What the Hell is WRONG with these people? – UPDATED

What the hell is wrong with people? What the hell were these parents thinking? What was the school thinking? Is self-respect a concept utterly lost to this country?

These “adults” — school administrators and parents — clearly need to have their heads banged together until the stupid falls out:

As reported by the Minneapolis Star Tribune, a recent winter sports pep rally at Rosemount (Minn.) High featured a comedy skit which took advantage of unknowing captains of the various winter varsity squads. After the team captains walked into the gym blindfolded, they were told that they were going to be kissed by a special someone, and then were asked to guess who it was that kissed them.

You can see full video footage of the pep rally incident here, but beware, there are some moments that veer into “make out” territory and can come across as pretty inappropriate.

It turns out that the person who kissed the athletes — in every circumstance — was their own opposite sex parent. While no one has questioned the comedic intentions of the prank, the stunt itself has still drawn plenty of criticism not for the student athletes, but for what the parents did in executing the practical joke. As you can see above, some of the parents took their roles as “special someones” to a level that left many onlookers feeling uncomfortable and even queasy.

Queasy hell, I watched the video; it’s full-on disgusting. Incest Surprise! Let’s normalize incest, now!

It’s like a Jersey Shore mentality has infected the whole damn nation. The mother who puts her son’s hand on her butt? Har-har! What a joke.

This crap is so classless even my mother and her earthier relatives — who were not averse to doing a little bump-and-grind after the Brandy Alexanders — would be appalled!

The parents who agreed to do this, and were such enthusiastic participants? Creeps. Creeps.

I just want to take a hose to the whole boiling of them and then set loose the dogs.

Forget the sex-and-incest vibe;
it’s too creepy to dwell on. Ponder what sort of parents would want to embarrass their kids publicly like this, what sort of school would think so little of their student’s human dignity?

Is the whole nation full of people willing to do anything to feel noticed? To feel “cool”?

If that’s “cool” then to hell with it, I say. And my kids — the coolest people I know — would say to hell with it, too. But then we did raise up some genuine non-conformists.

This is a mindset that is light-years away from anything I can understand. And we’re supposed to somehow take comfort in the fact that — because people who were offended actually complained — the school “won’t repeat” that funny prank! No one seems to be asking some important questions:

1) If no one had complained, would anyone in authority at the school actually understood WHY this was a bad idea?

2) Who were the teachers/advisors of this activity? Will they be suspended, or reprimanded or sent for some sort of sensitivity training? No one loses a job over this?

Meanwhile, in another great decision in another great school, some students were just handed one-day suspensions. You know what for? TEBOWING!

Great values and priorities, don’t you think? These are the people teaching in our public schools? That explains a lot!

Deacon Greg a line from the story
that didn’t quite register at first:

Besides stupefied, you can also describe me as nauseated. Give that last line a gander, will you? “None of the students or parents involved in the kissing antics complained about the routine at all…” Let that sink in.

Of course not. No one wants to willingly go there, especially not in public. To say “I freaked out when I found out my father put his tongue in my mouth” would mean to follow it up with, “and now either I or he must leave the household.”

And what jock is going to say, “finding out my mother was straddling me in front of all of my friends is wrecking me…”

No, man, that’s not cool. To complain would only bring trouble, to everyone — the family, the school, the teachers.

It’s always the same with incest, even “fun” incest. The victim keeps quiet, so as not to further rock their own world.

And really, that means this isn’t just creepy. It’s evil.

Max Lindenman goes funny and grim
all over this story.

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  • Logan

    Todd, you work in higher education, right? I’m guessing only from a college environment can posts so silly be consistently produced with such confidence.

  • Maria

    Todd said: ” I found viewing the video creepy and crass, but not as bad as y’all were saying, and not akin to sexual abuse. Which is more about power and control than sex.”

    Actually, Todd, those kids were blindfolded and surrounded by adults. The adults were in control and had the power. The kids had none. I’d say that qualifies
    as abuse.

