“Catholics have this ‘conscience’ thing!”

This obnoxious woman is never going to get off the stage; she’s going to be with us for another decade, at least, spouting this kind of brainless, willfully obtuse stuff:

“I’m a devout Catholic and I honor my faith and love it . . . but they have this conscience thing [that puts women at risk.]’’

And thank God for it, says I. This “conscience thing” is one of the last centering poles still propping up the once-understood notion that people are more than automatons with utilitarian lives. It is the last thing requiring people to stop and pause before they do what seems sensible in the short term or of a moment. This “conscience thing” is something the government cannot get its grubby hands on, as much as it would like to.

This “conscience thing” is complex and nuanced; it has depth and beauty and — in the divine schematic — unfailing sense. Mrs. Pelosi is content to reduce all of that into this superficial mischaracterization: “[Catholic health services say] I’m sorry, you could die [but we won't give you an abortion.]”

Because Catholic health providers are just that stupid and cavalier, of course.

As is Mrs. Pelosi, whenever she plays her “I’m a Catholic” card to move legislation she likes, or deep-six what she doesn’t.

Tina Korbe has more thoughts at Hot Air

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  • http://jscafenette.com/ Manny

    You realize this same subject exploded over at Deacon Greg’s? I find it unbelievable that Pelosi can say such a thing. I am absolutely flabberghasted. This woman got hysteridcal over the possibility that interogation techniques bordered on torture but has no understanding that killing the unborn might go against someone’s conscience. This is the logical conclusion of the Mario Cuomo formulation for Catholics to support abortion. Pro-choice, though I’m personally against it. Conscience? What’s a conscience?

  • Louise

    You know, the bishops refusal to publically deny Pelosi and her ilk Communion or publically declare her excommunication inclines me to suspect that Archbishop Lefebvre and the SSPX may have been right. If our bishops truly believed in what they preach, why would they continue to let ‘Catholic’ politicans like Pelosi and Sebellius sacreligiously receive the Body and Blood of Christ? I know there are a great many wonderful bishops and I’m sure that Archbishop Niederaur et co believe they are being merciful, but it truly makes me wonder whether they themselves actually believe in what the Church teaches (whether on abortion or on the Real Presence).

  • Gail Finke

    She is unbelievable, not to mention that this remark followed yet ANOTHER declaration that conservatives want women to “die on the floor.” How anyone leaves that unchallenged, I don’t know. Long before abortion was legal, women were not “dying on the floor” because of some weird notion of a rarified conscience — even women who came in to hospitals dying of the horrific complications (and they were horrific) of botched abortions. Let us not forget that plenty of people — some of them doctors — had no problem with subjecting women to all sorts of terrible things, and the risk of death, to GIVE them abortions. Now we are supposed to believe that NOT giving them abortions is going to kill them? I’d say in either case, a conscience is a GOOD thing.

  • Mike

    Just curious, but does anyone have the full statement Nancy Pelosi made? Both the HotAir piece and the Post piece precede “but they have this conscience thing” with an ellipsis, and end the quote in mid-sentence.

    I’m not defending her (I agree that she’s horrible), but there’s a serious lack of context here. I’m curious about what she actually said.

  • Teresa

    Pelosi confirms once again that she has no conscience. I can’t decide if the woman is stupid or evil, perhaps both.

  • Bill M.

    It’s not for me to say whether she’s stupid or evil, but it’s a documented fact that she’s rich – and getting richer. Her career in Congress has been good to her.

  • Jim F

    Mrs Sebelius has been instructed not to receive the Eucharist by the Archbishop of Kansas City, KS and the admonition was confirmed by Archbishop Wuerl.

  • Mark

    Manny you are right about it exploding over at Deacon Greg site. The post I loved the most was the one suggesting that Nancy might have “invicible ignorance” and thus she is in some way not responsible because of this issue. I plan to use that line a lot going forward for all the pro abortion catholics. I would think if they claim they are simply to ignorant and invicibly so to get the fact that it is gravely wrong to kill babies, let them have that defense. If that is the case, why would anyone want that type person serving in government or anywhere else.

    I find it amazing how when we sin, we work so hard to come up with idiotic reasons as if we can hide in the garden from God….

  • R.C.

    I think “invincible ignorance” becomes “vincible” once your Archbishop has a personal chat with you about the matter, as Pelosi’s has had with her.

    Yes, I believe it’s about time to bring back the formal excommunication rite with the bell and book and the candle snuffed out and cast aside. Unless I’m mistaken, the scene in Beckett (Peter O’Toole as Henry II) is a reasonably accurate depiction, though they habitually make the monks look ominous. It’s also shown in The Excommunication of Robert the Pious, a painting by Jean-Paul Laurens.

    It’d be nice to see something stated that crisply and clearly by a Catholic bishop. It’d make a nice change.

  • newton

    I’m not a Catholic, but… isn’t it time this sorry excuse of a Congress-creature be publicly and irrevocably excommunicated?

  • K P Winterer

    Note how she switches from ‘I’ referring to herself as Catholic to ‘they’ referring to one’s
    having a conscience? By definition she’s admitting to not being a Catholic herself. Her not having been excommunicated is a scandal to all true Catholics and disgraceful of the ‘so-called’ hierarchy of the Church.

  • Mark.

    “They’re always liberals first,” as Rush Limbaugh, love him or hate him. puts it: the ideology of the Left trumps anything from feminism (as in the case of Bill Clinton accused of rape) to the Faith itself. When I’m feeling uncharitable I think that I’d respect Ms. Pelosi more if she ate a bit of human fetus weekly rather than the Eucharist: she would at least be standing by what seem to be her true beliefs. (Yes, I’m feeling uncharitable just now.)

  • rick
  • Carol

    As a post-abortive woman (41 years ago), who has found hope and healing, I, too, find Nancy Pelosi’s statement appalling, disgusting and personally attacking me as a pro-life Catholic woman. For decades, I went through darkness and didn’t have a “conscience thing”. My initial process of healing was with the Church and then through post-abortive recovery. Let her speak to the hundreds ‘n’ hundreds of women and men who regret their abortion and hear their grief and agony from abortion until they found healing. Also, my hope is that other bishops will send her a letter requesting a face-to-face meeting–same as Gov. Quinn.

  • NMH

    Oh, for crying out loud…

    FYI: Nancy Pelosi has never, not in all the times she and I have attended the same Mass, received Communion. This I know.

    I love how people from all around the globe assert AS FACT that she receives Communion when they couldn’t possibly have any way of knowing if this indeed is true.

    Well, now you know. She doesn’t. Why she doesn’t is between her priest, her bishop, God and herself, however. I am not privy to any conversations she’s had with anyone, nor would I want to be anymore than I’d want her to be privy to any conversations I’ve had with a priest or bishop.

    If you have a political or ideological difference with Pelosi, fine, talk about that. It seems, however, that people just want to see her publicly ridiculed for their own personal gratification more than any genuine desire to see her heart changed.

    [I have never written a word about whether or not Pelosi receives communion b/c a) I don't know whether she does or not and b) I'm inclined to believe that ultimately, the communion between Christ and a soul is intensely personal. My point was "the conscience thing," which I'm rather glad the church insists upon. -admin]

  • Carol

    I would love to see Nancy Pelosi’s heart change so that she could receive the Eucharist once again. I don’t wish to know about her private conversation(s) with any bishop and/or priest. We will see it by her fruits–reversion.