Dear St. Aloysius

I love St. Aloysius and while in Rome was privileged to be able to pray at his tomb for my sons.

A nice piece on him, in America

In his single-minded pursuit of God, and especially his willingness to give up literal riches, Aloysius perfectly emblemizes a key meditation of the Spiritual Exercises called the “Two Standards.” In that meditation, St. Ignatius asks the retreatant to imagine being asked to serve under the banner, or “standard,” of one of two leaders—Christ the King or Satan. If one does choose to serve Christ, it must necessarily be by imitating the life of Jesus, choosing “poverty as opposed to riches; . . . insults or contempt as opposed to the honor of the world; . . . humility as opposed to pride.” There are few who have exemplified this as well as Aloysius. So to me he has been a great hero.

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  • Allison

    I love Saint Aloysius! He is my name saint! Have you read his biography? You can get it through TAN Books. It’s an excellent read based on primary sources!

    I hope that when I enter novitiate, I will be able to have him as my patron saint as a religious! :)

  • Barbara Peters

    I believe St. Aloysius has been praying for my son for years. He is a wonderful saint. I know he is praying for all young people during this difficult economic time. St. Aloysius, pray for all of the young ones who are searching for their paths and help them find God’s Hope when they get frightened and discouraged. I also think his father deserves a special mention – it wasn’t easy for him to accept his son’s path but he eventually did and sent him off with love. St. Aloysius – pray for us parents too!

  • Barbara Peters

    I am going now to evening Mass in honor of St. Aloysius – Ms. Scalia I will include your sons in my prayers.

    [Thank you so very much! May God bless your generous spirit! -admin]