  • Fr. Brian Stanley

    Todd: Talk about being ripe for parody — “Hardly” is the perfect response from one described as having remarkable condescension. As a priest who has had the mandated diocesan training, “Protecting Our Children,” several times, I would highly recommend that as you work in a parish [yes, Logan -- a college parish], you might review the training in your own diocese, because the behavior on display in that video is a form of sexual abuse. That so many were involved and consented does not excuse it or lessen its depravity. That this activity has been recorded and put on YouTube magnifies its perversity. You might well rationalize such behavior with psychobabble ["mob spirit"? Surely you could have come up with something more clinical than that.], and dismiss or ignore the effect that such actions have not only on the young people who were victimized by their own parents, AND all the others in the school who witnessed it, AND now all the YouTubers who will view it again and again. But as a priest who has seen the numerous and terrible effects from our over-sexualized culture, and frequently hears it in the confessional, your unsought and condescending dismissals here and your subsequent distancing from other commentators with remarks such as “I don’t fly with this flock” and “party line” strike me as being pretty typical from someone self-described as a “progressive Catholic.” If your downplaying of this abuse represents progressive thinking, Lord, help us! I assure you that if such activity happened at a Catholic high school pep rally, numerous people would lose their jobs, and there would be lawsuits. As an Army Chaplain, I assure you that the activity in the video is a form of hazing, and would result in the soldiers’ immediate reprimand and a thorough investigation, and would result in enlisted men losing rank, and the end of an officer’s career. To think that this documented activity is merely “crass” or “juvenile” is the height of naivete. I would also recommend that you go back and reread the link that Elizabeth provided you so as to know her own experience, of which you seem blithely ignorant in your subsequent comments.

  • http://patheos.com Jeff


    I find your “southern” story quite hard to believe! I was in the 5th grade in Baton Rouge, LA when Kennedy was assassinated and our entire school was brought together and told about what happened. Most of us did not understand what it all meant but we knew it was bad because most of our teachers were crying. After the announcement we were dismissed for the day. I would be hard pressed to find a college freshman comment as you say a sixth grader did. Kids are blissfully unaware of politicians and politics in general. To denigrate the south as you do is very puzzling. The deep south had no race riots during the 60′s as most large northern cities did. The continual decline of some of the largest cities in the US are from, surprise, the north. Please don’t get all “north is better than the south” when comparing cultural norms. Remember, the dominant media of then and now are still centered in the northeast. When comparing intellect please remember, no state is thought of as smarter than Mass., and yet they continue to nominate and elect some of the biggest fools. liars, and cheats (Kennedy’s, Frank, Kerry, etc) imaginable; and you want to blame this idiotic behavior on Southerners, what a joke. Typical liberal, holier than thou claptrap.

  • http://jscafenette.com/ Manny

    It’s sick and indefensible. I guess I’m numb to these stories. It doesn’t surprise me.

    How come I can’t read the first fifty comments here?

  • Ben David

    BEST COMMENT IN THREAD – Mack @ 10:27 pm:
    … probably no one responding to this posting voted in his or her last school board election, has never voted in a school board election, and will never vote in a school board election.
    - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -
    Left wingers actively cultivate power, and flock to it.
    Folks – there is only one way to take back the country.
    Forget the Disney vacation and SUV – live more simply and use the time gained to GET INVOLVED IN YOUR COMMUNITY. Especially your local school system.

  • http://catholicsensibility.wordpress.com/ Todd

    “probably no one responding to this posting voted … ”

    *hand raised* Not only did I vote, but I volunteered as an election official.

    “Left wingers actively cultivate power, and flock to it.”


    Power is cultivated in group-think, and let’s be realistic: everybody does it. It happens on comment threads on blogs, and even here, peer pressure is attempted in a very similar way as it was in the RHS gym. A few of you have already attempted to make this thread about its dissenting voice, rather than stick to the topic, the creepy things people do in group-think.

    Be critical of this prank as I am, but let’s also be real about it: unless a person cultivates a skepticism in groups it’s possible they might be swept up in a similar adventure in bullying and abuse.

  • Mary

    This goes way beyond a “prank.” What about the future self-disgust of the kid who realizes that he enjoyed kissing his mother?
    Oh, I forgot….we’re all too “enlightened” these days….a kid would never feel “guilty” about that.

  • KJW

    I wonder what would have happened if (at least) one of these high school students had said: “I’m sorry – I don’t want to participate in this…I’m waiting for my first kiss until I’m at the altar.” (There are still teenagers who do that, much to the consternation of our popular culture.)

    (BTW, the principal of this high school is apologizing, saying this prank was done years ago and much more modestly at the time – given the state of our aforementioned culture I’m not surprised: http://www.startribune.com/sports/preps/135671328.html ).

