Don’t mess with Firefly!

Glenn Reynolds was struck by the same phrase that struck me too. He called it “Orwellian” and it is. But it’s faster to just say “Fascist.”

“This is not an act of censorship; it’s an act of sensitivity!”

Yeah…the “shushing tyranny of ‘be nice.'”

Over-interpreting a thing or elasticizing its meaning into Utter Stupidityland (as was done in this case) is how fascists gain power and hold on to it in order to suppress the rest. No wonder bloggers and the internet are facing threats to their existence.

What did I say ‘way back in 2006 and again in 2009, kids?

The fascist is whoever is trying to shut you up, shut you down, dis-employ you, silence you, cripple you or marginalize you for the crime of daring to fall out of step with the party and the conventional wisdom. Beware of them.

And don’t think they only exist on the “other” side.

Detaining Citizens, Shutting Down Free Speech

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