Muppets Mayhem is Misdirection

Honestly, I haven’t been paying much attention.

I mean, I love the Muppets but once I stopped having to read bedtime stories in Elmo’s voice to the kids, Muppet headlines stopped resonating (although the whole family does very much enjoy rewatching The Muppet Family Christmas Special each year — a classic, sadly unavailable, anymore).

But I’m hearing some suggestions
that the new Muppet movie is a covert action by the socialists, hellbent on denigrating capitalism and especially conservatives.

I really do understand how a steady drip-drip-drip of insinuation can have a lasting impact on society. But sometimes I just have to shake my head at the way people react, or how eager they seem to be to get huffed up about everything, all the time — as though they’ve been primed to accept an “outrage of the day” and one day the outrage was The Muppet Movie. And another day it was Lily, the Food-insecure Muppet, who offended some by talking about free food at school, on that progressive-propaganda program known as Sesame Street.

I do think Sesame Street sometimes lays on the lessons with such a trowel of progressive goo that it can be unwatchable. What started out in the 70′s as fun education became so ponderously “instructive” by the late 80′s that my kids spent a great deal more time with Mr. Rogers than with whoever replaced Mr. Hooper.

Nevertheless — though I cringe when I hear the politically-and-bureaucratically-correct euphemistic “food-insecure” (why isn’t “hungry” good enough?) I’m not jumping on the Lily-Bashwagon. Someone I love was raised in an environment where food was a scarce thing — at one point, one “snack-sized” bag of potato chips a day was all there was to eat, for a whole week — so I don’t begrudge any kid a breakfast or lunch they can get at school. I didn’t see the whole Sesame Street scene, but I hope Lily also talked about church and community food-pantries, since they do a lot of good for hungry folks.

And I’m not going to jump on The Muppet Movie, either, especially not after reading this interesting tidbit:

In the film, the oil tycoon sings a song about how much he loves money and so on and so forth. In the soundtrack, the same song is there but is slightly longer, as it includes a little section about why the oil tycoon hates the Muppets. As I recall (heard it on Sirius XM; haven’t bought it yet), it’s something about how they managed to ruin one of his childhood birthday parties. I don’t know why that was cut out of the movie version, as without it the song made little sense. However, once you hear the complete song, so much more of the movie’s plot line and motivations becomes clear. It’s not all about the oil tycoon wanting to drill for oil underneath the Muppet Theater. There is primarily a personal revenge aspect in play.

Of course…there is this stunning confession of subversive activity by Sam-the-Eagle:

Kermit certainly knew how to crack the whip over at the UPMCMF – the United Puppets, Marionettes and Claymation Figures. The cast of Davey and Goliath was reactionary to a man – hardly surprising, when you consider the Evangelical Lutheran Church was bankrolling the show. Davey, who was the same cocky little bastard on-camera as he was off – proof, if anyone needs it, that he couldn’t act – wanted to impose the blacklist. In that quiet, unassuming way of his, Kerm reminded Davey that his high and holy bosses might be unhappy to hear he’d been flitting around with Roy Cohn and G. David Schine. Davey backed right off, although, to everyone’s sorrow, Scooter gave Kermit the cold shoulder for some time afterward.

For years, saving our own union cards was all any of us could do. That changed when ATV brought us all together on The Muppet Show. Overnight, we became culturally relevant.

In the end, of course, all of this Muppet mayhem is just a distraction, meant to take us away from the the training and preparation we should be undertaking.

Why waste your time on what in the end will only serve the illusion-makers, when you need to be preparing for the reality?

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  • Mary

    The problem with “hungry” is that they want to call people “food-insecure” who aren’t in fact hungry.

  • Thomas R

    If you want to, or are so inclined, there’s plenty a conservative/Right person could get mad at with the first/original Muppet movie.

    Dr. Teeth & his band plans to turn an abandoned church into a nightclub. (Actually that bothered me a little)

    They paint the Studebaker, which does not even really belong to Fozzie, psychedelic cultures. Certain references about “Zoot” also are likely hinting at drug-culture.

    Kermit and Miss Piggy’s frolicking in the dream sequence could be seen as a bit suggestive for a kids film.

    The villain is the owner of a large, and presumably Southern by the sounds of it, restaurant business.

    Although there is the big singing of “America” by Fozzie so that might make up for it some.

    (I love the original Muppet Movie, just agreeing that if you want to be offended by things it’s often easy.)

  • Sherry

    Sometimes a muppet is only a muppet.

  • Greta

    I read a book a number of years ago about the media and how it was used by the Nazi party and also by Stalin. Now before someone has a hissy fit, the point I want to make is that we often are confronted by so many attacks from so many different angles that to confront them by the sheer number can make us look like we are against everything and also to use up our fuel running in so many directions. This was a key part of the strategy of both the Nazi’s and Stalin until those who had the courage and cared were margalized. Both also involved a heavy dose of control over the kids and they would use every means possible to make the kids look at parents as somehow not in tune with the real world. After the war, some of the biggest problems were not with the adults in germany, but with the millions of hilter youth whose entire formative years were under total state control. Years later, when Germany was reunited, West Germans had the same problems with the east germans that continue to this day. That is why fighting some of these issues on what the kids are being taught is so important.

    Remember, one of the first acts was to get prayer out of schools and the left fights an type of religion in any place they can. They have also invaded the various churches where they find unhappy dissent and try to use them as wedge issues to attack religion from even having a place in political decisions. Thus we have Catholics for Democrats or other organizations which use names that end up both attacking Churches and anyone else that challenges the lefts ongong agenda. I read recently about the religious movement for civil rights both before and after the civil war during the evil KKK era and how the religious protection clause allowed Churches to have a huge impact on these evils. The article talked about the fact this might not be possible today because of the “wall of separation interpretaion” by the court that would never have passed muster when the court ruled and did not legislate. That was one reason why many Churches were burned in the south to send a message that religion was not to be involved. It is interesting that many on the left talk about the anger that religious involvment has in politics and how it matches in many ways this same argument back then. If you are supporting legal abortion, homosexual marriage, etc, you want to wall off religion and to argue that talking about religion is not to be allowed or tolerated. Thus we are supposed to call all things equal and to tolerate everything, except someone pointing out that something is wrong and dangerous for our country, our social order, and our soul. Just like the Nazi and Stalin, they want faith out of our country and our souls buried to allow their full agenda. Pope JPII knew this strategy well and fought it all his life. They hated him for talking about religious freedom under the Soviet rule and today, we hear the same thing again, that there needs to be a wall, not to protect religious freedom, but to wall it into the ghetto and keep it from impacting the country. The culture of death has many tentacles and needs to shut up faith. They hate the fact that every year the pro abortion crowd gets older and the youth pro life railles, often from churches from across the land, grows larger and younger. They need to be walled off.