    Ryan Murphy, who’s co-created the show “Glee” among other projects, has stated that its his goal to show “full anal penetration” on prime-time TV some day. To get there he won’t be able to show it immediately. He’ll be counting on a populace whose collective morals go lower bit-by-bit, act-by-act. With that in mind, he’d have to be delighted seeing this video…hope it hasn’t inspired another new episode.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    We get it, Todd, we get it.

    It’s all the fault of “Group think” and conservatives. And the fact that many posters don’t agree with you.

    In fact, it’s actually all about you.

    Got it.

  • fiestamom

    I still won’t watch it the video, but think about this. This is what the school LETS us see! What is going on in every public school in America that isn’t getting on You Tube?
    Folks, please prayerfully consider getting your kid(s)/grandkids out of the public school system. It doesn’t matter where you live, the moral depravity is everywhere. Before I started homeschooling, I told myself “it isn’t my school”, but it is.
    Even though I homeschool, I still vote in the school board elections, after all it IS my tax money that the local government is confiscating to not educate my kids.

  • Eric in Denver

    The perpetrating parents should each be investigated by the police, and, if possible, prosecuted.

  • http://catholicsensibility.wordpress.com/ Todd

    RS, actually, you really don’t get it. What happens here is mostly what would happen if a minority viewpoint spoke up at this pep rally. Don’t be deceived: the mirror’s on you.

  • Peter in Mpls.

    This incident makes me think again that it’s getting to the point that our American culture should be registered in every community as a sexual predator.

  • http://catholicsensibility.wordpress.com/ Todd

    Fr Brian, I’m largely in agreement with you. This behavior is most reminiscent of hazing. That captures it well.

    As for the sexual abuse, having known women and a few men who have suffered greatly, sorry, but this doesn’t qualify as comparably severe in that regard. Not in my book. What came to mind is the overreaction to a boy getting kicked in the privates as being the victim of sexual abuse. Well, it’s close. Maybe. But it’s more accurate to say it’s crass bullying.

    The problem with kissing is that it is acceptable behavior in some circles, parent to child. I had a couple of aunts who I thought went over the line, but it was more annoying adult behavior than creepy/sexually overtoned. The one mom-and-son combo struck me as mocking more than getting into it. Out of context, it’s hard to say this is more than crass, embarrassing, and such. But it’s definitely bad news.

    As for “condescension” that’s a tired meme that sort of points at the battle against group-think. I don’t back down against you. I don’t see myself backing down were I a parent or staff member in this situation either. I would expect to get criticized for being too uptight, too serious, and the like. And I have been criticized in other situations. The real problem on this thread is that I agree with y’all, but not quite for the same reasons. And I suspect that unless a person is prepared to think independently, to go against the grain, and to speak out against unjust authority, that person is less likely to do so when the chips are down. The recent tenor of this thread bears it out.

    [I don't agree. How could one "mom on son" duo be mocking it, when the son had no idea what was going on?

    As to the rest, this has nothing to do with "thinking independently" which is something I applaud, or with "I don't back down against you," which speaks for itself. Speaking for myself, it is the note of pure condescension that comes from all of your posts -- even when I agree with you sentiments, I cannot like how you express them: one gets the sense that you if you only had more time, you would address the rest of us with one-syllable words, or very nearly, because you think we're so far below your level of understanding. Really. That's probably not what you think, but it's how you come off. You can be as independent as you like, as far as I'm concerned -- although I think you are as susceptible to "group think" as anyone else is. It's completely about the way you address others. And since you are resolutely closed the to possibility that you could, indeed, be coming off as a condescending snob who beleives he is slumming it over here -- wallowing in the mud of lesser pigs, and born to lecture them and set them all to rights -- well...obviously the problem is with everyone else. Naturally. Whenever we don't want to consider what others are telling us, it's declared a "tired meme." :-) But peace. I am not looking for a fight. I like ya fine, and I suspect most do. But no one likes being addressed as though they are too stupid to understand, or to be respected. -admin]

  • http://catholicsensibility.wordpress.com/ Todd

    “Speaking for myself, it is the note of pure condescension that comes from all of your posts”

    I read you. A number of people say the same, but not everyone. There’s nothing more to my posts than strong opinions. Or that I enjoy exploring contrary opinions on sites that generally don’t approach faith and life in the same way that I do.

    Peace to all, and see you on the next interesting thread.