learned this lesson the hard way. Being naive and blind to the signs of a con-man is not being charitable to anybody involved. It is certainly not charitable to the narcissist himself, who finds himself enabled and glorified by an adoring and blind fan base.

    To those trying to do the real investigative work: keep on keeping on. Would that the conservative Catholic media had done the same for the Maciel story. There is nothing heroic about turning a blind eye to the wolves in sheeps’ clothing in our very Church.