Barron on Of Gods and Men

I wrote about the film here, and in the comments Manny pointed out that Fr. Robert Barron had written about the film and also talked about it in video.

Well, a weekend after seeing the film, I am still haunted by its beauty and challenge.

Barron, like me, is impressed with Brother Luc’s statement that he is “a free man.” And yeah, it’s all about detachment — the discipline that frees us.

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  • James

    I’ve said it before, and I I’ll say it again; Fr Barron is great.

    I first saw him on EWTN a couple of years ago, and I started to get turned on to his Word On Fire site last Fall.

    He has all the essential elements that are so badly need in The Catholic Church right now: Intelligence, Orthodoxy, Charisma, Depth, a connection with the modern world without succumbing to all it’s trappings. And most of all he has an uncommon humility and meekness that seems to be at the basis of his joyous attitude.

    I pray that he never gets touched by any scandal. Please Dear God, guide him and keep him humble and true. Protect all of your clergy from the snares of The Evil One, and lead them not into temptation, but deliver them from evil- Amen.

  • Manny

    I second everything James said above.

    Thanks for mentioning me. :)

  • Mary De Voe

    Allah is a God of perfect Justice, no mercy, because Allah has no Son to love Him. The monks’ brotherly love in community is a love that the terrorists will never know and it is this brotherly love in community that inspires the raging jealousy and murder. The terrorists must look to themselves to find brotherly love in community in their own hearts. I say, that not a single terrorist would help his brother or witness to Allah by accompanying another to a common death as have these beautiful martyrs witnessed to Jesus Christ.
    God bless.

  • doughboy

    What James said. Love Fr. Barron. His epic “Catholicism” project is coming out soon and will air on PBS, too (at least portions of it, I know) in October.