Now, I OWN the Bus!

Ordinarily I would attach this as an update to this other post on Herman Cain, but this is so real and so oddly funny-yet-serious that I had to give it its own post. Thanks to the scholarly Diane Korzeniewski of Te Deum Blog

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  • Diane Korzeniewski

    I’m callin’ him, Herman “Candid” Cain!

    What I like about this is that he acknowledges the discrimination and adversity he experienced, but his focus is on rising above that.

    I really think the Cain campaign ought to make a commercial version of that interview.

  • Greta

    Over the last few days, Herman Cain has gone a long way to solidfy my support. I will keep a close watch and pay attention to everything, but with his solid discussion on the issue of abortion and the predominance of abortion mills in predominantly African American neighborhoods, it certainly gives me hope that the full arguments against that evil will be shown in the full light of day. Margaret Sanger was a racist who saw abortion and birth control as a way for the white person to keep the lower races in check. I cannot imagine a more evil person for the Democratic Party to rally around and yet each year they trot to her Planned Parenthood to vie for the Margaret Sanger award. It would be like getting the Adolf Hitler award in Germany for those who set up the most effective death camps. Of how about the David Duke award for the most Anti Semitic rants at an Occupy Wall Street gathering. I see he crawled out fron under his rock to give the OTW crowd his ringing endorsement along with the US communist party and the president of the USA.

  • Anonsters
  • Jen

    This would make a great campaign spot. Pretty incredible to realize how much things have changed in just 50 short years. Good for Herman Cain! He has a great contribution to make to American politics.

  • friscoeddie

    It might just turn out the Koch brothers bought him the bus. In an interview he acknowledged he graduated from HS in 1963 and went to college in the middle of the civil rights era and NEVER JOINED in on the movement. So the bus is his second ‘free ride’??? goodby Herman.. [by the way I did in 1962]

    [Really? So you get to decide who the moral people are or are not, based on where or if they marched, or for what cause? Gosh by your reckoning, I guess I'm moral, because I once marched against nuclear power!. And if If someone doesn't march -- or march where you think they should -- then they're the bad people? And a black person who didn't march -- who didn't do what YOU think they should have done, that's a black person who is people are only supposed to behave in one way? Wow. That sounds pretty damned race-fixated, ungenerous and almost bigoted.There are lots of ways to reform situations. One of them is marching. It's not the only way. Perhaps Cain felt there were plenty of marchers, and he could better serve himself and his community by getting an education and creating jobs. That's another way to make a difference; rising tide lifts all boats. But you marched so you are qualified to be a moral arbiter of these things, I suppose. Astonishing. -admin]

  • Peggy R

    This is why he’s so likeable. Go Herman!

  • friscoeddie

    March ? March? March? who said March? I say stand up.. there are no free “rides’

    [Yes, and apparently working hard your whole life is a "free ride" to you, because it wasn't whatever you think the guy should have been doing?-admin]

  • LisaB

    I don’t know which is more troubling; that you wrote what you did or that you believe what you wrote.

  • dry valleys