Dog Day Afternoon – UPDATED

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offered without comment because I have to pay attention to paying work, and because I’m getting a trifle bored. And the Wagner at the end was just so self-important and heavy-handed that, I’m sorry, I laughed. All I could think was “kill da wabbit, kill da wabbit, kill da wabbit!

I think I am done writing about John Corapi, unless something earthshaking comes up. I’ll keep praying for him, but I’m not giving him any more publicity. If you need more things Corapi, Mark Shea has taken a deep cleansing breath

Frankly, that recording, and the comments after it gave me the willies.

Deacon Greg is sad and appalled. Rightly so.

Sequence of Events

Lisa Graas

Okay – closing comments.
I am not going to give this craziness a forum.

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